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Reportedly the site of a “White Lady” haunting, there have been numerous reports of a ghostly apparition hovering near the piano. In addition it is claimed that she has a special preference for room 349 and many claim to feel her presence there, so if you are looking for a haunted room, that would be the one to get.

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163 Chico Rd
Pray, Mt 59065
United States

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45.3401626372376, -110.69228696690368
Park County, Montana
Nearest Towns:
Pray, MT (2.8 mi.)
Emigrant, MT (2.9 mi.)
Corwin Springs, MT (16.4 mi.)
Jardine, MT (18.9 mi.)
Gardiner, MT (21.3 mi.)
Livingston, MT (23.2 mi.)
Mammoth, WY (25.1 mi.)
Bozeman, MT (28.8 mi.)
Gallatin Gateway, MT (30.0 mi.)
King Arthur Park, MT (30.7 mi.)

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  1. I experienced one of the worst night terrors of my life in room 345. We tried to get room 345 but it was already taken. My nightmare also took place in the room I was staying in rather than somewhere else. That has only happened to me one other time in my life. My boyfriend and I were also woken up by the alarm block randomly making static noises all through the night. DEFINITELY got an uneasy feeling there. I would say it’s most definitely haunted.

  2. My brother and i were raised at Chico beginning in 1958. We combed every square inch of that place and never once saw a ghost or heard a spooky sound. Ground floor rooms were numbered A thru D. The next floor rooms began with 100, the next floor rooms began with 200. The Annex, or area above the bar may have been numbered 300, but that area at that time was not really set up for guests, only toward the end of my parents’ ownership was it put into use, and again, no ghosts or weird sounds. Sounds to me like a made up story to get business. I was 8 and my brother was 7 when we moved there and we did check out every nook and cranny including the attic which may have been converted to rooms by later owners, it was full of slop jars and bed pans and wash basins and old junk. We loved it up there. Those are the little cupola windows atop the front of the building. It was one solid room end to end. We lived where the bar in the hotel is now until 1964 when we moved about 2 miles away to a small farm. My parents wanted us to have a “family life” of some kind. Tom Read Son of J.C. And Alma Read former Chico owners,

  3. I was the pool attendant at Chico for about a year. Part of my job was to clean the bathrooms in the main building before the housekeeping crew came in. I had many experiences on the third floor but I will only talk about one of the experiences. It was around 7:30am and I was on the third floor cleaning the bathrooms. The first bathroom I cleaned has a double sink from the early 1900’s and it’s very unique, I was always interested in it’s design. The second one I cleaned, I was in the shower picking up trash and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and noticed a lady walking by in a white dress that looked like it was from the early 1900’s. She walked by the shower, we made eye contact as I watched her walk by I noticed that when I looked down to her waist it just tapered off to nothing. I left the shower to see if she was still there but when I turned to were the sink and toilet was she wasn’t there.

    Someone should also investigate the Grille at Chico. I was a prep cook there a few years ago and there where a lot of experiences there. One of the best was being there early in the morning with no-one else there other than the other prep cook and we heard a crash in the kitchen. We went up to find out what happened and noticed a bunch of pizza trays where on the floor. The thing that made this weird was that they were in a single row, one in front of the other and so on.

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