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Supposedly the thirteenth floor is home to some resident WWII-era ghosts – soldiers who convalesced there during the war, when it was used as a hospital. Weird noises are heard throughout, and there are reports of unexplained lights popping in and out of view.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    1200 Anastasia Avenue
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
    United States

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    25.740817, -80.27853700000003
    Miami-Dade County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Coral Gables, FL (1.5 mi.)
    Coral Terrace, FL (1.7 mi.)
    West Miami, FL (1.9 mi.)
    Coconut Grove, FL (2.4 mi.)
    South Miami, FL (2.5 mi.)
    Flagami, FL (2.8 mi.)
    Westchester, FL (3.2 mi.)
    Glenvar Heights, FL (3.7 mi.)
    Fountainebleau, FL (4.8 mi.)
    Olympia Heights, FL (4.9 mi.)

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    1. I look from the street the building , when was closet , abandon it , and ugly, in a halloween day 1980, my boyfriend at that time and a couple of friend stop by and show me the amazing place, from the car , when i see a person in a white dress in a window look like a women, i let them know, when i say it every body look to the window and scare away, they tall me is imposible someone was there stand up in the window, because is a abandoned building, no one could entranced because the condition of this place , meaning is not a person is a ghost, i know for sure what i see, and was there look us from that window. scary and a real ghost.

    2. It was used as a hospital, not surprised if people have felt odd, though I never felt anything the 5 times I was there. It’s a beautiful place to stroll and photograph.

    3. My friend and I went there for fun one night. Right after we stepped into the elevator the doors closed and took us up to the 13th floor. We stepped out of the elevator and looked around a bit. The elevator doors kept opening and closing on their own. We had an eerie feeling so we jumped back into the elevator and hit the button for the first floor. Luckily the elevator took us back down. We were so scared after that!

    4. I was just chillin on the 13th floor and then I heard this noise. it sounded like the yodeling Walmart kid but when I turned around, tupac and biggie were vibin on the chair playing a harmonica. craziest experience ever. man, yall need to check it out if ur in the area.

    5. I was a nanny for little girls and would take them on adventures often. I had read about the gangster whose penthouse was on the 13th floor and decided to go up there to just check out the vibe. Once we got there it’s just a window to your left and in front a door but it was open… you could see a little area with a table and then it opened up to the right with a bigger room and a couch area. I got a scary vibe and so did the girls so we used the same elevator (we had held it open and there’s only 1 that goes to that floor) and went a floor down, and I don’t know why but we went up again. I think the little girl that held the elevator open for us regretted not seeing inside and mustered up the courage for a second chance. When we got up to the floor, about 2-3 minutes later, the door was closed and locked and we were freaked out because if someone would have come through the stairs to close it, they would have taken a while to get there and we would’ve heard them or ran into them… we went into the staircase afterwards and it was completely empty. It was very eerie but it didn’t feel evil at all. I think Mr. Fatty was showing me and the girls around his old place lol. Very cool experience but I’ve also heard about a woman who lost her son in an accident after he fell from the top balcony that can be seen from Biltmore Dr. in front of the hotel.

    6. One night, my friend and I went there for a good time. As soon as we entered the elevator, the doors shut, raising us to the 13th floor. We exited the elevator and took a quick tour of the area. The elevator doors continued to open and shut by themselves. We hurried back into the elevator and pressed the first floor button since we felt an unsettling feeling. The elevator fortunately took us back down free games. After that, we were so terrified!

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