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The apparitions of restless Confederate soldiers are seen inside and outside the church building. They are aggressive towards visitors to the cemetery. The apparition of a weeping woman has been seen on the far side of the cemetery. Her cries are often heard late at night.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

4990 Bethesda Road
Morristown, TN
United States

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36.247928, -83.22552300000001
Hamblen County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Morristown, TN (4.5 mi.)
Mooresburg, TN (6.8 mi.)
Bean Station, TN (7.4 mi.)
Bulls Gap, TN (7.8 mi.)
White Pine, TN (10.3 mi.)
Baneberry, TN (13.3 mi.)
Mosheim, TN (15.4 mi.)
Rutledge, TN (16.3 mi.)
Rogersville, TN (16.5 mi.)
Jefferson City, TN (17.2 mi.)


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  1. Was visiting Bethesda, fall of 2012. It was a below average chilly night in October when my friends and myself seem to over hear a conversation of two men. I turn toward the church and to my shock and suprise I see without a doubt 2 Confederate soldiers talk among themselves. They were as if to be “glowing” in the very cool night air. I was very shocked as I couldn’t take my eyes off the soldiers in an attempt to get the attention of my friend. Both of the figures noticed me and they very calm walked around the corner of the old church building. I then turned to my friend and replied to him. “Oh my God I can’t believe what I just saw.” We very quickly got into my car and left abruptly. My friend and I never talked about what we both witnessed. My friend moved to Atlanta the spring and this is only the second time I have discussed what we both saw that eveing. I try not to even go by the cemetery. Sometimes going miles out of my way not to pass it by. Morristown is my hometown and I do most deffidently believe it to be haunted.

  2. My team, Paranormal Technology Investigations ( has been to the church to investigate a few times. Seeing several shadows on the inside hearing the floor squeak like someone walking around, The most interesting was on the outside when we heard gunfire and men talking in a low voices but no one else around.

  3. Ghost explorer  |  

    I went during the day light one day and climbed on top of the church roof. I look across the whole property with the cemetery and everything and it was in the shape of a pentagram

  4. A few friends and I went a few nights ago! One of them caught several orbs around us in pictures. We also saw shadows go around the church building and shadows through the windows!

  5. Bloomingdale Paranormal  |  

    I did a video for my YouTube channel during the day. It is most definitely haunted. As soon as I turned on my Ghost Radio app on my phone, it went off with voice message. I also went back during the night last Saturday, I got some weird photos of the entrance and the old church. Didn’t do a video because I wasn’t sure what the locals would do if they saw my vehicle in there after dark. I am going to Pigeon Forge next month, I will contact Morristown P.D. to get clearance to do a video there at night or 3Am. Here is the Link to the Day video there! Here is also the link to the photos I took there last weekend:

  6. I have always been interested in historical sites. While on vacation from Michigan and house hunting so we could move, my husband and I stopped by Bethesda. Both having great great grandfathers in the Confederacy (he has a few relatives in this cemetary as we later found out), we thought it would be a nice addition to our list of Civil War historical site visits.

    Upon entering the cemetery directly behind the church, I felt a sudden overwhelming sense of panic, like I wanted to cry. There was a strange smell and I was nauseated. I went to leave immediately.

  7. I went yesterday (day time) and as soon as we started getting close it felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest and had to take a few deep breathes as it felt like I was having a hard time breathing. The GPS in my phone malfunctioned and told me I was on a mountain (cobbly knob) which is over 1 hour away. Didnt see anything but overall a very creepy place. The last pic I stuck my phone under one of the boards on a window to snap that pic. My house is haunted and after I got home yesterday activity has REALLY pickes up to say the least.

  8. I’m a Yankee and wonder what would happen if I went. I’ve had family on both sides as one parent is from here and the other Michigan.

  9. My granddaughter and I went to visit in August 2019 in the daytime. We are from the area and were curious. I like historical places and didn’t really expect nothing to happen. We wondered around the cemetery. I got nauseated at a couple of them for some reason, but upon leaving the graves and going to other ones it passed. The strangest thing is when we went to the church. I had an overwhelming strange feeling. We were peaking through a crack where the door that was chained was opened. Out of nowhere a rock or some object was thrown across the sanctuary. We seen the object, but not sure what it was. It was most definitely not a bird unless the bird was made out of something hard and bounced across the room. Weird. I can’t explain it. The church was locked with no way in and no one else was around.

  10. I’ve visited here a couple times. Have also heard many stories about the cemetery. When there I didn’t see anything but I did have a sense of sadness when standing beside the children’s graves that are surrounded by iron bars. Their mother is buried to the side of their graves. Someone said the stuffed animal that was between the bars was “haunted”. I didn’t bother touching it lol. It’s definitely worth a visit. I plan on returning when it’s warmer.

  11. I moved here in 94 and stayed with my cousin (a morning dj radio host with her home near there) and walked around the area one day as I tend to do, to take in new surroundings and is close to a convenient store. And walked by the cemetery one day. I was curious naturally and got a sudden boost of inspiration I noticed. A feeling you don’t forget easily. Like when you suddenly realized something that motivated you or gave you strength. Weird, anyways, it was right before dusk and shadows were long and stretched like it does before nightfall. And leaning on a headstone taking it all in, I lit a cigarette, and while I was lighting it up I saw a shadow of the church across the lawns grass. And a figure of a mans upper body came from the side of the church with what looked like a telescope? Spyglass? Idk, but was clear as day, unmistakable without even startling me. So I looked upwards and followed the shadow to the church and no one was there, so I walked around the side, and still no one. Just then, I heard a faint voice behind me saying: “….just shoot him anyway..”. I freaked out, and did my best “fast-walk” out of there. I lost all my inspiration, in fact felt nauseous and hopeless. All good that I felt before drained out of me along with normal feelings till I was nearly sickened with despair. A feeling that slowly went away the further I got away from the site. And walked 3,5 miles out of my way to return to my cousin’s house. I told no one any of it till now, and won’t again. There’s something going on there that’s not always natural or necessarily good. Since then, anytime I’ve driven past there (not right at but within eyesight of it) I get a fraction of that doom in me for a second, like something stuck with me, attached or left in me. It’s only for a second, but now I avoid looking that way , I don’t recommend visiting there. I don’t recommend thinking about going there. Curiosity killed the cat, but it can also give a small reminding gift too.

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