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The park was once the Brand Family’s estate, complete with mansion (now the park’s Library & Art Center) and family cemetery. Folks say the cemetery is reached via a trail behind the house, and that spooky “occult” things have occurred near Mr. Brand’s pyramid-shaped tomb.

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1601 W Mountain St
Glendale, CA 91201
United States

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34.181472609459064, -118.27712684550784
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
North Glendale, CA (1.6 mi.)
Burbank, CA (1.8 mi.)
Glendale, CA (3.0 mi.)
La Crescenta-Montrose, CA (4.2 mi.)
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  1. I filmed a movie here once in high school with a few friends. We took the trail to the cemetery and climbed underneath the metal gate surrounding it to get a shot. I cut my arm on the metal bad enough to have a scar for awhile. It is my belief that if you’re going to enter the cemetery without a spirit following you out, blood must be spilled.

    • Mat, I had the privilege to go inside the Brand Library Cemetery with the gate itself being unlocked. I went inside and took some pictures and then left. I think you just weren’t careful when you climbed, I don’t even believe in ghosts. I think you just didn’t climb carefully hence you got hurt pretty badly and bled.

  2. I have an experience to share about Brand Park. In 1999, I coached my stepson’s Little League team at Brand Park. After a game, my wife took my three year old step-daughter to the ladies’ room before we went home for the day. I waited in our car with my stepson not far from the restroom bungalow. After a few minutes, my wife hurried back to the car with a frightened look on her face and she relayed the following to me.
    She led her daughter to a stall and stood just beyond the threshold of the stall to allow a little privacy. My wife and stepdaughter were the only occupants in the ladies room. While relieving herself, my stepdaughter looked up towards a window, smiled and said “hi” to someone. My wife, understandably alarmed, immediately looked at the window her daughter was looking at and saw no one. She feared some pervert had either climbed a nearby tree or the roof to peer in, but she didn’t see any sign of a person who could be seen from that window. My wife then heard her daughter say, “Amy”, as though someone had asked for her name. My wife didn’t hear anyone speak to her daughter. She then turned toward her daughter and asked her who she was talking to, and Amy answered matter of factly, “The man in the window”. My wife, at this point, was very alarmed and was ready to yell at anyone who may be near the window, when Amy said, “Oh, that’s my mommy!”.
    At that point my wife went in panic mode and quickly cleaned her daughter and hurried back to my car. I could tell something was wrong as they approached the car. My wife looked terrified, so I asked her what was wrong. When she relayed the events to me, I jumped out of my car to circle the bathroom bungalow in the hopes of catching anyone in a nearby tree or on the roof and I couldn’t see anyone. Upon returning to my car, which was parked about 15 feet from the restrooms, I turned to Amy and asked her who she was talking to. She replied with an innocent smile, “the man in the window”.
    At this point, my wife was in tears and begged me to get us out of there, so I complied for her state of mind. Once home, I let a few minutes pass and I approached Amy to ask her who she was speaking to in the restroom, and again, as a matter of fact, she replied, “The man in the window” and went about her business playing. At that point, I got chills.

  3. I have seen a demon; it was in early may of 2003. As I got into the elevator going to see my orthopedic physician, right then and there saw this horrible looking being……it’s entire body was covered by spikes; yup you heard it right. This experience of mine was very devastating; yet I quickly got myself together. On my way back from doctor’s office, there was no sign of that creep in the elevator.

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