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The spirit of a man named Barnard remains here. Not much is known about him.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

Braunton Inn
Braunton Road
Barnstaple, Devon

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51.094553943583776, -4.1243519783893134
Nearest Towns:
Ashford, UK (1.1 mi.)
Wrafton, UK (1.2 mi.)
Chivenor, UK (1.4 mi.)
Fremington, UK (2.0 mi.)
Marwood, UK (2.3 mi.)
Braunton, UK (2.6 mi.)
Pilton, UK (2.6 mi.)
Barnstaple, UK (3.3 mi.)
Instow, UK (3.6 mi.)
Bittadon, UK (4.2 mi.)


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  1. My husband and myself have visited this inn many times, on a recent visit I was going up the stairs to use the bathrooms and I felt as if I was being chased up the stairs! It caused me to run in quite a panic I reached the top looked around and no one was there, I thought it was my husband at first as it felt like a male presence, very strange’

    • This happened to me Saturday night. The footsteps behind me were heavy clumping up the stairs. I turned to let him pass but no one there.

  2. i worked in the inn when it was Heanton Court at that time it was well known as a haunted place i spent many late nights their and experienced many strange things doors opening on there own i had an ashtray thrown at me when clearing up the main bar one night, what was the dining room the door would never stay shut and their was even a gray lady, it is a scary place at night on your own and i would rate it as one of the most haunted places in north maybe even devon itself

  3. As a child my parents used to take us to Heanton court as a treat and I used to play with the owners daughter Lucy, she had beautiful blonde curly hair and used to wear a white summer dress.
    We always played upstairs in what is now the bathroom, she used to wave good bye to me from the window.
    I always looked forward to seeing her and even named my favourite toy after her.
    I was told later on that her parents had moved away as my parents also did .
    In my adulthood we have often visited the now Braunton Inn and I also bring my children. I recently asked my mum about Lucy and her family and to my shock she said that she didn’t know of lucy and definitely didn’t know the people who owned the place. If she was a ghost I really enjoyed her company and I hope that she is happy where ever she is or she could of been a amazing invisible friend but I doubt that my four year old mind could of imagined such details

  4. Happened to me Saturday night. Went upstairs to toilets on top 3rd floor. Heard someone clumping up stairs behind me. Turned round to see if he (heavy footsteps thought it was a man) wanted to get passed to go in private rooms but no one there.

  5. I worked here in 2006. Often working late. Staff changing was on 2nd floor. You had to walk through a large open space, and I always felt that someone was chasing me to the changing room, and then staring at me. And then waiting for me to recross the dark open space. An intimidating male presence.

  6. I visited my parents here years ago when they worked and lived here.
    One day when my young brother and I had returned from salt rock to get new hoodies, I took a photo of my brother sat posing in a hoody.
    A week later on my return to Shropshire I went through my photos and behind my brother near the door was a long dark boot right in shot as though someone walking into the room.
    I did show it to many friends and work colleagues. However I stupidly deleted it when trying to make space on my phone.

    I had also had some nights there where in the bedroom I could hear a conversation, but it was after the pub had been closed and everyone had gone and parents asleep.

    My very last experience here was exploring the very top floor. Some stairs go straight up to a door with a glass window. I got the worse sense of dread walking back down it, as though someone really bad was standing watching me. It’s not the usual ‘ hairs on the back of your neck ‘ feeling. It was worse.

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