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This site has just about every type of haunt imaginable, from a poltergeist named Frank who throws things, to spooky lights, to apparitions of a little girl playing ball and a man who searches for her. There are unexplained voices and cold chills, a haunted underground tunnel system, and much more. The building was a mental institution in the 1900s, and it was there that the first frontal lobotomies were performed. It was a state hospital later, and some say unmarked graves lie beneath the gymnasium.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    7654 Powerhouse Dr
    Sedro-Woolley, WA
    United States

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    48.53345282431506, -122.20631787301636
    Skagit County, Washington
    Nearest Towns:
    Sedro-Woolley, WA (2.5 mi.)
    Clear Lake, WA (4.9 mi.)
    Lyman, WA (6.6 mi.)
    Burlington, WA (6.8 mi.)
    Alger, WA (8.6 mi.)
    Big Lake, WA (9.2 mi.)
    Mount Vernon, WA (9.7 mi.)
    Hamilton, WA (10.0 mi.)
    Edison, WA (11.0 mi.)
    Acme, WA (12.7 mi.)


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    1. I went to that jobcorp i experienced a native woman brushing her long hair jumping from one bunk bed to the next, it is spooky living there very cool place though.

        • I will never forget my few months there. I can’t remember the year a simple news search can tell me tho. The friends I met there told me about the hauntings almost immediately after arriving on center, I passed them off as tall tells. Soon I would find out just how true the stories were. It wasn’t the girl playing with the ball, or the man looking for her that convinced me, that easily could have been faked in my eyes. But I was asleep in my room, all the girls were in the room too. The doors all have a code to put in to get into the room, they you hear the hiss-click of the lock releasing. I heard the code punched in, it startled me awake because I knew all the girls were in bed. I was thinking maybe it was someone coming to do night checks, and I looked to see who it was. The door opened and closed, I thought they had just peered in and left, then I heard footsteps. That came right to the foot of my bunk, no one was standing there. I said “nope,” and covered my head with my blankets and went back to sleep.
          If that wasn’t enough evidence, they were filming something in the asylum or one of the abandoned off limits buildings, the people doing the film invited us to come with them, most of us said no way, but 5. We tried to talk them out of it because it was said that entering the building would put a curse on you. I think it was either the next day, or a few after a freak lighting strike hit center and injured all 5 kids that participated.
          Scariest place I’ve ever lived! I went home for break, and never went back. I was so close to one of the strikes it raised the hair on the back my neck!!! Hands down, the most haunted place I’ve ever been to!

    2. I was there and I saw more than just what you have up there… I personally met “frank” as well as I’ve been in the tunnels and other out buildings / crematorium

    3. I lived there! I wanted to go snoop around in all the boarded up places but never did 🙁 such a cool place, I need to go back and visit!

      • I did when I was living there. Got caught and ended up on red phase though. I’ll never forget what the inside looked like. The 2nd floor was separated by thick glass blocks. There were metal tables in the common area and the rooms still had beds in them.

    4. I went to job corps in sedro-wooley Washington and the drive to there was creepy but when you got to job corps it felt like you were being watched. My time there for 6 months in 97 were anything but peaceful. I heard loud noises and I had a feeling I was never alone when I was in a room by my self. I also didn’t feel safe there. You could not pay me to go back there.

    5. Just like most people responding to you, I lived there as well back when I was 16 1/2 – 17. I had a very interesting experience there. As a Wiccan, I am naturally sensitive to emotions, auras, and spirits. i may not see them but i can feel their presence and sometimes hear them. Their emotions caused my own to become negative. I was becoming depressed and suicidal from being there. I am naturally a happy person, but going there changed me. I was seeing horrible things in my dreams, but each one held a message. That message was “Get Out of here.” With their emotions mixing with mine,and making me suicidal, it made Job Corps kick me out and back home. But thanks to the spirits I found out I had Mono and was able to get medical treatment for it. If I had stayed I may not be alive because mono can cause kidney failure and eventually cause death.

    6. I went here from April 2007 to October 2008. I remember sneaking off campus on a weekend with a few friends behind the gym to check out the unmarked graveyard, slaughter house, barn, etc. It was pretty cool yet creepy because it was dark and around the time spirits are more active. I could feel us being followed and watched where ever we went. Sad to say the guys were more scared then l was and l was the only girl!

    7. Emett Cervantes  |  

      I personally went to school there back in 96-98, completed the electrical program and yes it is a creepy place. Very pretty in the fall and winter and comfortable for the most part. My best friend installed fire alarm systems out there and was in the tunnels and told me that he saw old gurney’s with blood on the sheets.

