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At the Charleston Naval Base, the apparition of a slave girl has been noticed in a clump of trees.

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Geographic Information

Shipbuilding Way
Charleston, SC
United States

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32.86735120121166, -79.96506375067838
Charleston County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
North Charleston, SC (2.9 mi.)
Hanahan, SC (4.8 mi.)
Charleston, SC (6.6 mi.)
Mount Pleasant, SC (7.8 mi.)
Goose Creek, SC (8.8 mi.)
Shell Point, SC (9.8 mi.)
Sullivans Island, SC (10.4 mi.)
Isle of Palms, SC (11.3 mi.)
Ladson, SC (11.7 mi.)
Lincolnville, SC (14.7 mi.)

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  1. Victoria Schoonover  |  

    I work at the naval base as a housekeeper. I felt activity occur while I am on base. My most recent experience was just today. I just finished my work and I’m waiting for my shift to end. I keep hearing noises and right now I’m the only housekeeper on the floor. I turned off the radio and the next thing I hear is foot steps as I someone was walking right past the room I’m and there was no one there. I haven’t witnessed a girl, but I have witnessed what I thought was a soldier at one time just out of the corner of my eye. I’m adding this as a safety measure for all. This is a secure base and you need access to come. I would not advise anyone to make the attempt to come. Thank you!

  2. there is an abandoned hospital at this navy base. you can’t go inside as it s trespassing, but even when walking around the outside, the air is extremely heavy. it feels as if there are demonic prescences. i went one time very late at night and felt a sense of impending doom as soon as i got to the door on the left side that is barred shut. i went back to the car. i felt as if a large figure was looming above me. the entire naval base and shipyard feels awful. i hate going there, but if you’re looking for a scare, you’ll get one.

    • Went here super late back in like 2016 with like 4 friends at 2 am as we were in there for a hr or 2 we went down this really narrow hallway as we kept hearing weird noises and all had our flashlights on as we heard a loud demonic ass scream at the top of its lungs and it scares me to this day ! We all ran down the hallway and couldn’t get out so we had to go back down the way we heard the scream from but made it out safe ! I literally have chills typing this don’t go late at night their there are definitely ghost in there

  3. I’ve been inside several times. Extremely eerie, a lot of souls linger. Their presence is felt but I’ve only gone during the day because I’m a wuss. I can’t fathom being inside at night. I’d have a heart attach.

  4. My landlord rented a space in the old naval hospital and I had to go in there to pay rent. From the moment my feet touched the steps I felt something so heavy so creepy and inside was worst. It was very dark and eerie as if someone was following me. My stomach was in knots I felt so sick so sick that I started mailing in my rent. I told my landlord that I would never return not even to the parking lot if he wanted the money wait for the mail or come get it. Never will I go back it was too much so powerful.

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