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At Canisius College’s Christ the King Chapel, witness have described unexplained voices in the confessionals and the apparition of an old man in the basement. At Frisch Hall, a ghost of a student who committed suicide has been seen on the 5th floor, and on the 4th floor of Lyons Hall, a ghostly nun is said to roam. Also rumored to be haunted are the nearby Village Townhouses and Griffin Hall.

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2001 Main St
Buffalo, NY 14208
United States

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42.9252102, -78.85084030000002
Erie County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Kenmore, NY (3.0 mi.)
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  1. I live in frisch resident hall, and while I live on the second floor, I was visiting a friend on the fifth floor when, while opening the door to the fifth floor chills immediately ran up my back and I heard a girls voice whisper “come here”.. the door is pretty loud so in order for me to audibly hear whispered words, she must have been pretty damn close to my ear. She has also been messing with my friend Allie who lives on the fifth floor, and she lives alone so when the ghost messes with her she will come down to my room to sleep on the floor, but last night (11/30/2017) she must have brought the ghost with her because Allie and two of my sweet mates were sitting in the living room when we very clearly heard a girl whisper yell “LIAR” at us from one of our arm chairs. None of us were talking when this happened so we all heard it and just looked at each other to make sure none of us were going insane. In another occurrence in Old Main, I was on the fourth floor with my boyfriend watching a movie on one of the big projectors at 1am, and the girls room was at the other end of the hall way so I decided to just use the men’s room across the hall. When I walked in I had an absolutely terrible feeling in my spine but pushed myself to go because 1) I had to owe pretty badly and 2) I didn’t want to seem afraid of whatever was getting me to feel this way. Anyway, I’m sitting there and mid stream the urinal flushes and I bolted out of tht bathroom still pulling up my pants as I opened the door, way too freaked out to take my time and do up my jeans. In another occurence, the fire alarm had gone off at 4 in the morning in frisch because a fire down the street caused smoke to flood our building making the alarms go off. I decided to walk through the quad with my boyfriend instead of waiting around and we saw two figures walking towards us from afar. We both looked down at the ground only momentarily and when we looked up they were gone. Neither of us were looking away long enough for either of the figures to even SPRINT to any of the nearby buildings without us seeing it. And so far that’s all but it’s only been my first semester here and I know there will be more.

  2. As an alumna of Canisius, I’ve heard the stories. The reported ghost of an old man in the basement of the chapel is most likely one of the former archivists, when the archives were held there. Possibly Fr. Murray, S.J.

  3. Thomas Gallagher  |  

    There have 3 suicides at Canisius College to my knowlege, none that I can recall at the female dorms, but the last one being in 1981; a freshman student named Thomas Geary, age 18, hung himself in his dorm room on the second floor of Bosch hall. I remembered the police being there for hours. The floor was completely closed to all. The elevators were shut down. He took his life after dinner…and his body removed from the dorm at around 1 or 2 AM to provide him privacy in his final minutes at the college. He was a very angry and very troubled guy.. I only witnessed the one suicide, but I understand there were 3 altogether. I would not be surprised if they never crossed over and remain at Canisius College in the same emotional state they were before their final moments.

  4. My Great Grandfather owned that property in the 1800’s. He was a wealthy man who owned Robson’s Brick yard and Works. He bet the whole business on a horse and lost. My Grandfather found him in their bathroom when he was 2. My Great Grandfather shot himself in the head. Maybe that’s him in the basement.

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