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The historic hotel, which had its heyday in the 1930s and was home to Howard Hughes during his recuperation from his Lake Mead plane crash, has a few haunts in residence. Apparitions, the feeling of a ghostly hand on your shoulder, and hands that come up through the floor and grab your ankle all have been reported here. The ghost of night clerk Tommy Thompson is believed to haunt the lobby.

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1305 Arizona St
Boulder City, NV 89005
United States

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35.9779403909723, -114.83658409325409
Clark County, Nevada
Nearest Towns:
Boulder City, NV (0.2 mi.)
Henderson, NV (9.2 mi.)
Whitney, NV (15.2 mi.)
Nelson, NV (18.7 mi.)
Winchester, NV (18.9 mi.)
Paradise, NV (19.2 mi.)
Sunrise Manor, NV (20.8 mi.)
Las Vegas, NV (21.6 mi.)
North Las Vegas, NV (21.9 mi.)
Nellis Air Force Base, NV (22.2 mi.)

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  1. I did all the maintenance for the hotel for a few years around 2002 and have had many experiences. More than once I was working in some of the rooms at night and have heard people talking and ballroom music playing when the bar and restaurant were closed. There were times when I would smell the strong smell of cigar smoke in rooms I was working in and get the feeling someone was in the room with me and didn’t want me there. Several times I would quit in the middle of what I was doing and leave the room. The basement seemed to be the most haunted. One time I was replacing some carpet in the basement hallway near the elevator and on several occasions the elevator doors would open and no one would be in it. One time I was walking down the basement hallway past the mens room and all of a sudden heard the sound of water running. I walked into the bathroom to see if someone was in there and found no one, but the faucets were running. I then walked into the bathroom stall to see if someone was in there and the door slammed shut behind me. That scared the hell out of me and I ran out of there as fast as I could. I never went back into that restroom again, and didn’t even like walking past it.

  2. We stayed in room 219. The hotel is so beautiful and the staff is lovely. After the first night i told my husband there is a ghost in our room. He said “oh there is huh?”
    I did t see anything unusual but I felt uneasy and that i was being watched. So i started research to see if the hotel is rumored to be haunted, and found this forum. It was a retirement home for a while so surely many people passed here.

  3. I walked in the hotel lobby and asked if it was haunted because even before i walked into hotel I felt a heaviness and kinda of a”leave YOU don’t belong here “but that didn’t scare me.So I was curious,(I experienced paranormal experiences)so I walked in and the lady at the front desk gave me the answer “I don’t know but you can look online and maybe you’ll find something “,she looked serious and alittle scared while trying to remain professional.I’ve seen these posts and a couple of others ,alittle scary but kinda cool that that feeling i felt was not for nothing,something didn’t want me to discover them.I have had some psychic experiences and I’ve heard sometimes spirits get intiminated by people who have psychic abilities because they want to reveal them more ,so maybe i would’ve found out something that would’ve been horrible.So I’m gonna go with my gut feeling but it’s still cool that im right NOT crazy!

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