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This building dates back to 1887 and was originally called “The Cordova.” Although staff at the hotel these days tend to downplay the ghost stories, it has been reported that many people have seen a fancily-dressed man in 1920s-era clothing strolling around the building.

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95 Cordova St
St Augustine, FL 32084
United States

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29.891699, -81.31364500000001
St. Johns County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Saint Augustine, FL (0.2 mi.)
Villano Beach, FL (3.3 mi.)
Saint Augustine South, FL (3.4 mi.)
Saint Augustine Beach, FL (4.1 mi.)
Saint Augustine Shores, FL (5.6 mi.)
Butler Beach, FL (7.0 mi.)
Crescent Beach, FL (9.2 mi.)
Marineland, FL (16.5 mi.)
Hastings, FL (16.7 mi.)
Palm Valley, FL (20.2 mi.)

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  1. I stayed there once and I apparently stayed next to the room where people are reported a lady in a white gown (there is a photo of this lady in everyroom) Walks up and down the stairs of the suite. It felt like someone is constantly watching you and I didn’t sleep the two nights I was there. But it is soooooo beautiful inside and out!

  2. I stayed at this beautiful location for my birthday weekend. Let me just start by saying throughout st. Augustine they have pictures of a black and white background and a woman wearing a white dress with colored red roses. This photo have been seen in several parts of st. Augustine which I believe is the same women who has been seen in the different areas of this haunted town. My husband and I knew nothing of this town but that it is the oldest town in Florida. As we were in our room on the 4th floor we noticed a few things. First we noticed alot of activity throughout the halls while sleeping, kids laughing, women chatting and running up and down the halls but no one was there. My radio kept turning off and it seem as if someone would not only turn off the radio but would pause the music. What I thought to believe was a dream may have been. I woke up from all the chatter in the hallways and when I walked to see where the noise was coming from I walked by the picture of the women wearing white and she called me from the picture and said her name was Victoria. Similar experience happened to my husband as well.

  3. I worked in Casa Monica for a little over a year with my younger sister a few years ago. After working there for a while you tend to see things. None of the housekeepers would clean the Ponce de Leon suite by themselves. It is a split two floor room and one day I made the mistake of cleaning it by myself. I was upstairs and the radio came on on the first floor. I also worked on the 4th quite a bit on the back hall.Working in that area always made me feel isolated form the rest of the hotel. I was cleaning one of the bathrooms on the back hall and all of a sudden I had all my hair stand on end on my arms and neck. I saw a shadow by the elevator and that was about all the experiences I had. I heard of several that had happened to previous housekeepers but I don’t know if they are real. Suite 411 is another creepy suite. Even though it is one of the smallest rooms, I would always clean it with the door open. A man had checked in one night and woke up to seeing approx. 11 people standing around his bed. He quickly gathered his things and left. There is also a set of black handprint marks on the ceiling on the 4th floor hallway. The cleaning crew has painted over it several times, but it won’t go away. Go and see for yourself! It’s toward the back on the 3rd stretch of hallway.

  4. When i was 13 my family and I stayed here almost once a year and lights and TVs would turn on almost every night by themselves. Definitely a haunted place.

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