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Blood’s Point Cemetery, named after the area’s first white settle, Arthur Blood, is said to be a hot spot for the eerie, such as orbs, a vanishing barn, phantom vehicles and a ghost dog that sports glowing red eyes. To add to the spookiness, the nearby railroad bridge was said to be the setting for a school bus accident as well as several hangings. Electrical anomalies and ghostly children’s laughter have been reported here.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    4470 Bloods Point Rd
    Flora, IL
    United States

    Get Directions »
    42.17532569999999, -88.8378535
    Boone County, Illinois
    Nearest Towns:
    Kirkland, IL (5.8 mi.)
    Belvidere, IL (6.1 mi.)
    Edgewood, IL (6.2 mi.)
    Kingston, IL (6.6 mi.)
    Cherry Valley, IL (7.0 mi.)
    Garden Prairie, IL (7.9 mi.)
    Genoa, IL (9.2 mi.)
    Monroe Center, IL (9.9 mi.)
    Timberlane, IL (11.1 mi.)
    New Milford, IL (11.8 mi.)


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    1. well ive been out here a couple of times. of course people are going to say its haunted, which is true, but not by any spirits but the lost ones.mostly demonic things, my fiance got possessed all i know is IF YOUR GOING TO COME OUT HERE BE PREPARED,JUST KNOW WHEN YOU HEAR THE SQUEAKING WELL ON THE BRIDGE SOMETHING IS BOUND TOO HAPPEN !!!

    2. This story is so blown out of proportion it’s hysterical. I lived in Belvidere through my Hugh School years and had heard these stories from everyone I met. My friends and I being teenagers used to frequent the cemetery and the bridge and NOT ONCE did anything supernatural happen. The ghostly vehicles? Local farmers chasing kids away…The ghost dog? Well down the road a bit is a house that has a huge white husky mix that chases cars, it even nearly climbed on my buddy Jeff’s hood because he slowed down trying not to hit it. The dog was just a friendly old farm dog. It did have the white fur which could lead someone to believe it was ghostly somehow. All in all I’ve been out there at least a couple hundred times between partying in High School and delivering pizzas after and have yet to see anything that could be remotely paranormal. These stories come from kids with overactive imagination. Hell, most of these reports from the 90’s were probably me and my friends screwing with people.

    3. Blood’s Point was often mixed up with Bachelor’s Grove which led to the stories mirroring each other. Honestly, both locations have no written history of foul play taking place. No accident, no murders, no hangings. The kid’s and the chair tale? It’s an old story… the baby powder? Go look at any town and you will find the exact same story. Now about that pesky witch… Beluah (as she was called) was an a woman that lived off Meridian Rd. (which is not in the same town). She was a widow who went hermit. There are some sources that say she wasn’t a very well liked school teacher and her one room school house had burnt down and there where some fatalities but I have no historical evidence of that taken place. But she was often bothered by local high schoolers. My mother was one of them. At one point she told me that there is a cemetery somewhere in the area (these are common in our rural areas) and she once witnessed a headstone catch on fire but her companions didn’t witness the same perception. But this “witch” was no witch and she lived on a rural road in Rockford.

      • My grandma and grandpa lived on Meridian Rd and it was my grandpa’s old home stead .there had been talk of the witch for yrs but none of my family every experienced anything.and the old cemetery was about 1\4 of a mile before there house.

    4. I have gone to bloods point several times as a teen. Most the times nothing happened. Once though, after arriving my doors to my truck would not unlock. It took minutes for us to open the doors. After we got out we couldn’t get back in. Luckily we left the windows down. Then in the distance a light almost like a spot light shined towards us. We knew it was from a house but it was so wierd that it was facing right at my truck. It would flicker a few times then shine bright. And it did this several times until we left. While driving towards the house with the light it never came back on. Bloods point is very creepy for a small old cemetery.

    5. Just like most cemeteries, people believe it’s haunted. My Grandfather was one of those “Farmers” that lived in the area. his farm was just down the road. I would drive past Bloods point many times every year to visit my grandparents on their farm. I’ve never seen anything other than kids being disrespectful. It seems that most of the stories are imagination and power of suggestion. Some of the other stuff is other kids going out there to scare people playing around in a cemetery at night. By nature cemeteries put people on edge and if they go looking for something, they’ll find it. Just be respectful of the deceased and leave their final resting place alone.

