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The grounds near Calvary Episcopal Church are known for being a favorite “haunt” of the Phantom Rider of the Confederacy. This ghost is a woman with long blonde hair on a palomino seen near the road, then she gallops away quickly. She wears a Confederate cape and a filmy dress, and is believed to have been a woman whose husband was killed during the Civil War. Witnesses have seen her since 1865, when the ghost led 23 Union soldiers right into an ambush, exacting revenge for her husband’s death.

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Geographic Information

2840 Hendersonville Rd
Fletcher, NC 28732
United States

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35.44303067082026, -82.50479087233543
Henderson County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Fletcher, NC (0.9 mi.)
Hoopers Creek, NC (2.2 mi.)
Royal Pines, NC (2.3 mi.)
Avery Creek, NC (4.6 mi.)
Mountain Home, NC (5.1 mi.)
Mills River, NC (5.1 mi.)
Biltmore Forest, NC (6.4 mi.)
Balfour, NC (6.9 mi.)
Fruitland, NC (7.1 mi.)
Bent Creek, NC (7.4 mi.)


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  1. Laurie Plumley  |  

    I live a street down from this cemetery. Now while I have not seen this female rider, I have had a few things happening in my home. Items randomly moving mostly.

    I wrote this down in my journal, so I know down to the time it happened…

    November 2nd, 2016. Cats are notorious for being night time prowlers, and have a bad reputation for having very loud heat cycles. My kitten, who even though at the time was still less than a year old, was going through one of her very mild heat cycles. As such, she granted me the chance to be awake for an interesting event.

    At about 1 O’clock, after my kitten graced me with her very vocal callings, we were getting ready to both fall back into a slumber. Or rather, she was playing with an acorn in my window sill, and I was gazing outside till I could fall asleep with all the ruckus.

    So I was in a prime position of staring out my window so early in the morning.

    At around 2 was when I saw the most peculiar event unfold.

    My neighbors driveway is light by the streetlamp across the road. Its been recently paved, so it shines a different color then the main road itself. Also, our neighbor had put up motion sensor lights to make it easy for them to get inside the house. They are forever going off randomly.

    I sometimes have a habit of looking over to see if there is a raccoon or possum in their driveway that may have set off the light. But it was no night rodent.

    In the streetlight, walking at a rather fast clip, were a set of legs. And nothing else.

    No head.

    No body.

    Just a set of legs.

    And I’m not talking about those “walker” things you see on YouTube. I’m talking a set of legs, from the knees down. Pale white in the glow of the lamp. Walking as fast as you please down their driveway. And disappearing at the very end. Heading in the direction of the Calvary Episcopal Church. One street over.

    Now I’m not saying that our home or surrounding homes are haunted. But being this close to that cemetery, things happen. And whether my family chooses to not believe me. I know what I saw. I was wide awake.

    • I trust you because of the level of detail provided, and would love to visit the area if that’s fine. It sounds like there is a lot of activity and it’s worth checking out more. Would I be allowed to park at the church or cemetery, or nearby? I don’t want to step on any toes, of course! If you or anyone else has more information, that would be appreciated 🙂 My e-mail –

      Or message me on Wickr Me – terrybogard71

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