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My husband and I pulled onto Woodchuck Alley and found an old cemetery there. We were the only two people there and it was a quiet, sunny, Sunday afternoon. My husband was at the far end of the cemetery closer to West Kendall Road and I was in the center of the oldest section of the cemetery. I heard a woman say very close by Yoohoo!!! There was no one there. It was not a bird or any other wildlife. It was a distinct, human voice.

(Submitted by Christine M)

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Geographic Information

West Kendall Rd and Woodchuck Alley
Kendall, NY
United States

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43.344325854684584, -78.0756286381802
Orleans County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Hamlin, NY (8.3 mi.)
Holley, NY (8.5 mi.)
Albion, NY (9.0 mi.)
Clarkson, NY (10.7 mi.)
Brockport, NY (11.3 mi.)
Hilton, NY (14.7 mi.)
Lyndonville, NY (15.8 mi.)
Spencerport, NY (17.5 mi.)
Medina, NY (17.9 mi.)
Bergen, NY (19.1 mi.)


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  1. My grandparents are buried here. I visit once a year and it is so secluded that it is not a place to go alone. 20 years ago there was a cereal killer that was said to leave parts of his victims in the ravine on the opposite side of the road called woodchuck alley. The last time I went alone I planted some flowers for my grandparents, they were towards the back. When I drove out I saw a woman walking on the street. Dressed like a prostitute. I saw her through the trees, when I got to the street she was gone. I don’t go alone anymore. In the older part of the cemetery there are sink holes. You can’t walk in that part after a rain.

    • the serial killer was he Arthur Shawcross right. I used to live in Hamlin and had a friend that lived in woodchuck alley area it was spooky anyway. Now I live in Tampa FL.

  2. Comrade Crabtree  |  

    I went here late at night with a friend to shoot part of an experimental film. Although the cemetery had been closed since sundown there were several virgin Mary candles still lit. As we were getting ready to leave we heard a loud cackling sound. It could have been some kind of animal but I don’t know of any animal that would make that sound. It sounded like a woman laughing maniacally. We got right out of there after that. I wasn’t aware of the Arthur Shawcross connection but it makes sense considering most of the experiences I’ve heard of about this place include what seemed like a woman’s voice.

  3. Me and five of our friends were hanging out and wanted to go see something spooky. We were thinking about going to the asylum in rochester and encoded it wasn’t the best idea due to the long walk to get to the asylum. We’ve heard and read many stories about this cemetery so we’ve went multiple times and have ever seen anything. We decided to go around 9 PM and soon as we walked in we saw a little girl in a white dress floating around at the front. The longer we stayed there the more spirits we saw and the more angry they got. Our phones started glitching disabling outnumbered flashlights and cameras. We have many pictures of the spirits but what was worse was when we weren’t near the chapel we heard them very loudly threatening to hurt one of us if our one friend wouldn’t be quiet. All of a sudden a phone got chucked at my sister from inside the chapel. Nobody was in there and was none of our phones. But when we went to look at the phone it was there and we moved away for a second and then it was up on a railing. Someone was constantly walking next to us no matter where we were and we could hear them. Their voices got louder and when we decided to leave there was a ghost in my friends truck and spirits in the ravine across the road. They kept getting closer and closer and more violent the longer we were there.

    • I use to go there when i was with my grandpa. he would mow the cemetery and I would play. We would get the well pump working and have kool-aid when he would take a break. He is buried there with other family . I have not been there for a long time but never did have any ghostly things go on.

  4. My friends and I went last night around 10pm and saw a little girl dressed in white following us around the cemetery. We also saw a shadow of a woman appearing to be holding a child by a small headstone marked “baby”.

  5. I used to explore here often with friends around 2003. Every time we went something strange would happen. All the birds and critters would just go silent, even though it’s a secluded woodland area. We often head voices and felt watched in the older part of the cemetery. One time several pictures I took showed some of the gravestones glowing like a negative. All the other pictures on the roll were completely normal and I never could get that effect to happen again.

    We were always warned by older folks in town not to go there with any weapons on us or if we were in an angry mood, and never ever alone. We followed the advice.

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