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In 1934 the body Ethel Allen, a nineteen-year-old local of the area, was found brutally murdered on the shores of the nearby Indian River. She was a regular of Jack’s Tavern, and it was one of the last places she was seen. At least one of the psychics who have investigated the paranormal activity at Ashley’s claims to have had a vision of the murder of Ethel Allen taking place in the restaurant.

It is believed that Ethel’s murder is the main source of the ghostly activity which happens, much of which seems to be centered on the ladies restroom. One manager has seen the feet of a woman dressed in 1930’s era footwear in the next stall, only to exit the her own stall and find that the other one is empty. Patrons have also reported apparitions of a young woman in the bathroom mirror.

The haunting is not limited to the ladies room though. A common experience is a feeling of being pushed by an invisible force while ascending or descending the stairs. Lights have been seen flickering on and off during the night, burglar alarms go off unexplainably, glasses and dishes fall and break without cause. Many employees tell of hearing whispering in the restaurant after closing, and often find objects have moved when opening the next morning.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    1609 South US 1
    Rockledge, FL
    United States

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    28.333093, -80.724808
    Brevard County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Rockledge, FL (1.2 mi.)
    Cocoa West, FL (3.4 mi.)
    Cocoa, FL (3.8 mi.)
    Sharpes, FL (7.2 mi.)
    Cocoa Beach, FL (7.2 mi.)
    Cape Canaveral, FL (8.9 mi.)
    Port Saint John, FL (10.7 mi.)
    Palm Shores, FL (11.2 mi.)
    South Patrick Shores, FL (11.4 mi.)
    Satellite Beach, FL (13.6 mi.)

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    1. I have been to that restaurant many times. Always, there is a pushing feeling going up the stairs and down. There always feels like someone is watching you. The small hall between the powder room and the entrance to the powder room is my leaste favorite spot. It always feels as though someone is waiting on there, and when I’ve gone through, its like a pressure around my neck and the powder room its self feels like there is also someone in there with you. I have had friends that have worked in the kitchen and said that things would fly off the shelf for no reason here and there. They quit not to long after working because they said to much weird stuff happened. Regardless of this, I love the restaurant and the food is wonderful!

    2. I went there once to check the place out, to see if they would be willing to let a group I was involved in come in and investigate. They told me at the time that all the activity had died down and no one has experienced anything in a long time. Now the waitress told me this before I had a chance to ask about the group coming in so I decided to just write it off and leave. Two weeks later another group member asked if they could come in and investigate, now the same waitress is telling them that the activity is stronger than ever and that it has never slowed down. ‘Something happens every night’ she told us. Wow if the story can change like that, I don’t think I want to believe anything they say. Plus it’s on their website and they invite people to come in and investigate. For a fee of co

    3. Ashley’s is haunted! One of several photos I have taken there over the past few years. I only seem to be able to upload one photo. Every Monday night they have Dinner and a Ghost with a paranormal investigator who will show you his equipment and share his evidence with you.

      • I see dead people  |  

        I don’t discredit your experience however because of the lack of focus on anything from these camera images I would so not find them credible evidence. I have friend in the industry when there are blurs in their frames the back grounds remain static.

    4. Raymond roberts  |  

      Hello Iam a paranormal investigater I live here in cocoa FLI have visited Ethel’s grave and have tough here to come through my spirit box now she has came home with me and about 10 other spirits I can turn my box on in front of any one and have her come through I do it all the time check my channel out ghostfindder32 1 on YouTube

    5. Went to Ashleys when I was a kid in the 50’s. It was vey dark and had booths upstairs – like railroad booths, and it felt eerie when I went up there and played so I asked my dad what the place had been, and he said he thought it was a train station. The name of the place at that time was Cooney’s Tavern. My friend’s mom was a barmaid there and kicked my dad out for not wearing a shirt! When I was older and my dad and I worked at Cape Canaveral – we saw a sit in there. They were brave guys. Everyone got up and left – but my dad stayed. I was proud of him. I also went to a dance there once. We also experienced at sit in at 5-points drugstore in Cocoa. Times are better in some ways now.

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