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At Concordia University Wisconsin, students have reported quite a few ghostly occurrences, thought to have been brought on when nuns sold the buildings to the school. One of the nuns, whom students call Sister Sixtoes, allegedly didn’t want to give up her home and remained until her death in the chapel. The nun is said to haunt the chapel and three dorm buildings: Coburg, Catherine and Augsburg. Witnesses have seen a ghostly outline on the stairs near the chapel and noticed things in their dorm rooms had been moved. Electrical appliances and lights turn on and off without cause here as well.

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12800 N Lake Shore Dr
Mequon, WI 53097
United States

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43.2533755, -87.91544139999996
Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Thiensville, WI (3.4 mi.)
Mequon, WI (3.7 mi.)
Cedarburg, WI (4.7 mi.)
Grafton, WI (5.0 mi.)
Bayside, WI (5.1 mi.)
River Hills, WI (5.5 mi.)
Fox Point, WI (6.7 mi.)
Brown Deer, WI (6.7 mi.)
Glendale, WI (8.2 mi.)
Saukville, WI (9.0 mi.)

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  1. I was sleeping in room 530 B on the 5th floor of Coburg Hall and woke up to a very strong scent of men’s cologne and a sense that someone was standing near the bed. I looked at the clock at it was 2:22 AM. I thought perhaps one of the other girls had snuck a male in, but when I went out of the room to use the bathroom there was no cologne scent out there; only in my room. Upon returning to the room the scent was gone.

  2. anon cuw student  |  

    This past year was my freshman year at Concordia. My roommate and I lived in the Heidelberg second floor dorms. At the beginning of the year, we had quite a few electrical issues that we just brushed aside and excused. The lights would only flicker late at night, until we made jokes about the infamous Sister Six Toes that is known to allegedly “haunt” Concordia. We had an incident where we mentioned her and our lights cut completely, then turned back on shortly after. After this incident, we started to become more and more aware of the things that were happening, especially when we started having guests over frequently.

    These incidents primarily took place at night. Quite a few people would come into our room and stay the night and wake up with random, large bruises. There were times when we would be laying in bed at night attempting to be quiet and our conversation would be interrupted by harsh bangs on the door or wall. There were quite a few times where we got freaked out and thought it was campus safety, until my roommate would get up to look and there would be nobody there. I have requested multiple times for campus safety to even pull up footage just to make sure we weren’t being messed with, and low and behold, they didn’t see anything.

    There were also incidents (even during the day) when the doorknob would turn, the door would open, and then the door would bang shut with nobody there. Or- when we would have the door open and it would slam shut without a draft or person prompting it. At times like these, people didn’t believe us unless they were sitting in the room and witnessing it for themselves.

    While I was gone during winterim, my roommate at the time and our best friend had a pretty weird incident in the room. They were the two of few people on the girls floor that decided to dorm over the break. When our best friend was attempting to fall asleep, she felt like someone was caressing her head and playing with her hair. She told my roommate at the time to stop, and that she needed to go to sleep. My roommate responded across the room that that wasn’t her. She also had something thrown at her that same night while my roommate was still attempting to fall asleep.

    Said best friend also had a strange incident in her room. Her and her boyfriend were relaxing in her room before curfew at night (on the Heidelberg second floor). They had stored food on top of their microwave at the time, like whipped cream. She said that her and her boyfriend saw the can of whipped cream fly off of the top of the microwave. There was no draft, no way that that much force could have caused it to fly the way it did.

    It would be difficult for us to fall asleep at night feeling like there was something else in the room with you. I definitely believe the Sister Six Toes theory, and if not her, then there are certainly some spirits at Concordia that are messing with the students. I’d be interested in hearing any other students’ experiences as well, as I had never dealt with something like this until coming to Concordia.

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