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The ghost of a child is said to haunt this place, and may be seen climbing a tree near his or her grave. Reports are inconclusive whether the child is a girl or a boy, but the ghost has been seen waving at passersby from the tree.

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Geographic Information

Ammon Cemetery
Bonneville, ID ‎
United States

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43.4667229, -111.93065430000001
Bonneville County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Ammon, ID (1.8 mi.)
Lincoln, ID (3.6 mi.)
Iona, ID (4.1 mi.)
Idaho Falls, ID (5.2 mi.)
Ucon, ID (9.1 mi.)
Shelley, ID (11.3 mi.)
Ririe, ID (13.9 mi.)
Rigby, ID (14.2 mi.)
Basalt, ID (15.7 mi.)
Lewisville, ID (16.3 mi.)


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  1. Five years ago our motorcycle group gathered here to bury one of our riders. I did not know this was supposed to be haunted at the time. Three years later I was working in this area and went to this man’s grave to pay my respects. There was a large mound of dirt at the entrance of the cemetery but I paid it no mind. As I began to drive out of the cemetery I caught sight of a young child dressed in overalls run up the pile of dirt and then seem to either fall off the other side or just disappear. Concerned for the childs’ safety I stopped and ran to the dirt pile (about 5 feet rom my car). No sight of a child anywhere to be seen and no place for a child to hide from me. Later that week I drove by the cemetery and there was the child in overalls, playing beside a tree. He/she looked up at me and disappeared. Both times the image was very faint, but I could make out overalls but couldn’t tell if it was male or female.

  2. Most of my family is burried here so I spend a lot of time up there. On the way home from camping with my wife my daughter and one of my daughter’s friends we stopped by the cemetery because my daughter swore she seen a little girl standing by a tree. When we went into the cemetery and walked around the tree where my daughter thought she had seen the girl there was nothing so my daughter had an idea. She took a small plastic rose and placed it in the tree where she thought she had seen the little girl and asked that the little girl would place the rose on her grave so my daughter would know her name. At that point my daughter got an unnerving feeling and started to run back to the vehicle. Myself and my wife noticed a shadow behind my daughter and her friend. It gave all of us a ominous feeling. The next day we drove up to the cemetery to check on the rose. It was moved to a grave of a young girl by the name of Katy Anne Curtis. The really strange part is their were small pieces of broken toys that lead from the tree to the grave.

    • My dad Travis Covert wrote something at the top. Before that a couple years I was about 11 and we we’re driving up to willow creek and I had my dads old phone and while we we’re driving passed before I knew anything about this I was taking photos of the cemetery and next to the tree where the girl always sits and waves at passerbys and she was standing next to the tree in a white and black dress and was waving at the camera. After we found out the age we got on the internet and looked up her obituary and she died when she was 11 in the canal next to the cementary.

  3. Ok so this evening, I took the family there to see if I could get any readings, it was dark so I couldn’t really see anything, however, using a word bank based Ghost box, the name “Peyton” came up(along with a couple of other words as well ) My question is; has anyone else used a ghostbox and have same name come up ?

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