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Visitors to the cemetery, located on River Road, have returned to their parked cars to find tricks have been played on them. Some find that their vehicles have moved 5 or 6 feet forward or backward; others find their car doors standing wide open.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Off River Road
    Windham, ME
    United States

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    43.7140698, -70.39565829999998
    Cumberland County, Maine
    Nearest Towns:
    Little Falls, ME (2.0 mi.)
    South Windham, ME (2.1 mi.)
    Westbrook, ME (2.8 mi.)
    Gorham, ME (3.4 mi.)
    South Portland Gardens, ME (6.6 mi.)
    Falmouth, ME (7.7 mi.)
    Portland, ME (7.9 mi.)
    Standish, ME (8.0 mi.)
    Buxton, ME (8.1 mi.)
    North Windham, ME (8.6 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. I have pictures of ghost that I have taken, I will never go back down there. Also have heard people walking next to our group and often times children singing

    2. When I was there with some friends we parked my car and walked to the back of the cemetery. We walked back to the mausoleum and when we came back to my car, my front door was wide open. All the other doors were locked and I had closed my door myself and others had seen me close my door.

    3. All I have to say is, DO NOT MESS WITH THIS PLACE. I had a couple of friends think this would be a great place to make out. They were followed around the Cemetery. They were touched by something repeatedly. They were chased away from the farm house near by. What ever it was, it followed him home. Ripped curtains in his house down. Slammed cabinets and doors. Made lots of noise around his apartment and finally drove him to call a paranormal expert in for an exorcism. The young lady who did the exocism was attacked showing physical cuts and bruises after the first try. The second attempt seemed to work.

      • My family and I had an very similar experience. And it followed us home as well. We need contact a doctor of metaphysics. To help us get rid of it. That cemetery is real deal stay out . Do any of you have native American ? We do

          • I went there years ago, nothing strage happened. No one mentions the HOUSE not to far off from the cemetery that is associated with the cemetery and also claimed to be haunted.

    4. I have been here many times and nothing has ever followed me home or my friends. You go and be respectful and let them know you are not there to do harm just to visit and pay respect. I have pictures of this place and have kept the pictures in storage. I think this place is beautiful and plan on taking my boyfriend who is from down south here.I speak highly of Anderson Cemetery and tell people of it often. Remember when going some place there are spirits let them know you are no there to disturb and you are there to pay your respects to the ones who have passed on.

    5. hey so the reason peoples cars mice or whatever is because cults go there. they don’t do much but do that to scare people. It is pretty haunted but if your car gets messed up it’s because of a cult

    6. I have experienced many things here. When I was young, around 15, I accidentally walked into a headstone and it ripped my shin open. I left a lot of my blood in the cemetery. I have been back many times since then and have been recently noticing something odd by the small cave in the back of the cemetery, like a small man or child that does not enjoy your presence.

      • Have caught many EVP’s at Anderson cemetary in Windham ME. I have Been going there to do many investigations through out the years. I Have heard many accounts from various people as well. Figures that vanish into thin air. Also children playing or wanting to play hide and seek. If your ready for some paranormal, then head to Anderson cemetary.

    7. I went there years ago, nothing strage happened. No one mentions the HOUSE not to far off from the cemetery that is associated with the cemetery and also claimed to be haunted.

    8. Trevor Driscoll  |  

      Just recently I was investigating the cemetery with a group. We were walking close to the trails at the far end of the cemetery and our spirit box said two words… “Don” and “Sixteen”. It didn’t make much sense, but moments later we discovered a new headstone of a man named Donald. Donald passed in 2016. Coincidental and spooky.

    9. I have investigated this cemetery multiple times as a member of a paranormal group and solo . One experience occurred while I was standing next to the van we came in I felt a looming force/ energy above me on the roof of the van . The resident phicic felt it was a protective spirit from a burial ground located further back near the river .
      The spirit of a young girl , whom is looking for her mother , having both evp and photo evidence to support this ,
      An older woman has been photographed standing in one of the cripts , this is bout mid point on the eastern side or cemetery .
      Last I will mention , one occasion I spent several hours one night there with no visual or auditory activity . That is until I got in the car to head out . No key in the ignition yet , my handy K2 I placed on the console with a nickel still wedged in the switch . When the thing lit like a Christmas tree . With a few questions it was determined that a male wanted to attach to me and had interest in going for a ride in a car . LOL , he was totally respectful and considerate leaving upon my request , . Hope this helps

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