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Reportedly haunted by a “white lady” apparition, Belhurst boasts a colorful past that urban legend has richly embellished. Many attribute the haunting to the ghost of an opera singer who died there. Some even further embellish the tale by claiming she died while attempting to escape from her enraged husband with her illicit lover using an underground tunnel, which collapsed on her. This version appears to combine two separate legends, the opera hussy and underground tunnels that were allegedly built either for treasure storage or bootleg liquor during the prohibition (no such tunnels have ever been found to exist despite extensive home and ground renovations).

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Lochland Rd.
Geneva, New York
United States

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42.83943876106864, -76.97494626045227
Ontario County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Geneva, NY (2.0 mi.)
Hall, NY (5.6 mi.)
Waterloo, NY (7.3 mi.)
Gorham, NY (8.4 mi.)
Phelps, NY (9.2 mi.)
Romulus, NY (9.4 mi.)
Seneca Falls, NY (10.3 mi.)
Dresden, NY (10.8 mi.)
Clifton Springs, NY (11.9 mi.)
Bridgeport, NY (12.4 mi.)


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  1. I was in a bar in the old mansion and it wasn’t being used. I was admiring the paintings and I heard a loud whisper in my ear “CORNELIUS”. I turned and no one was there! I notified my friends in the hallway of what happened and they laughed. I continued to look at paintings in the bar and my arm hair stood to attention when I looked down and the title of one of the paintings was a portrait of a man named Cornelius.

  2. There having dinner one night and almost closing time only a few people left at the tables and we heard a loud knocking at the back door. Looked out and no one was there. This was back in 1983. Thought it might be haunted but now I’m sure.

  3. we stayed in the billard room, we heard 3 knicks while we were sleeping and the following day we got locked out of our room and our keys wouldnt even work on it. my friend said she got sleep palarysis and my mom kept feeling electric shoots up and down her back all night.

  4. We spent a weekend in the “Living room ” in 1998. I felt something pressing down on my chest to the bed. I tried to move but was unable to. I reached out to my wife and it stopped. Scared the shit out of me. Then the window came crashing down. Definitely made a believer out of me. Also heard footsteps walking on a wooden floor above us all night. The only problem with this was: a. We were the only guests staying there and b. The second floor above us was carpeted.

  5. The following morning we discussed it with the hostess while having breakfast and she filled us in with the history of the Mansion being built on grounds where they found the remains of Jesuit Native Americans while digging for the renovation.
    Also while showing us the rooms in the castle, the doors were locking themselves as she was trying to open them with the keys

  6. I worked there one summer and had my leg grabbed going down the basement stairs into the laundry room, if you have ever worked there then you know the stairs I am talking about. Also, there was an old side room in the basement that had no lights you could turn on, and a co-worker told me that anyone who tried to enter that room could not because you would get the air sucked from you and have trouble breathing and would have to stop and it was true! I could NOT go but so far and I hesitated from ever telling anyone because I knew that most people would think I am crazy so i never said anything until now and that happened 10 years ago. Yes it is haunted big time and I had know choice but to believe!

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