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Legend claims that cold spots, ghostly noises and shadows that follow you can be found in this spot. There is also tales of a young woman who was murdered here and some people claim you can hear her screams.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Ashbrook Wash
    Fountain Hills, AZ
    United States

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    33.61888070018496, -111.73538240796915
    Maricopa County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Fountain Hills, AZ (0.9 mi.)
    Rio Verde, AZ (8.0 mi.)
    Scottsdale, AZ (12.2 mi.)
    Paradise Valley, AZ (13.5 mi.)
    Mesa, AZ (14.4 mi.)
    Tempe, AZ (17.3 mi.)
    Apache Junction, AZ (17.5 mi.)
    Carefree, AZ (17.7 mi.)
    Gilbert, AZ (18.5 mi.)
    Tempe Junction, AZ (18.6 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. This place is definitely haunted. I’ve been there twice and both times I experienced something… Supernatural?
      I know, you read about these kinds of stories all the time on the Internet. There will always be skeptics, there’s always going to be someone who thinks you’re lying. My suggestion is, take a look for yourself. The spirit is violent, so be careful.. We never actually saw the spirit or entity that haunts this wash, but it was obvious that it didn’t want us to leave.. You hear a couple weird things going in, but you dismiss it.. Then, coming out of the wash, it’s obvious that something is there.
      To better help locate the place, its adjacent to fountain hills high school.. It’s a desert area left of the tennis courts

      • That is not the Ashbrook wash your directions describe nor is the one in the video. Ashbrook wash is located off of Ashbrook Dr behind the houses. Which is about a mile east of where your talking about. Not sure what you thought you were feeling but…..

        • Just an update, this isn’t my video. Also, the place I’m talking about is near houses. I don’t recall if it’s off Ashbrook dr. If it’s not the same wash then fine, but it’s still a good area to be in if you want to experience something. Like I said, you have to see for yourself because everyone is going to try and discredit someone else’s experience on the internet.

      • I wouldn’t doubt it, I believe it, but what exact area of the Wash did the incident that happened in the summer of 1998, with the young girl who was killed there? And is there a certain time that we would need to be there, to pick up any activity in the area? I was just there with one of my brothers Steven earlier this evenin.

    2. Ashbrook wash is my backyard. If You look out my bedroom window, ashbrook wash is right there. Sometimes at night, I wake up and there’s a black shadow man. And I’m always hearing weird beeping noises and foot steps when ever I’m home alone.

    3. Make no mistake; my brand new house in Fountain Hills turned out to be haunted. My ex-husband, daughter and I could see this man walking down the staircase in our home all the time. We never talked about it. Our house was right above a wash, but I have no idea the name of the wash. I couldn’t sleep in that house and I had to move downstairs just to get any sleep. I saw shadows and I heard voices. The three of us didn’t talk about it at the time, but we were all experiencing it. I always felt I was being watched and I felt so uncomfortable. Basically, I thought I was going crazy. My daughter, who was about three at the time, thought this was normal. She also had a little girl and boy ghosts “float” into her bedroom to play with her and I wish she had told me. Maybe I shouldn’t say the name of the street, but it was Crystal Ridge.

      • I used to live in a house divided into 4 condos on Malta and saguaro. It was located right on the corner at the bottom of the wash below saddle bronc. There were a bunch of odd occurrences causing me to leave multiple nights. Never felt comfortable in apartment whatsoever, moved out early.

    4. The Cahal Crew was there last night and while I haven’t had a chance to go through our video yet, we did get some EVP’s; oddly enough, it sounded like a male voice. Caught a couple of questionable things in some of the still pics as well. I’m hoping to finish up the video analysis today because we’re doing a “7 days 7 places” challenge right now. It was a pretty interesting spot for sure though!!

    5. Growing up I have spent countless hours in these particular wash both the one in the video and Ashbrook wash, I am a paranormal investigator/medium. I have never experienced any paranormal experiences there. The washes at can definitely seem creepy specially at night when they get colder, you do have to remember however you are in the desert and you have plenty of wild life around both big and small that can move around making noises in the trees and bushes. Now the about a mile into the wash in this video there is a grave site of a teenage boy, also remember this used to be native land and there is a lot of spiritual activity from that spirits protecting the land. Regardless I have not experienced activity in the Ashbrook wash in the contrary it is one of the more peaceful wash’s at night.

    6. I lived next to ashbrook wash in high school, once while doing felonious teenage things in that wash I dropped my lighter, it went to land on my foot and just before it hit my toe it blew up. Never really thought about it as paranormal because I spent a lot of time in that wash walking to school and as a shortcut to visit friends, but thinking back it does seem odd.

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