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The smell of cigar smoke is attributed to one of the retirement residents who died here long ago, but has till been reported by various guests. Hotel rooms are barricaded by furniture from the inside of the hotel rooms when no one is inside. Apparitions reported at the hotel include a man in a top hat and frock coat, a lady in white who jumped off a hotel balcony, the ghost of a woman in Room 330 and a child who haunts the ground floor where a pool used to be.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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4000 Westcliff Drive
Hood River, OR
United States

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45.71164643912715, -121.55391812335438
Hood River County, Oregon
Nearest Towns:
Hood River, OR (1.6 mi.)
White Salmon, WA (3.4 mi.)
Bingen, WA (4.3 mi.)
Odell, OR (5.9 mi.)
Mosier, OR (7.8 mi.)
Mount Hood, OR (12.0 mi.)
Carson, WA (12.8 mi.)
Lyle, WA (13.0 mi.)
Parkdale, OR (13.4 mi.)
Rowena, OR (14.0 mi.)

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  1. mary e. haenggi  |  

    My husband and I stayed at the Columbia Gorge hotel about 25 years ago. We were awakened by a lot of noise coming from the room above us. It was 3:15 AM and we decided they might be dancing. We went back to sleep. The next morning, after breakfast, we took a walk in the garden and looked up at where we were staying. There was no floor above ours. We quietly asked the help at the desk if they have heard about any ghost activity in the attic. They said they had and everyone tries to avoid the attic!

    • My husband and I went down to the ballroom after dinner. It was totally dark. I was searching for a light switch and my husband started taking pictures. On the second picture, an anomaly dropped from the ceiling, and disappeared right in front of my husband. He said “Did you see that?!?!” Wow!!!

  2. stayed here for a wedding, one night my husband woke up to use the bathroom and saw the closet light on coming from under the closet door. The scary part is that the light doesn’t go on unless you open the closet door! They have an automatic sensor that turns the light on when the closet door opens and the door was shut! He was so scared that he jumped into bed and hid under the covers and didn’t mention this to me until we got back home because he didn’t want to scare me while I was there.

  3. My husband and I stayed there last night (October 16, 2017) on a last minute decision. I’d always wanted to stay here and had no clue of the history til we got curious why access to floor above the third is gated and locked. Then started reading about suspicious things. We were in room 330. I will tell you the closet light turned off and on three different times and my husband felt like someone was tugging on the sheets. I was absolutely terrified. The closet light as mentioned is a sensor and the closet door was closed and all things were off as we were sleeping and it still did it. Idk why or how but I will never stay there again. I will visit but never stay. Didn’t sleep.

    • Heather Jones  |  

      Also! When we first checked in, we had to push the door slightly because it was caught on the end table. Tell me how the table is in front of the door and the room was locked with no one inside….the place had shining vibes

  4. I worked there as a maid sometime around 79 or 80. The third floor wasn’t open yet. Part of my job was to go to the third floor and open all the windows and doors to keep the place aired out. I would open the windows, which was HARD to do because they were those old sash windows, with a ton of paint on them. It took forever to finally work them open, then put a stick underneath them to keep them from slamming shut! (Like THAT would happen LOL) Then block the doors open. I would go back downstairs to the maid quarters, then come back up stairs FIVE minutes later and ALL the windows and doors would be closed! I got scared so I went back to the maids room and brought another one with me…when we got there…EVERY one of those windows and doors were OPEN again! Even if there were someone trying to play a prank on us….it would have taken them a LOT longer than five minutes to close every window and door! No way! This happened to me many times in the short time I worked there. Oh, that place is most definitely haunted!!

  5. A few years ago my wife and I stayed at the hotel. I am a bit OCD about lines and edges, so very much appreciated the beautiful molding, perfect paint edges, and all lovely paintings hung perfectly level. These are just things I notice. So when we went upstairs to our room, we passed a painting that was just off; not quite level. I resisted, at the time, the temptation to adjust it. But in the morning as we passed I attempted to straighten it. I found it fixed to the wall, and immoveable. We enjoyed a lovely day, no spooks, friendly staff. That afternoon as we prepared to leave we passed the crooked painting again. It was completely level. And fixed to the wall. : O

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