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Blackwoods is alleged to be home to a ghostly lady in white, disembodied footsteps and cold chills. According to one witness, the female ghost has been seen touching the furniture as if checking it for dust.

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Geographic Information

612 7th Avenue
Two Harbors, MN
United States

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47.025601, -91.67131160000002
Lake County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Two Harbors, MN (0.2 mi.)
Port Wing, WI (21.9 mi.)
Arnold, MN (22.2 mi.)
Herbster, WI (23.5 mi.)
Beaver Bay, MN (23.7 mi.)
Duluth, MN (26.5 mi.)
Silver Bay, MN (26.9 mi.)
Superior, WI (29.3 mi.)
Cornucopia, WI (29.4 mi.)
Hermantown, MN (30.7 mi.)


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  1. I live in the town of Two Harbors and I’ve had many friends that have worked in and out of Blackwoods. It’s not a lady in white that you are seeing, it is a little girl. Long before it was a resteraunt it was an orphanage. It has been said that the little girl tripped and fell down the stairs that lead up to what used to be the bedrooms, and broke her neck and spin on the way down. The employees have grown used to hearing her run around upstairs and even move some of the things in the old bedrooms that they now use as storage areas. They leave cups of peanuts out at the bar every night, and the staff that opens the next morning says that the glass is usually always tipped over onto its side, with no nuts in sight. She loves long blonde hair and if you’re there long enough, you’ll feel her play with it. Although it seems like this is too creepy to believe, judging my the looks I’ve gotten while asking former staff if the place was haunted, it is all pretty real.

  2. I was touring two harbor, mn this weekend (October 22-23, 2016). It was a beautiful day until stayed at Country Inn hotel on 7th ace/st. It was 2am, I heard foot shuffling or steps in the hotel room. I thought it was my children. Instead I thought shadows of a lot of men figures. It was hard to make out the faces but they continue to stand around without making any noises. I then put on my glasses to figure out if it was my tired eyes tricking me….again, the figures of 5-6 men’s shadow standing there.

    I got scared and prayed to God, for five minutes, I opened my eyes hoping it disappeared and it did.

    Then I checked my cell phone and it was 215am. I tried to fall asleep and felt like I was half awake and asleep, I saw a girl figure like…age 9 or 13, she was young in a gown, like the long sleeve pretty long night gown with some lace or ruffles on the front. She was blonde or brown hair mixed. It felt like a dream, I asked her what she wanted. She was frantic and scared, in her eyes she was running away from someone….she had s guaze in her left nose, she stated, ” quickly help me take this out if my nose they are trying to kill me.” In this dream I pulled out her gauze and we happened to be in an old old hospital. As I pulled out the gauze, a large blood clot came spilling out everywhere, and then a ball of worms was all tied at the end of the ball of blood clot, then wierd creepy crawlers came crawling out. The blood suddenly stopped. She wasn’t bloody anymore and then I asked where her parents were. She mentioned she had no parents but thanked me for helping her. Suddenly nurses were looking for her and I told them I never saw her Bc I knew they were going to hurt her.

    I woke up in my dreams to my home but then I woke up again to the hotel room as I opened my eyes , I saw her standing next to me and quickly vanished. As my goose bumps flared, I quickly reached out for the lamp lights. Meanwhile my husband thinks I’m crazy.

    When I got home and googled the daylight out of my mind. I believe in GHOST NOW!!!!

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