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The early 1900s Balsams Grand Resort Hotel became an active haunt hot spot after renovations were made. Ghostly residents who reside here include a beautiful woman who sits in a chair just beyond the landing, a translucent naked man who stood at the foot of the bed of a guest in Room 120, and a trio of laughing elderly ladies.

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1000 Cold Spring Road
Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, 03576
United States

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44.8704367, -71.30716860000001
Coos County, New Hampshire
Nearest Towns:
Colebrook, NH (9.4 mi.)
Errol, NH (10.3 mi.)
Columbia, NH (12.0 mi.)
Pittsburg, NH (13.1 mi.)
Beecher Falls, VT (13.7 mi.)
West Stewartstown, NH (13.9 mi.)
Canaan, VT (14.3 mi.)
Dummer, NH (18.7 mi.)
Upton, ME (19.0 mi.)
Stratford, NH (19.2 mi.)

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  1. I worked at the Balsams for 5 years I worked as a waitress babysitter game room and the first Bell woman. I was told my first day that if I see anything like a ghost were told NEVER say anything at all. I can swear that what I am telling you is the truth as I was working in the game room I smelled a cigar so I went to tell the quest that smoking is only allowed in the sun room. Just than our security guard Al came threw to make sure I was ok and when I went to tell him about the guy, the guy was gone. It was the excat moment I realized the man I saw a owner who was in the painting in that room! The Captian’s room were it happened and it was Henry Hale. I had 2 quests called me when I was a bell person and demanded that they be given diiferent rooms because they saw ghosts. In room 215 is built over the stable and there is where a worker accidently got hung. A man in room 303 wanted to moved because he saw a woman’s ghost one to many times. Housekeepers would see impressions on the beds like someone is sitting there,or sees them. As a babysitter I would have time to kill before my job because I got done waitressing and instead of going home because lived a bit of distance, I wandered all over that place I can show you all the secreats. I would see ghosts in period clothing like a woman dressed in 1920 attire. A man who looks like he came from the 40-50’s I would hear laughter and hear things, I swear on my mother’s soul this is true..

  2. The summer of 1982, i was 12 years old. My father, grandmother, brother (age 11) and I took our summer vacation from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. I remember once we arrived to the Balsams, after the very long drive, how majestic the hotel looked surrounded by the mountains. As a young kid, I remember it vividly. I remember walking in, and everything looked old, or in period time, they even had the old-fashioned phones and the old elevator with cage-like closure and an attendant, which my brother and I thought were cool. As beautiful as this place was, it had an eeriness about it, almost like that feeling you get when you’re alone and walk into a dark basement. Anyway, we got to our adjoining rooms, my brother and I shared one room and my father and grandmother shared the other. Our first night, my brother chose the bed closest to the window, so I was left with the other. I remember falling asleep pretty quickly, and in the middle of the night, it felt like someone was jumping on the end of my bed. I didn’t open my eyes, but kept telling my brother to stop it. Then the whole bed began to shake,and I yelled, “STOP IT!”. Well, it stopped, I never opened my eyes, and fell back to sleep. The next morning, my dad comes in to wake us up. Of course, I tattled on my brother, telling my father that my brother was trying to wake me up by shaking/jumping on my bed. My brother said that he never even woke up, never mind jumping on my bed. Well, needless to say, I didn’t believe him, and my father told us to behave. The next night, I told my brother NOT to wake me up again, be he insisted that I was completely out of my mind, that he didn’t do it. Luckily, for the remainder of our stay, it didn’t happen again. After hearing other stories, I know now, what I experienced was a ghostly encounter. I wish I could remember what room we were in. All I can remember is that if we took a right, walking out of our suite, there was a spiral staircase going up, and there were rooms around it, almost circular. I know that I also had another experience when I decided to go to the movie theater by myself, TRON was playing, and no one was in the theater. When I was sitting there alone, along the sides, I kept seeing at least 1 person a few times, passing by, but no noise, when I would turn to get a better look, it was gone. It WAS scary in the theater. I would love to go back to Balsams now, just to see if this would happen again. The shaking of the bed REALLY scares me now! Glad I thought it was my brother back then. 🙂

  3. I worked at The Balsams for seven years and have been all over that hotel in early morning and late night when the hotel was open and shut down for the season. In all that time not once have I heard, seen, or sensed anything ghostly.

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