    8. I was at the Job Corpse from 1984 to 85 or so. There was no off-limits area I did not explore. I knew the tunnels better than all the security and was (and am) very acrobatic. I remember the security, or some of them. Glen was the tall guy, Liz, was the Moose, and Wade. Wade was a friend of mine, they were a good bunch of folks back then. The hauntings are true. Never knew “Franks” name, but he used to tip me off that Glen was looking for folks such as myself. That long hall that went from the ground floor down into the basement where the lobotomies were done was a scary place. But nothing compares to the third floor of the girls dorm which was not used officially due to the ghost. They were crowded in the first two floors and still did not renovate the third floor. And I was up there quite a bit. Th Resident adviser was a friend of mine and they stored military surplus up there. I acquired all sorts of goodies. Working to clean up the mess. The stuff had been there since the last war and was covered in dust and a weird grease film. And it was all in in disarray like someone (or thing) had thrown it in any and all directions. I was not done with the job when I came up there to find everything flung all around again! I bet it’s still the same way too!

    9. I attended job corps here around 1999 i only stayed about a month. I was so afraid there from the day i arrived i was in the cascade hall on the second floor. The first night banging all night lights flickering whispering when u was the only one in my room awake there was the ghost of a man that went up and down the halls at night and on more then one occasion i saw a lil girl in a white dress playing with what looked like a boy outside my window facing toward the main entrance. I had terrible nightmares when i could sleep which wasnt often. We would sneek off to hit the weed behind the gym it always felt like someone was watching us the last time we went back there to smoke i swear we were chased i never went back there again out i really feared for my safety there, i got very depressed and angry in that place This is not a good place for ppl to be i am suprised it hasnt been shut down. I will never go back there!

    10. I lived there in 96-97 and saw it all. we snuck over to the abandoned buildings -which would give you the chills – we went in a pack, went to the tunnels, and something freaked us out and we were out of there to never return and almost got caught by security. Cascades was a good time! Special place!

    11. OMG ths place was amazing, me and my friends would go and explore everything around us at night and in the day, I did a lot of drinking and having a good time but I’ll tell you what…. That building that Wade and the boys had to call on because a body was found freaked me out as I was in it just day’s before with my friends.
      We even did the old field across where a old house had fallen into the ground, my buddies and I went down into it anyway and found some crazy shit like the tables and some kind of strange items for cutting. We found out it was for the hospital for doing autopsies.
      I sure do miss Bubba and Tom as well as my two favorite buddies Michael one and Michael number 2 even though Michael to is found dead few months afterwards supposedly the other Michael killed him over a female. I had a lot of fun here as a kid.
      Steve Howard was my crush and Vicky was my favorite part of knowing just how much a kid could cut loose and enjoy her younger year’s.
      I have to go back some day and just explore this old place again….

    12. I lived there in ’85. I went into one of the abandoned bulidings in the back
      We Got caught and ended up on probation phase though. I’ll never forget what the inside looked like. The 2nd floor was separated by thick glass blocks. There were metal tables in the common area and the rooms still had beds in them, it was pretty creepy. I lived in the only female dorm there. On the 3rd floor, ( which was closed off) when it was a fully functional asylum, one of the nurses jumped out of a bay window and hung herself. The center kept it locked up. The only thing they used it for was a storage for lost and found. My friend and I buffalo’d the R.A into going up there “because we lost something” and wanted to see if we could find it and he okayed it. When we got up there, there was a ramp that had metal grates on both sides. At the top, we saw a classroom with old desks scattered around and the same bay window that the nurse jumped from. There was so much sadness in there. So much that the hair on my arms stood on end; it was quite cold. The name of the dorm was Wilkes. I’ll never forget it; I truly belive that Cascade is unrested

    13. I llived there in 1990-92.and did explore the grounds..could only do it at night too…..creepy beds…metal tables with drains that sometimes looked liked it was still all bloddy…u could hear screams and nurses talking..and a man with a long coat and a tall hat was always watching..and I didn’t remember till reading some notes, but I do remember a little the tree park….omg!! one time we played with a Ouija only lasted for a couple minutes . believe me after one of the small pane windows broke , we were done!! but all that said..going back and checking it out is on my bucket list..

    14. I was there from 1991-1992 and definitely was ready to leave as soon as we pulled up and I saw the bars on the windows. It was a creepy place….but….we had soooo much fun there. Really now…when you tell a bunch of bad ass teenagers where they can’t go and what they can’t do best believe that’s exactly what we are gonna go and do. A bunch of us explored the tunnels and the abandoned buildings..there were still a few patients there too…we would see them wandering around sometimes(atleast I think they were patients) other then feeling uneasy in the dorms when your alone and being pushed 9ff the top bunk bed…that’s about all I experienced.

    15. My cousin went to the job corps there and in the middle of the night he had woken up to a mute picking up his legs in the air he couldn’t move it was almost like a state of paralysis he couldn’t see her face it was kind of like a blur almost like if you were to blur someone’s face that’s what it looked like it was quite and then he closed his eye and his legs were dropped and she was gone.

    16. I went there to Cascade Job corps and I was 17 about to turn 18 time I was there for a whole year and a half it never seemed to surprise me some of the stuff that went on there the first dorm right when you pull up off to the right that’s where I stayed there was always paranormal activity there in the dorm there’s other buildings there though that had just a creepy vibe about them.

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