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Had an old church next to the cemetery that was built in the 1800’s. It is said that a young girl and her little brother were walking home one night in the early 1900’s. They decided to cut across the cemetery. A bear chased them into the churches’ bell tower were they were killed. It was said that you could go to the church at the stroke of twelve midnight and here the little children screaming. You can also here the bear with them as the church bell would ring. Now there is a new church built and the old bell tower has been relocated.

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Memorial Lane
Freeport, FL
United States

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30.453390632796093, -86.07269883155823
Walton County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Freeport, FL (4.9 mi.)
Seaside, FL (10.0 mi.)
Ebro, FL (11.8 mi.)
Laguna Beach, FL (17.2 mi.)
Miramar Beach, FL (17.9 mi.)
DeFuniak Springs, FL (18.7 mi.)
Ponce de Leon, FL (20.3 mi.)
Vernon, FL (24.4 mi.)
Niceville, FL (24.8 mi.)
Panama City Beach, FL (24.9 mi.)


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  1. When I was 14/15 years old I had a dream where I was looking through the eyes of a little girl who was walking home with her younger brother when they cut through a cemetery and a bear chased them and killed them in a bell tower. Im 19 years old now and last Sunday the dream came back and has been a reoccurring dream since last Sunday. I wanted to know why I was having such a dream so today I looked up a brief summary of the dream on Google and found this. I do want the dream to stop but I also want to know why I am having these dreams of what the little girl was seeing the night of her death. What should I do? I’m really confused on what the dream is trying to tell me (if trying to tell me anything). I really don’t want to see the little girl and her younger brother die through her eyes or any eyes at all. It was a brutal death and I don’t want to see it anymore..

    • Hi, Angela. I am a paranormal investigator. As I read this post I got an eerie feeling, which I haven’t gotten yet in my research of the area. As I read your comment, the feeling got stronger. I believe there is definitely something strange going on here. Please email me at with your cell phone number. My team and I would love to ask you some questions and investigate this further. We may be able to help the dreams stop. We look forward to hearing from you.

      Lead Investigator – Bump In The Night, Paranormal

      • Hey,Terry,I’ve read the story above and was wondering if you were able to help Angela.I’m interested in the paranormal and was wondering about the house on Otter Creek rd off of Steelfield rd.Please reply back! Thanks Joanna. You can email me @

  2. I would like to arrange for a Halloween overnight visit at this place. Having some psychic abilities myself which I haven’t yet fully been able to master I am interested in this kind of stuff. If anyone else is interested please e-mail me at so we can get a group together – or if you have other locations in mind please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Me and some friends went here late one night more of as a joke but upon pulling up we knew it wasn’t, we heard faint screams in the distance and as walking up on the cemetery i first heard the feet running and looked up to see a four foot tall figure in a all white dress running across us. Was the girl who passed away 4-8 years old?

  4. Nov 1 a friend and I went out around 10:30 to 12:15 to do an investigation. Upon arriving we heard various noises including moans, screams, singing, etc. Most of which can be debunked as sounds reflecting throughout the neighborhood. Some of them we were unsure of origin. While checking out some graves we heard a rustling in the woods to the northside of the graveyard. It began as intermittent. Finally, as we moved towards it – it began it move more and more. I decided to try and sneak up on it while my camera was on thinking it was a human. Once I got close to the fence I turned my flashlight and camera off to avoid detection. I was only about 5-10 ft away from it at this point. After listening to it for a good 15 mins & shining my flashlight into the woods I realized the trees were too solid for a human to be in there. I didn’t feel like attempting to film an animal so I never thought to turn my camera back on. I called my friend over & as she got close it stopped moving. It was pacing in a circle over and over. 2 legged steps it seems. 1, 2… 1, 2, 3…1…1,2…1…1,2….1,2,3…1,2… random like – in a 3-5 ft circle like a dog would make before laying down. It finally began coming toward us. This thing was right on top of us, yet no trees moved, I heard no breathing, no sniffing, nothing. I kicked the fence, made hissing noises to scare it off, stomped my feet, etc. It was unaffected. If it was human – why would it stand out there for an hour walking in a circle just to mess with us? If it was an animal why would it not be scared off or make a noise other than footsteps? Also, it moved at us, but didn’t touch the treeline or bushes. It scared me enough to run back a few steps as I thought it was going to come through the fence.

    We finally gave up trying to figure out what it was & I told my partner to close the gate in case it was a wild animal. I didn’t get the charge on video however. We explored around the church. I feel the double trees there in the middle of the entry road are odd. Who plants trees there? Kind of symbolic considered the 2 kids dying there. My partner heard footsteps coming at her & at 12 I thought I could hear a bell, but it could have been music from far away. As we were leaving I said goodbye & asked if they were going to do anything – now would be their last chance. Right then I swore a white figure ran right to left in front of my flash light off in the distance. I can’t be sure of it but it didn’t seem to move in the same pattern as my flash light & I had been looking with the same flash light pattern all night & never saw that before. As we drove home my partner said she saw a little boy but refused to tell me while she was there because she was too scared & wanted to leave. She got too many bad feelings like being choked, & chest pains, etc & she knew I would want to stay longer & check it out. We will definitely be returning better prepared to dig into this mysteries as this was my 1st investigation.

    • I had a experience out that way while pet sitting at a farm out in the woods,I was watching horses,I heard voices and then horses started running around like crazy and my dog I brought with me started whining and crying and trying to get into the house which she usually does the opposite,then I decided to take a flash light out and I flashed it out a window and in the grass was what looked like two eyes but they were red,started towards me ,I shut the window,thought I was seeing shit and then looked again and the animal stared and crept closer ,I asked my six year old to tell me what she saw,she said to eyes and I stayed it’s probably a deer,but it wouldn’t scare away.I ended up having to call the sheriffs to escort me .The voices though…. and an Erie feeling I got ,almost like I was hallucinating but I wasn’t or the horses and my dog and kid were to..Anyways the “animal” could have been a panther or maybe I’ve heard the dog from hell ,there have been other stories from that area similar.

  5. Got the white figure everyone talks about, and an obvious orb. Place wasn’t all that active, typical cemetery with an unfortunate back story. Heard noises around the area, but the surroundings homes make it hard to say whether it was paranormal related.

  6. Proofread, please! I know it’s the internet, but dang, it’s still on some level journalism…or it’s at least the English language…give it some respect, people!

  7. About 3 years ago , a couple of friends and I had an experience here. We were heading back from camping spot that was bear Freeport and took a wrong turn and ended up here . Before we got to the cemetery the radio started getting staticy . He tried turning the station but all of them were static which was weird considering the fact it was just playing music ! I started to get this creepy feeling . A bunch of emotions swarmed me and I had no idea why. My friend looked up from the passenger side because she swore she had seen something from the corner of her eye . For some reason I became even more emotional and started tearing up . I told my friend to get us the heck out of there ! As he turned around to back the car up he put his arm around the seat and said he had felt a cold spot . His eyes filled with tears and he started praying ! I don’t know what was back there but it was definitely creepy .

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