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This 1797 inn was named because the original innkeeper, Peter Marck, would only accept cash as payment. It has been seen on TV’s Ghost Hunters, and as a setting in the movie Gettysburg. Actor Sam Elliott reportedly stayed here during its filming. The ghosts here, possibly lingering from the nearby Gettysburg battle, seem to make themselves known by closing or slamming doors.

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Geographic Information

1325 Old Route 30
Cashtown-McKnightstown, PA 17310
United States

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39.88503100000001, -77.360366
Adams County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Cashtown, PA (0.1 mi.)
McKnightstown, PA (2.1 mi.)
Orrtanna, PA (2.8 mi.)
Arendtsville, PA (4.2 mi.)
Biglerville, PA (6.7 mi.)
Fairfield, PA (6.8 mi.)
Table Rock, PA (7.6 mi.)
Gettysburg, PA (7.8 mi.)
Floradale, PA (7.8 mi.)
Bendersville, PA (8.9 mi.)

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  1. to add to what was put above, sam Elliot did stay here during the filming of Gettysburg and checked out after only a couple of days insisting the film crew find himsomewhere else to sleep. he won’t go into details but is very sure the place is haunted.

  2. We stopped here in the summer of 2010 after 9:00 P.M. to see the place and get pictures. We parked across the road from the front entrance. We walked around the building, now closed, taking some photos and looking in the windows. I walked across the road and was standing by our car when the hair began to stand up on the back of my head, as if some one was breathing on the back of my neck. I sensed it as a warning to leave and I obliged. I have never had this happen before and it was very alarming.

  3. I stayed in the Pender Suite in April of 2009. Things didn’t get strange until I was about to go to sleep when I heard someone in boots walking back and forth across the room. Terrified, I didn’t more than an hour that night. The only. Thing that got me to sleep the little bit I did, was how I kept telling myself that this place wouldn’t be open to the public to sleep in if it were dangerous. After I got home, I noticed some of the pictures I took in the room, as well as someone the pictures I took in Gettysburg had ghostly images. I’d love to go back there one day.

  4. my mom and my step dad stayed here on there honey moon, they said every hour that they would hear footsteps almost like it was patrolling the room and halls and the next morning they asked the owner and he said ohh thats tom. a soldier that patrols the inn all day everyday. they said they have tried many things to help him pass on but nothing has help. also they took a picture and in one of the windows there is a person standing there that looks exactly like a general that was in the war but he is all blue and somewhat see through. as well as strange sounds in the night, my moms hair got flipped, cold feelings, and my mom even said she saw a face in the vent while in the shower. my step dad said he had never believed in ghosts or anything paranormal but after that night he is definitely a beliver

  5. We stayed in the Lee Suite in February 2009. As I sat on the loveseat in the sitting room, I felt one floorboard move under my foot. I switched places with my husband, so he could feel it. The floorboard was steady. But as we sat there, I felt fingers on my upper arm, very lightly. My husband, the skeptic, thought I felt the air from the furnace. HAH! I felt fingers! We moved into the bedroom, and sat on the edge of the bed, deciding where to go for lunch. He said, “sorry.” I asked, “for what?” “For stepping on your foot”. But my feet were not near his. We checked under the bed, and there wasn’t even a dust bunny. What, or Who, did he step on?

  6. My husband and I took a motorcycle ride to Gettysburg.. I believe in or around the summer of 2014.
    We stopped in Cashtown for a drink. We sat up at the bar. I was sitting on the stool farthest to the right and my husband to my left. I was holding my beer mug in my right hand and was sitting facing my husband as to look at all the decor on the walls. Out of the blue my wrist flipped down and up real quick unbeknown to me. And not without spilling it all over my husband. He got alot perturbed with me. I kept apologizing telling him I didn’t do it on purpose. It wasnt till days later the whole situation sunk in and I realized it had to be a ghost encounter. When I told my husband..he pretty much agreed. I do look forward to going back someday.

  7. We visited Gettysburg july 1 thur the 5th on the morning of July 1st we stopped at cash town inn .Iam a big civil war nut and I was in heaven we took pictures of the inn and we have pics of ghostly figures in several windows .on the second day I went back to the inn and took pictures of the side and caught another in a window in the back room I cant explain the feeling I had when I was there all I can say it was a experience that i will never forget

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