    6. All of these claims that the cemetery and road that leads to the cemetery are just tales. My friends and I have been out to this location numerous times, tried provoking any spirits, used EVP devices and sadly have captured no ‘evidence’. Not worth the drive if you ask me and I live in Rockford.

    7. Me and 4 friends witnessed an “orb” crossing the road in front of us a mere 10 feet in front of my car, and it vanished as soon as it crossed the road. Not really that close to the cemetery, much more west of Bloods Point. Also, my friend and 3 of her friends said that in the mid 90’s they saw a upright standing pig wearing a top hat underneath a light pole in the cemetery, and on a separate occasion about 4 years ago had an incident with a phantom car.

      • In 2016, 4 of my friends and I also went. We used to go a lot just to get spooked but this one time actually freaked me out. We stopped at the cemetery and walked around and didn’t see/hear anything. But as we were getting back into my car and started to drive, we all noticed something floating in the air. When we all got out, we watched whatever it was float from the cemetery across the street to the field, and disappear farther into the field. It looked like a floating blue blob, I described it looking like a plastic bag with blue Christmas lights in it. But it was a perfect circle and slowly floated maybe 15 feet above us. All of us were silent and just watched it until it disappeared. I kick myself to this day that I didn’t pull out my phone and try to record it. I was just in shock and confusion that I didn’t even think about it. I have no idea what it was, I guess you can say it was an orb because I really have no other explanation for it. After all that happened we got back into my car and decided to drive over by Sweeney road, which also has rumors of it being haunted. It was a crystal clear night , no cloud in the sky but right as we started to come up to the one way bridge it started down pouring. We saw bright flights and heard rumbling and realized a train was passing by on the tracks on top of the bridge. It was so spooky we all just wanted to go home. I’ve been back since but nothing has really happened like it did that night.

    8. I’ve been here a few times and each time we never saw anything at all. Nothing at the bridge or cemetery. The only scary thing happening is when you are walking thru the cemetery and you tell yourself it’s scary. I don’t recommend going there because police do patrol the area and we did get stopped. But one freaky thing that happened was a man in a blue truck followed these kids that passed us. He kept following them. When they thought they lost him they came to the bridge where we were and we hung out and went down on the tracks and everything. But then while we were down there the man drove past and said something to my mom and she said he was all dirty and nasty and just mumbled and she couldn’t understand what he said but then he left and we left quickly after because we didn’t want to get hurt by him. As we were leaving we saw him coming back to check if we were still there. If you had an experience with this man in a blue truck please reply and tell me about it

    9. Yes, yes bloods point is all in good fun, I’m pretty sure most of it is exaggerated tales. Bloods point is actually a really cool place in history alone the area is so named after Author Blood and if you’ve ventured out that way you’d see it’s sad that people are so careless.. broken headstones, gates, ect.. if you want a good scare fine I actually encourage people to get involved with history but stop destroying the dang place. most stories of these cars chasing you out are probably the locals. (I can’t blame them). The cemetery is not state funded and is taken care of on a volunteer basis from what I understand. Far as the Witch Beulah, a.k.a (Marie Buskie) those stories also seem to be twisted.. but the general story goes that a old single room school house burnt down and some perished in the blaze and people ostracized her from the community which is where “Beulah” originated, although I would think that the original blood family out dates Marie Buskie, as I’m aware of the witch next door that Mr. Bloods children apparently met under the bridge as being referred to as Beulah. I do suppose I could always be wrong on that point.. and that was simply a derogatory term used towards Marie later on. but there’s very little documentation supporting any of it especially the tale of the bus on the bridge crashing to its doom, there are a number of small bridges with the exact same tale and reported claims all over. (there are a number of paranormal tales that I’ve heard and experienced myself (not to those extremes) there use to be an old shed at the back of the cemetery but its been removed in more recent years due to vandalism.. so if you must venture out to explore, just remember to be mindful of the properties you’re on and people do have family members resting there.. don’t be dicks

    10. I visit Bloods Point Cemetery every chance I get. Stopping at every grave new and old to just say hello. All I have felt there is sadness, and happiness especially at the older graves that are broken in half, as to the occupants smiling to say thank you for not forgetting about us. I figured it’s the least I could do since most have been there for quite some time. There are eyes watching and as long as you are being respectful there won’t be a problem.

