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This 1821 plantation built by Major Charles Wilhelm Bulow is said to be haunted by a Seminole Indian curse. The plantation passed to son John Bulow, who had a good relationship with the Seminoles. In fact, John went so far as to fire cannons at Major Benjamin Putnam and the Mosquito Raiders when they came onto his property to try to remove the Indians. John was arrested, and the plantation was used for an outpost in the war against the Native Americans. When Putnam left and John was released, the Seminoles, not understanding what had transpired, believed John was against them; they burned the plantation to the ground. John fled to Paris and died shortly afterward, at age 26. Some believe the Seminoles cursed the area and their ghosts remain. Witnesses have reported shadowy figures in the trees, balls of light, cold spots and a dark figure that chases people. Some also claim a Swamp Monster lives nearby.

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    3501 Old Kings Road
    Flagler Beach, FL
    United States

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    29.435571230499523, -81.14310479155392
    Flagler County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Flagler Beach, FL (2.9 mi.)
    Beverly Beach, FL (5.5 mi.)
    Bunnell, FL (7.2 mi.)
    Ormond-by-the-Sea, FL (7.5 mi.)
    Palm Coast, FL (11.0 mi.)
    Ormond Beach, FL (11.6 mi.)
    Holly Hill, FL (14.7 mi.)
    Marineland, FL (16.7 mi.)
    Daytona Beach, FL (17.1 mi.)
    Daytona Beach Shores, FL (20.4 mi.)

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    1. Dory Schertell  |  

      My husband and I went here a couple of years ago. We were just looking for something to do for the day and we came here. We were the only ones here but it felt like someone was following us around. I took many pictures of the place of the grounds and land. A couple of weeks later I was looking back on pictures andas I was flipping through them I noticed something very strange. I enlarged the ppicture and on one of the walls I noticed a face. I couldn’t believe it. So I started looking at the rest to see if it was in all the pictures, but it wasn’t. It was the face of a man in what I believe to be 1800 period clothing. I pulled up pictures of the owner and his son. The face looked just like the son. My husband who doesn’t believe in all this stuff. I asked him to look at the picture and I asked him, what do you see. He looked at it and said. ” there’s a face” . He couldn’t believe it. I contacted the author who wrote Bulows Gold. And he didn’t seem surprised. This is a must place to visit. Just the history you can feel it as soon as you walk on the grounds.I will be back.

    2. I visited Bulow plantation last February. Using a full-spectrum camera, I got an awesome picture of the apparition of a Seminole. It’s clear as day and really incredible. I’ve investigated many haunted sites in my day, but few more eventful than Bulow. I plan on going back this coming February!

    3. my name tis john im a 41 year old pentecostal minister.born and raise in ormond beach. when i was 13 years old my brother had a hot rod amc gremlin. we were on our way to bulow plantation hauling but in this car is easy. it had a suped up 327 chevy corvette engine in it. what i now know i dangerous we were doing well over 100 mph a light came from behind us i guess beach street souyh of bulow plantation entrance. the light whitish brown in color caught us levitated over our speeding car proceeded ahead of us like lighting took off and disappeared in front of us.when i was i went with my friends who wanted to party in bulow plantation. well it was late we went up beach st to bulow we proceeded into the path which comes to a spot where there is a cobert pipe which for aa fact i know when i was younger a teenag male lost his life by flipping his car over in the water hotrodding i saw his body on a ishing trip with my brother we had to turn around the cober pipe is very dangerous one wrong move you roll over anyway we proceed up to the dangerous crosspoint and the van stalled.full of fuel good battery just wont start now this is about 2 miles into bulow so chris and i decide to walk to the road. on our walk i was terrified red eyed being were watching us from the bushes. we could hear the bushes moving we stop it stop when we walked out to the road we could see not just one but many a bunch of whitish greylike beings turning back into bulow ok our friend comes to get us after calling him well we get to my brother and friends they were in the van doors locked terrified was an understatement at best. they swore that whitish grey indians surrounded the van i said how many they said enough to scare the hell out of us. when we got the van going we turned around proceeded out of bulow.needless to say when we all talked about what we saw we were convinced that we saw indians.WELL FOR YOU NON BELIEVERS THIS IS THE GODS HONEST TRUTH

    4. The old abandonded White house on highbridge road is haunted. Lights come on and off theres no doorknobs on any of the doors and no one lives there.

    5. I was hiking the primitive part of the trail, runs between Walter Boardman Rd and ends at the ruins. I was alone, never saw anyone on the trail, but stopped countless times because I kept hearing what sounded like people talking in low voices…like they were secretly planning something and didn’t want to be heard. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but it always sounded like 2 distinctly different voices, one low and the other slightly lower, 2 men. I would stop, listen and then the voices would stop too, like they were afraid someone was listening. I felt the overwhelming feeling to run or hide, but not from the voices. Like someone else was going to find me. I feel like it was the spirit of slaves or Seminoles trying to hide or run away. It was the most erie feeling I’ve ever experienced!

    6. It’s funny I just found this site. About 23 years ago myself and two other friends were in a car driving down N. Beach St. towards Walter Boardman, no other cars and passed us or were in front of us it was pitch black. We then noticed tail lights behind us or what seem to be tail lights. We never remembered passing another street or cut off where the car could come from. Well then these Taillights started approaching us from the rear they got about 15 yards from the car and went straight up in the air and disappeared. Now thinking about it it’s almost the same kind of thing like the moth man in point Pleasant West Virginia.

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