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Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park and National Cemetery is a 223-acre park that contains a Civil War battlefield and the third-smallest U.S. National Cemetery. The 1861 Battle of Ball’s Bluff took place here, and 54 soldiers are buried in the cemetery. The park, which offers tours and over 7 miles of walking trails, is said to be haunted by some of the many who lost their lives here.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Ball's Bluff Rd NE
    Outside Leesburg, VA
    United States

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    39.13179171073224, -77.52781345131223
    Loudoun County, Virginia
    Nearest Towns:
    Leesburg, VA (2.2 mi.)
    Belmont, VA (4.7 mi.)
    Poolesville, MD (6.0 mi.)
    Ashburn, VA (6.5 mi.)
    University Center, VA (6.8 mi.)
    Hamilton, VA (7.2 mi.)
    Broadlands, VA (7.9 mi.)
    Countryside, VA (8.8 mi.)
    Dulles Town Center, VA (8.9 mi.)
    Point of Rocks, MD (10.0 mi.)


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    1. I lived in the Ball’s Bluff community for two years, and used to take the dogs for long walks through the trails in the park. One day, I was just passing the cemetery when one of the dogs stopped dead, growling, staring dead ahead, and her fur was standing straight up. I stared and stared toward the place she was watching, but could see nothing, so I tried to move ahead. The dog would not budge, no matter what I said to console her! I finally backed up and took another trail that detoured to the east of the cemetery area, and the dog willingly came then. Whatever it was, only she could see it. There were no people or animals in the area while I was walking there.

    2. Over ten years ago I was a teenager and we would walk these trails often. I was just watching Ken Burns’ “The Civil War” and this came back to me. Our group split up on the walk back to the parking lot and when we arrived, two of my female friends were back at the car and trying to contain a bit of panic. According to them, a white mist materialized in front of them and chased them down the trail. They said that it was malevolent in nature. I just thought that I would share.

    3. My niece and I had just gotten off White’s Ferry on the Virginia side late one night. As we were driving down the road parallel to the river, I saw what appeared to be a ethereal, glowing mist with distinct form crawling / crouching across the road. It had 2 arms, 2 legs and a head and was the size of a human. It crossed the road directly in front of us, maybe 30 feet away, maybe a little less. It crossed the road and entered a trail on the non-river side of the road and I lost contact. I asked my 15 year old niece, “did you see that?” She replied yes and she was a little spooked (no pun intended). Without telling what I saw, I asked her to describe what she saw. Her observations were identical to mine. Having seen what I believe to be ghosts on two previous occasions elsewhere, I normally would have gotten out of the car and followed this apparition. I didn’t this time because, honestly, it was scary. Like Dustin’s entry, I also got the feeling that this thing was malevolent in nature. I was in my late 50’s at the time and a military veteran. I don’t scare easily and am naturally inquisitive, but felt very uncomfortable with this sighting.
      I went to Ball’s Bluff tonight, a couple of years later with my niece and nephew. As we approached the cemetery, we saw a pillar of bright light near the cemetery. Thought it was moonlight at first, but as we got closer, there was an erie movement about the glow. Not wanting to miss the solution to this new sighting, we bravely forged ahead despite our fear. As we got closer, we could see red, white and blue hues undulating within the light. As we got closer, we discovered this apparition to be a park light shining on the American flag flying over the cemetery. We were both amused at ourselves and disappointed. I mention this the reader of this who visits the cemetery at night is aware of this false apparition.
      The apparition we saw earlier was outside the national cemetery, but within easy walking range. It had distinct form and purpose of movement. It appeared similar to a combat soldier moving carefully across a battlefield in a prone crouching position. It had both substance and ethereal form and appeared almost electrified…You could feel some sentient characteristic to it. We saw it move maybe 60 feet before it disappeared down the trail. I am a science oriented medic, but I strongly believe this apparition to be what most would call a ghost. I will stop by the area from time to time during the late evening – early morning hours in the hope of seeing it again, but only with a friend! I also intend to stop by the very few homes along this road and ask the folks that live around there if they have ever seen anything and what it’s appearance was.

    4. I use to go there with friends when I was around 17 or 18. It was a gravel road and maybe 2 houses along it. This was 33 years ago. I can assure you this land is very haunted, by good and bad. We would here lots of people walking, chains, screaming and I have seen apparitions there. The place no longer looks like it use to

    5. I used to live about 20 minutes away from this place. My brother and two of his friends visited this place several times in the late afternoon, close to dark. On several of our visits, we entered a very cold area in the cemetery. It didn’t make any sense as it was a warm outside, but when we walked near a certain grave, it suddenly became cold. We had the strong feeling that we were being watched. I didn’t say anything to my brother or his friends as I wanted to see if they felt the same thing. They didn’t say anything, but I could read their eyes. The place was kind of eerie, but peaceful.No ghost ever came out and chased us or anything like that, but the feeling of being watched was very strong. I have been to many places where the strong feeling of being watched or even being scratched has happened. Anyway, if you are ever in the area, come visit this place.

    6. In October of 2003 my friend and I wanted to walk down to the graveyard before it got too dark. We walked down the old gravel road. About half way I saw something that seemed to move passed one of the historical markers. At the time I really thought it was a doe. My friend and I slowed our pace and we’re walking tip toed towards this “deer” . The object left our view behind a bank or the side of the road. We didn’t understand why the deer didn’t run away and preceeded to confront it so we could be on our way. When I walked towards the banks I saw the object stand up as if it was a human. Not knowing exactly what it was we ran back to the car. My buddy started up his car and processed to drive a way, when I said “stop, what was that?” When I looked right back towards the road I saw this object coming towards us. It was almost ziz zaging though the trees ect. It was a mist, and as it came closer to us it started looking more defined . like a person. We left the park in a hurry

    7. August 12, 2019. My wife and I visited the battlefield today. We were walking back on a trail adjacent to the battlefield with our two small dogs when We heard a disturbing animal growl. There was no one around us, neither man nor beast. The growl was mean and seemed to come from a large animal just ahead of us. We were in a clearing so we should have seen what was making the sound. Very strange.

    8. Walking through here the first time, I caught a glimpse of in my peripheral vision of what appeared to be a Union soldier, musket and full kit, just over a small ridge, watching us. I felt “watched” the entire visit, and my young daughter was upset by the whole place, though she couldn’t say why.

      I later learned people said it’s haunted – and I agree – most every visit, I feel a pervasive kind of quiet and sadness, and in certain places, I nearly always feel like there are people nearby, talking and whispering..

      Can’t believe Cold Harbor isn’t listed – that place is *definitely* haunted – where Balls Bluff feels melancholy; Cold Harbor feels full of fear and malice and rage.

    9. Hello,

      I just completed a sweep of the battlefield for a book. I didn’t get anything too overwhelmingly paranormal, but there was stuff there. If anyone would care to share their experience for possible inclusion in said book, please contact me at

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