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It was approximately 4:28 pm some time in March of 2015. I drove my 4×4 north on Baby Doll Rd. hoping to get “out of town” for an hour so to clear my head. I brought my camera and had planned on using my 4 wheel drive on the trail into the woods and taking some pictures of the sunset.

At the end of the road (where Baby Doll turns into dirt), I parked my car for and sat there fiddling with my camera, for less than five minutes. i knew i had to hurry before it became too dark to take any photos. I put my truck into four wheel drive and looked up into the rearview mirror to back up and there in the mirror, plain as day, was a young girl with dark brown hair and even darker marble-like eyes, staring expressionlessly back at me from the back seat. I stared at her without blinking for several seconds, afraid to actually turn my head around to look behind me. I turned of the motor, yanked the keys out of the ignition and jumped out of the truck. All I could say was, “OMG, OMG.! Are you serious?” Proceeded by what was me responding to myself with, “No way, no way, nope!”

I looked all around me and the truck and neither saw nor heard anything or anyone. I slowly slipped back into the driver’s seat, nervously lit up a cigarette and mustered up the courage (upon rationalizing that I hadn’t just seen what I had) to look directly behind me. I spun my head around fast enough to cause whiplash, eyes bugging out of my head and saw nothing. Then, almost slightly disappointed, I looked back up into the rearview and again, and again and then a final glance into my mirror…nothing. I swayed back and forth in my seat to see if there was a glare from the setting sun or a smudge on the mirror or ANYTHING on or near the backseat which could even cast a shadow resembling a person or child. NOTHING!

It was still light enough outside to take some pictures, which I did. I got back into the vehicle, hesitated for a moment to pray and cast out any possible unwanted demons that may have intended on hitching a ride home with me then, looked up into the rear view, saw nothing, and headed home still shaken by the experience.

This is not the first time I have had an encounter with the “unknown”, I had a brief experience, also in Port Orchard, not far from Baby Doll Rd., where the voice of an elderly woman clearly asked me “What was I doing?” while I stood, alone, in a tiny shed in a backyard of an old farmhouse that was for sale. I was reading aloud from a dusty stack of faded Greeting cards written to “Grandma”. I set the cards down and apologized for going through her things and promptly excused my self, never turning around, because there was no way anyone else could have come into the small space. I had been almost 40 years though, when it began. I was a child whern I witnessed three separate “hauntings” all within the same neighborhood. Fortunately, the first was with my mother (the sobbing woman hovering a foot above the ground, with her arms stretched outward beckoning my mother, wearing a flowing black dress. Her head and face covered by a black lace shawl as if dressed for a funeral). The 2nd, I was with my Grandma (an elderly woman in her nightdress and night cap carrying a brass candle holder with a lit candle, as she hovered up the staircase in an old Colonial home and earlier that day in the same house, as I looked peeked into the abandoned home through a window pane of the French door off the kitchen. On the counter, I saw a Dixie cup rise three feet up into the air, levitate and then fall to the floor. It was later that day I had begged my Grandmother to accompany me back to the home. This happened on Long Island, NY.

To have these experiences…is it a curse or a gift, I am not sure, though, I am much less leery of sharing these stories with others nowadays where the Paranormal World is much more accepted by the worlds many skeptics, which, I would surely be, if this stuff hadn’t happened to me. I do, some day plan on returning to Baby Doll Rd. to look for that young girl with the straight dark brown hair and eerie blank stare. Perhaps, she had some message for me. Perhaps, she just wanted to go for a drive. I just don’t know…

(Submitted by Kristen H)

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Baby Doll Rd
Port Orchard, WA
United States

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47.55187159798518, -122.58869773140759
Kitsap County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Parkwood, WA (1.6 mi.)
Manchester, WA (2.1 mi.)
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Enetai, WA (2.3 mi.)
Port Orchard, WA (2.4 mi.)
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    • yes, i know about that tragic accident and yes, i wondered about that myself, however, that was before the accident. i later found out from a friend who has lived on that road for over 50 years, that there was, in fact a young dark haired girl abducted on her way home from school in the early 80’s! My friend can recall the girl passing his home every day, walking home from school. He described her as having long dark hair and the age she appeared to me in the mirror. She was never found!

  1. Cheryl Handley  |  

    There were 2 young girls killed in the wreck not far from where you stopped. They had been gone only a few months when you saw the ghost. Scary..

  2. I live right near there. Yes the car accident was dec 17th, 2013 about 9 pm. My room mate was first on scene and held their hands NOT that blaike girl she was not even there. The front passenger was dead on impact, and my room mate he held the driver’s hand until she died ( after him and another man moved the passenger out of the front car onto the street to get to the driver). other then the mother that arrived later, also a soccer mom, and her daughter that was in a mini van in front of the two racing vehicles. there were NO other females there…not even officers and perimedics. They were all male. So that blaike girl that claimed she was first on scene and held her hand and all them details… a liar! The third in back seat no idea what happened to her in the long run. the two front seat women were 17 and 18, so not as young as the little girl this woman would have seen in her back seat in the mirror.

    • I am not too much of a ghost hunter but more have an adventurous now. I have had ghostly experiences all my life. Most of my life I have never experienced Poltergeist or apparitions until recently this past 2 years. I have quite a few ghost stories in the past couple years that my wife and I have experienced. Right now I am looking for local mediums or somebody to help me understand the gifts that I have as a medium. I would like to use it to help people in ghostly experiences or Poltergeists. I have had quite the scary experiences in Seattle while working there. I’ve had a demon attack me without harming me. The demon was trying to get to get to a young couple’s newborn baby. But there is another spirit in the house that was protecting the baby. I told a couple that I am no professional but this is what I’m experiencing at their house. They believe the malevolent spirit follow them from New York. The malevolent Spirit continued to torment me for several days following me. I said prayers constantly until it stayed away. This experience along with several others at old houses in Seattle and in Kitsap County has led me to believe that I do not have a curse but I choose to use this gift to help other people. So I am asking for some guidance out there. If there’s anybody on this page that can help direct me or have somebody get ahold of me that would be awesome.Thank

  3. The baby doll rd story is on my parents property. The dirt rd was put in years later. It had cows on it. We bought, then build the house. We moved in when I was 5. I caught the bus on that corner. There has been so many accidents on that corner. Especially in the winter. We used to bet on if a car made it up the hill or not. I always felt creepy in that house. No activity though. It is so weird to have my childhood home place haunted.

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