    11. I visited here recently and heard strange gunshots. But the most strange thing was that my car door locked by it’s self and I know it was open because I had left the keys in there on purpose. Luckily the window was open.

        • I lived in Belvidere for 10 years, my last yr there we decided to go there at night. We saw headlights of a car but no sound that was driving on the wrong side of the road but then suddenly disappeared, also while walking the bridge with my gf all of a sudden it got eerily quiet, no birds, crickets,etc, all the hair stood up on our arms and whatnot and when we turned around to go back to the car a red orb began following me…we ran as fast as we could back to the car but couldn’t get in, the dang doors were locked.i yelled at my bf once we finally got in and going about why the he’ll he locked the doors in the middle of nowhere and he swears he never did…..

    12. Although it hasn’t happened to me personally, I know at least three people who have had the phantom car get right up on their bumper and suddenly vanish. I’m a huge skeptic, and I have to say to some of the other commentators that bloods point does occasionally have some paranormal activity there, but it’s so sporadic (as with most haunted locations) that it would seem that it’s all just teenagers overactive imaginations. It’s not. This area has activity but it’s pretty rare to encounter any. I’ve heard ghosts and experienced strange things, but bloods point is the only location I’ve ever seen with my own eyes something I can’t explain.

    13. Was just there tonight, was there a good 2 hours, nothing really happened the first 1:45 min, but once it got fully dark out we decided to do 1 last pass of the street. right at the start at the cemetery we slowed down, I had a flash light and I was shinning it into the grave yard, at that point I heard something like someone scratching at a metal fence, freaked me out, then I heard it again along with the driver this time, mean while the friend we had in the back said she saw an old lady in a white gown standing over a grave.We didn’t see her but we were going to do another pass down after we hit the other end. Right before the bridge though there was a pick up truck waiting in the house drive way wasn’t pulling out, but as soon as we passed by he started following us, To be safe we put on our hazards and pulled to the side of the road to see if he would pass, he started pulling over as well though so at this point we thought clearly the dude who lived there saw us circle the street for the past few hours so we tried to lose him, eventually we did, but didn’t get a chance to do anything at the bridge after total night fall cause that dick head. well worth trip though for that cemetery scare.

    14. I’ve had so many experiences out here from shadow figures to hearing a little girl laugh. A ghost opening the door to my car and my friends getting touched. I love showing people around there. Haven’t been there in awhile though. It’s sad too the last time I was out there the witches basement was dug up and covered

    15. There is absolutely nothing paranormal happening in this cemetery. As far as cemeteries go, it’s not even mildly interesting. If you have an overactive imagination, by all means, go there and see all the “ghosts”.

    16. Recently me and a few friends went to blood’s point around 8 pm, we drove over the bridge and it was still light out, we felt excited but nothing else, we waited until the sun was setting a went back over the bridge this time we all felt panicky and unable to breath, we parked and got out before we got out me and one other friend had said a prayer before hand, she didn’t get out but I did, we started to walk closer to the bridge and heard a thump that sounded like a heartbeat, we continued to walk farther and finally we’re on the actual bridge the temperature noticebly dropped and we began hearing something we originally thought was just a car in the distance, but we realized it was a growling sound unlike any animal we had ever heard, we turned and around and my two friends began to run but I felt something compelling me to stay there and then I ran, and as I ran I felt the strong urge to scream but I didn’t. We ran back to the car got in and drove away.

    17. My friend and I went out to Bloods Point one last night /early morning around 1:30 am and didn’t really know what we were looking for but went across the bridge that was over the railroad tracks and felt really weird vibes and scuffed our way out and didn’t really expletive anything but maybe the fact her car was making some weird noises (but it was an older car so it might not have had anything to do w the road..?) & by the time we got back to town and cars headlights would shine against the windshield my friend noticed a sparkly glow coming from the windshield and there was 2 huge cracks… and for a fact they weren’t they earlier that day (we know bc she got a parking validation & was looking at the windshield ) … and the roof had little small fingerprints which we are skeptical on .. who knows where anything came from this night.. but we believe this road truly is haunted

    18. I was there last night. Bloods point road is not that scary. It’s the bridge in Sweeny road, just off of bloods point road that is terrifying!!!!!!! I little boy came out of the woods waving a flashlight around like crazy. Scared me and all my friends bad!!

      I have been out there well over 20 times and have definitely had some VERY SCARY experiences. The scariest and most unexplainable were in Sweeny road!

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