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Details of what exactly is haunting Chase on the Lake are hard to find. So too are details about how exactly the haunting is alleged to manifest. Some people believe it may be haunted due to its use as a morgue following a battle in the Indian Wars but details and geography are hard to pin down.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

502 Cleveland Blvd
Walker, MN 56484
United States

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47.103583, -94.58320800000001
Cass County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Walker, MN (0.2 mi.)
Akeley, MN (9.6 mi.)
Whipholt, MN (10.9 mi.)
Laporte, MN (11.1 mi.)
Hackensack, MN (12.3 mi.)
Nevis, MN (15.4 mi.)
Cass Lake, MN (19.1 mi.)
Longville, MN (19.3 mi.)
Backus, MN (19.8 mi.)
Federal Dam, MN (20.0 mi.)

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  1. I used to work here. I normally worked second floor, but this day I had to work third and fourth. I always put the remote on the stand and dust the stand. Turn the radio on and make the beds. As I was listening to the radio I heard a voice and the tv was on, I shrugged it off and when I hit off. The radio gAve out this demonic shrill. Instantly goosebumps rose, and tears welted in my eyes and I went on brake. Then fourth for last room I believe its 1421 I was putting the dishes away in the washer, when in the corner by the bunks there was a tall shadow with a wide brim hat on. I hit wash and left. Two in one day.

    • Crystal Alhabarneh  |  

      I stayed at Chase this past week for four days with my kids. We stayed in room 2306 We heard the running around above us like kids running super loud. I remember thinking “dang it’s late to be letting your kids run like that!” However the only other kids we saw that whole week (we stayed Tues-Fri) were staying in the smaller building. I had shut the doors to our second room as the kids and I all slept in the king bed, when I came back out into the living room after putting them to bed the other room door was cracked open. I felt not alone a lot of time when the kids were sleeping, but I’m used to it as my house is haunted. I didn’t get any bad vibes from whatever it was. Just a feeling of being watched/not alone. I had to go get Aleve from the hotel self serve pantry late at night one night and walking in the hallways you definitely don’t feel alone at all.

  2. My friend and I chose to stay here for my “birthday get away” we stayed on the first floor and one night we were getting ready for bed so we shut off our laptop and placed it on the floor and went to bed. I was woken up by a bright light around 2 or 3 am and looked over my bed only to see that the laptop was moved from its original spot and it was wide open and being used. I then shook my friend awake who was sleeping on the we bed as me and she looked over wide eyed knowing that neither of us were awake and didn’t touch the laptop. Before we could even say anything we both felt a body sit on the edge of our bed right between our legs. My friend quickly turned the lamp on by her beside and immediately that heavy body feeling was gone as if none had sat there except for there was a small indent of where we felt someone sit. I definitely liked my stay there it sure was an experience!

  3. As a young man we stayed in the Inn one year during deer hunting. After get back from hunting that day I recall walking the hallway and seeing the image of a person standing at the far end of the hallway. The whole time in the hallway I had a feeling that I was not alone.

  4. I worked as a temp dishwasher in the 502 section while the hotel was under construction and saw 0% tomfoolery, but the hotel is a different story. Admitting to illegal activity here but whatevs, I was a minor. The current hotel has been completely remodeled; it sat for YEARS vacant, empty, and dilapidated, throughout my entire childhood. I had some little hoodlum friends and we snuck down what is now the driveway and parkinglot for the restaurant. It used to just be a little grassy hill and an empty lot with a bunch of junk in it. There was a ground-level window that let you get inside, and we propped it up with an old board and shimmied in. Place was falling apart, old doors off hinges leaning against walls, toilets ripped out, etc. We chased each other around with fire extinguishers pretending they were flamethrowers. We were running around scream-laughing and having a blast and we heard a LOUD af flippin’ boom from upstairs, then a deep, bellowing, “HEY!” and we freaked out, thinking it was a cop, and ran outside. When we got outside there was a cop car just pulling up, and the guy got out and asked us what we were doing. We said we were sorry for going in there and for running from his friend. He was like “It’s just me here today.” and sort of blew us off like we were trying to mess with him. We were freaked. Looking back on it, we were goofing off in there for probably 20 minutes, very loudly, before we heard that loud noise. On top of that, there is no way a human larger than a skinny 12 year old could have gotten through that window, and there was no other way, believe me, we tried, and that voice was from no 12 year old. We had all happened to discuss the incident years later and had a sudden epiphany; we were running around on a floor in between the voice and the only entrance. Whoever made the voice would have passed us entering the building, and there was no way to miss us, we were louder than heck. Worth mentioning, we relayed this story to everyone at school, and a bunch of them went to see for themselves. Most of them said nothing happened, but one trio said they went in and it was largely uneventful until one of the girls stuck her face against a dusty window trying to peer through to the outside, and saw/felt a dark hand slamming against the glass on the other side, right in her face, on the top floor. She didn’t want to talk about it, seemed super shaken up, her friends said she cried until she couldn’t breathe and they walked her home. We were at an age where there was no way you would ever fake crying or lie about it because that would have been uncool. You could not pay me a hundred bucks to stay a night in one of these rooms, but their food is off the planet, highly recommend the steak with garlic mashed potatoes. If you are not bothered by hocus pocus, the hotel rooms are POSH! Easily the nicest hotel for quite a ways around, and the harbor is always nice.

  5. My wife and I just stayed there on 9-25-2017 through 9-29-2017 in room 2202. Enjoyed our stay very much but we thought it strange that in the room above us there were loud footprints ( running thuds ) in the evening and very early morning. We could hear no laughter or voices, just loud thuds which sounded like running. As we laid in bed I said ” boy those kids upstairs are running around awfully early. There were no kids upstairs or anywhere in the building. It did not come together until yesterday when I attended an open house back down here in the cities. I ran into a very good friend and mentioned we stayed at Chase. He gave me a look and a smile and asked ” did you see any ghosts “? Turns out he ( Mark ) did the sound at Moondance Jam in Walker a couple years, and the sound tech’s all stayed at Chase…….in the morning they mentioned all the running and thumping sound coming through the ceiling to the front desk. Front desk response was ” the room above you was empty “. We never saw anything unusual, but that thumping through the ceiling was weird and quite loud.

  6. My grandmother..Mary Kay Jones owned the Chase On The Lake. My sister and I have many memories of it being HAUNTED. Espeacially the 3rd floor.

    • We are staying at Chase now…on the 3rd floor. We had no previous knowledge of the hotel being haunted. However, the past few nights we have witnessed sights and sounds described in previous comments. Last night we heard what we thought was black powder guns being fired….like cannons going off. I’ve witnessed a presence in one of the bedrooms and we’ve heard knocking on the walls and children running around on the 4th floor. We were told there was no one staying above us. We went to eat dinner last night and had a conversation with someone who used to work at the Chase. She told us that the hotel is haunted and referenced similar situations.

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