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People who visit the antiques mall have reported cold spots, disembodied footsteps, objects moving around and braking by themselves and the feeling of being watched. The ghost of a woman in a black dress has been seen in various parts of the building, along with various other shadowy apparitions.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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12419 N 28th Dr
Phoenix, AZ
United States

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33.5981346, -112.11838260000002
Maricopa County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Glendale, AZ (5.7 mi.)
Peoria, AZ (7.0 mi.)
Sun City, AZ (8.8 mi.)
Youngtown, AZ (10.6 mi.)
Phoenix, AZ (10.7 mi.)
Paradise Valley, AZ (11.1 mi.)
El Mirage, AZ (11.9 mi.)
Surprise, AZ (12.6 mi.)
Tolleson, AZ (13.1 mi.)
Sun City West, AZ (13.6 mi.)

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  1. Hi My husband and I had visited this antique mall on vacation, we had no idea it was haunted….as we were walking around shopping, an old carved wooden american indian shaman’s doll that was laying on its back on a table spun around and touched my hand as i walked past the table. my husband yelled as he witnessed it, i jumped back in shock of something touching my hand as well. i had hair standing up and goosebumps i couldn’t stand still i was so freaked out for a long time after it was the worst feeling! we had to immediately leave because my skin felt like electricity. i asked the workers as we walked out if it was haunted and they said yes, we also contacted the paranormal society and were informed this is a regular occurrence and it is one of their favorite places to gather paranormal evidence.

  2. Visiting town, stopped by the mall to find a unique Christmas gift, Dec 12 (between 9-10 am). Walked through many of the various sections, all good and nothing unusual. While walking through a section within the center of the store I suddenly got a disorientated feeling. Took a few steps forward and the feeling went away instantly. Perplexed I went back to the spot a few steps away where the feeling occurred and the feeling did not occur with the same intensity but definitely felt drawn to a display directly adjacent – feeling of being watched or something to that effect.

    The feeling was strong enough to give this consideration throughout the day then google this evening – surprised to find I am not seemingly alone in experiences at this mall. I can share that it wasn’t scary or negative; but definitely a pronounced and very intense feeling when it occurred.

  3. i frequent this place alot and sometimes it feels a little creepy. I get super anxious walking around but booth 17 is pretty haunted! I’ve felt and seen alot of items move and lights flicker.

  4. I have been here many times and have had to leave because of an overwhelming feeling of sadness chills and dizziness. I have always known there were spirits there but this is the first I have seen written about it. It confirms my belief.

  5. this place is definitely haunted I was here about two weeks ago during a thunderstorm and the power went out and I was next to the north east corner by that extended room they had there and it was pitch black but that area was lit up by a red exit sign and I swear I heard a small grown man do a kidish laugh and I knew no one was there before the power went out… I bolted out of there with only the flashlight on my phone and this is a first of many many visits that I’ve had there

  6. I was also there in 2019, could have been in June or July can’t remember. We just moved here from California. I thought this was a pretty interesting place. I was probably in there for a half hour when I found myself near the rear right corner of the store, where people can rent cubicles. As I was standing in this particular cubicle which to my memory didn’t have anything in it that appeared “scary” in it, just old stuff, I absolutely suddenly felt at 1st like someone was watching me. Because of this I naturally looked around but no one was there. I continued to stand there because there seemed to be more to it than just someone staring, I stood there for at least another 30 seconds and then felt not only that I was being stared at but whatever it was, wanted me to leave that area. I then got out of there and continued shopping though the store. Of course that cubicle now diffidently had my attention. Before leaving the store I just had to go back to it one more time. This time before i even entered it I instantly got that same odd feeling again. I use the term “odd” because we all have been spooked at one time or another as kids but this was not that feeling, hard to explain. Being retired and having time on hand I thought about this experience and decided to Google it. I was amazed to see other story’s similar to mine I haven’t been back since but I am temped.

  7. I went there
    i didnt know it was haunted
    i felt fine there…
    and now that i know its haunted, im kinda freaked out

    i wont be going back

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