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According to local lore, in the 1920s there was a fiery train crash that killed many passengers. One car was full of orphan children who perished in the fires. It is said that the ghost children can still be heard crying, and sometimes the smell of burning is detected. Some have seen the ghost of a little girl walking through the woods in a white dress.

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Geographic Information

Iron Hill
Charles City, Iowa
United States

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43.07401973206141, -92.65886557106575
Floyd County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Charles City, IA (0.9 mi.)
Floyd, IA (5.4 mi.)
Colwell, IA (6.5 mi.)
Bassett, IA (7.3 mi.)
Roseville, IA (8.8 mi.)
Nashua, IA (10.4 mi.)
Ionia, IA (10.6 mi.)
Orchard, IA (12.0 mi.)
North Washington, IA (12.6 mi.)
Rudd, IA (13.0 mi.)


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  1. Back in 2007 my friends and i spent Halloween night here and northern happened. We walked up and down the railroad tracks and all over the woods. The thing to watch out for though is we were being followed by men in black robes. Satanic worshippers we would latter find out that they do there sacrificing chickens there.

  2. Me and some buddy’s went to iron hill around midnight just going to see if it was real . we went through the woods and we found the site. And than me being a cocky idiot I said ” come get me!” And 2 seconds after I said that no joke I heard my name being called, but that didn’t stop any of us. About 10 minutes later we started walking around and than all the sudden we hear crying and than a evil voice started sing ring around the Rosie. I was freaking gone after that. But here’s the creepy part, we couldn’t find our way back out the path we toke down their disappeared it seems like. So we were their for awhile and all I can say is I believe in this story

  3. second review from geigal woods made it iron hill quite the uphill walk and very dangerous if your not careful. anyways. Walked around for A solid 25 minutes nothing for probably 15 minutes then out of no where a feint scream. I started to sing ring around the rosey, nothing happend, my friend cody said is there anyone with us and we both heard a growl/release of air. nothing furthure.

  4. Me and my 2 friends were driving through there and my friend had to slam on her brakes because we seen a little girl in all black clothing.

    • I remember my cousins went there and didn’t see anything..but there were 4 families that started charles city iowa..and one was putney that’s my dad’s family and all our grandparents and aunts uncles would keep us away from some places around there but I’ve heard about all the haunted places around there ..but they were mainly the original stories of what dad and brother are Burried in the haunted cemetery there in fact several generations of putney

  5. Just an fyi, Iron Hill never had orphan trains running through there. They did have trains that carried soldiers and they would stop at Iron Hill and meet with local women / girls who would bring them food and drinks as they traveled to their destinations. This can all be verified and documented. I was lucky enough to learn the history at a family gathering when my great uncle started asking about some of our paranormal investigations and I mentioned Iron Hill and the story that went with it (I also told him from our personal experience it was all bs). Then he proceeded to tell me the true history, and even filled me in on the fact that Iron Hill was where he me and fell in love with my great aunt, as she was one of the women who would bring food. I’m glad my uncle was interested in our ghost adventures and I’m glad I learned the truth about Iron Hill. So with that being said, I would just say, please try to check into the history before going on a wild goose chase. I lost my great uncle 2 years ago, and my great aunt just a couple months ago, but every time I see a post about Iron Hill I always think of them, and want to set the record straight.

    • That’s what I thought it was soldiers on the train ..not kids..and my dad and uncles were military .my family has been in that area in fact one of the 4 or 5 families that founded charles city over almost a hundred years even my grandparents used to tell us kids if we wanted to know about the family’s past go talk to the ones buried there .it was kinda a running

  6. Thank you Tammy..for posting this..all my dad’s family is from there .and I’ve lost my dad and uncles and aunts grandparents miss them dearly .to me I can’t picture it being to haunted around there I think family..cource unfortunately I’ve been able. To talk to the dead ever sence I can remember I guess that’s why things there never scared me..ive actually seen a few spirits here in Texas and Louisiana a few

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