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According to local lore, the theater was built on the site of a home that burned down, killing the woman who was inside. Her spirit was said to haunt the theater, along with the ghost of a former actor who was bicycling home when she was hit and killed by a car.

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501 W 78th St
Chanhassen, MN 55317

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44.8614335, -93.5352507
Nearest Towns:
Chanhassen, MN (0.2 mi.)
Eden Prairie, MN (3.2 mi.)
Excelsior, MN (3.3 mi.)
Shorewood, MN (3.8 mi.)
Greenwood, MN (3.8 mi.)
Minnetonka, MN (3.9 mi.)
Tonka Bay, MN (4.3 mi.)
Shakopee, MN (4.4 mi.)
Deephaven, MN (4.8 mi.)
Hopkins, MN (5.6 mi.)

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  1. There’s this theater in the dinner theater called the “fireside theater” it is said that 3 people died of heart attacks in that room and they still haunt it. I’m and actor (please don’t use my name) but I have never seen anything but a lot of my colleagues have.

  2. As a kid I went to the theater with my two sisters and my friends. One of our friends moms worked there and was told that the wine cellar and one of the theaters inside were haunted. So we decided to we were going to check out the wine cellar, it was closed off do to them having no need for it I assume. We entered anyway, when we walked in to your left their was what looked like a dressing room that was still used for one of the theater. To your right was a long curved tunnel. We decided to go down it (turning on the lights before we did obviously). So we started going down many a few feet then we started noticing strange thing like a hole in the side of the wall that was big enough for two of us to sit in. Further on down is when we saw a doll encased in a glass box built into the wall, as we noticed it we talked about how creepy it was that’s when the lights suddenly turned off. Nothing but darkness, we ran. As my sisters and her friends were skreaming we found our self back to the dressing room with nothing but a red faint light coming off of an exit sign. We were out in a theater in which my friends mom was setting up the “kids sing”.

  3. I was there to watch Arthur when I had to go to the restroom…while I was washing my hands thoughts of being watched came to my mind.
    I started to talk to myself ” somebody is behind you…it’s a woman…wait no its a couple!. “Odly I wasn’t scared I went back to my table and mentioned my friend that I thought the place was haunted, we did a fast research and we notice that yes, people has reported a couple of paranormal stuff happening there and it is believed to be a man and a woman

  4. Jennifer Hauschulz  |  

    We were at table 221 tonight and twice we had glasses just all of a sudden fall over and no one was touching the table. It happened after I switched seats with my brother in law. Apparently someone wasn’t happy about it because the drinks fell toward him.

  5. My grandmother would always take my step mom, aunt, my cousin and I here. I have seen a lot of plays there and every single play that I went to I would use the restroom at intermission. So I would walk down the hallway that was below the stage level and to the right and I could be alone and it would feel like someone was watching or following me. Sometimes I could here heel clicks.

  6. So I am a medium, but I do not open myself up often, but I will still know/sense things. My husband and I went to a play there yesterday. We were in the main theater. We have went before and it always felt weird, but there are always a lot of people, which can always cause me to feel weird.

    For the first time we where sitting on the right side of the stage. There are restrooms to the right of the stage downstairs. As soon as I walked down the stairs I sensed something.

    While I was going pee I swear the toilet paper rolled down. I thought it was just a play of my eyes. But then I started feeling that there was a female who had been attacked. That it didnt happen in that building but one that the theater was built on. I didnt feel it was a presence though but just a lot of negative residual energy.

    I had forgotten to look it up yesterday because I was curious if something had happened there. And when I looked sure enough.

  7. i went here with my grandma and i had to go to the bathroom. i went to the one down the steps and i saw this old doll house. aparently my mom went there when she was young and saw the same one. she swears she saw it move.

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