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The 1860s building that houses the barbecue eatery has once been a post office, a general store, a butcher shop and an ice house, but it’s unknown who the woman is that haunts it. She wears a white dress and appears on the staircase. Sometimes lights come on and strange voices, footsteps or whispering are heard. One witness even saw the ghost cleaning the windows.

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10256 Willis Rd
Willis, MI 48191
United States

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42.158181, -83.557143
Washtenaw County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Belleville, MI (4.9 mi.)
Ypsilanti, MI (6.4 mi.)
Milan, MI (8.2 mi.)
Romulus, MI (9.3 mi.)
Maybee, MI (10.9 mi.)
Carleton, MI (10.9 mi.)
Canton, MI (11.1 mi.)
Saline, MI (11.5 mi.)
Wayne, MI (12.2 mi.)
Ann Arbor, MI (12.5 mi.)

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  1. THE LITTLE GIRLS: it was 2012 and me my mom and my grandmother were at bone heads and one of the waitress had said that when u go in the bath room theres a picture of six girl from the 1934 and two of them live in the house and when they turned 11 they died of a serious illness and there spirts still haunt the old bone heads.

    THE STRAY CAT: it was 1949 and the Edden family had just moved to the home of bone heads and the 3 kids were playing outside when they found a small stray kitten the kids decided to name him ghosty cause the color of his fur. the family always left food and water under the stairs outside. One day the cat came inside the house the mom had a serious sickness to cat the cat went to the kitchen and found the bag of cat food when the mom came to get a drink when she saw the cat the mom grabbed a knife and killed the cat and now when ever someone drive by the staircase out side they can see the cat eating food under the staircase

  2. This is 100% true . My kids and I set out on a mini roadtrip in the country and wanted BBQ so my daughter put in the GPS bbq place and Boneheads popped up . We went there not ever knowing or hearing of this place . I walked in and first thing I asked was “where is te ladies room” she pointed the way the kids sat down I went to the bathroom . I walk in the bathroom and no joke I instantly got the chills and it was seriously freezing in the bathroom I was thinking the airvents must have been in there on full tilt. I go to the bathroom and im seriously paranoid I felt like someone was staring at me and threw the crack I saw the back end of a white dress like swoosh by the stall door . I seriously couldn’t pull my pants up quick enough I was seriously panicked and I don’t know why I do not panic easily. I came out of the bathroom and told my kids I have weird vibe about tis place I sear its haunted . The waitress comes up asked what we wanted to drink and I asked her if any one ever thought this place was haunted I was just seriously creeped out in the bathroom , she flipped the menu over and there it was . I knew nothing about anything of this place and I can tell you I saw a ghost in the bathroom. Been back a few times since and never saw it again but then again if I go to the bathroom I take my daughter too.

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