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Although the Amity Hall burned to the ground in the late 2000s, it was alleged to be extremely active with the haunts. A man was said to have killed his wife by stabbing her on the porch sofa, then killed his children and himself upstairs. Apparitions, black figures and flashes of light have been spotted, and some witnesses claim to have seen reenactments of the grisly murder.

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River Road
Duncannon, PA
United States

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40.42734904699985, -77.01102443044874
Perry County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Duncannon, PA (2.1 mi.)
New Buffalo, PA (2.9 mi.)
Matamoras, PA (4.2 mi.)
Halifax, PA (5.0 mi.)
Dauphin, PA (5.9 mi.)
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New Bloomfield, PA (9.2 mi.)


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  1. The location could still have every bit as high of residual energy levels now as there may habeen before the building was demolished as paranormal energies do often mobilize. If they are not just visitors or angels randomly appearing to get a bird’s eye view of loved ones they left behind. It’s those that are here more permanently that I believe we’re burdened enough to interrupt their transition into eternity and therefore, they do not typically realize that they are deceased as they roam about carrying out the life routines after life as they had during life. I would love to take small group to conduct an investigation and possibly shoot some video for production in any home, structure, farm, business in Pennsylvania. We have begun Goin’ Ghostal in 2021 and welcome any and all leads and invitations. Email me, Joshy Cox, or, or reach me by phone and please leave a message (717) 320-4999

  2. I’ve been an urban explorer for over 20 years, and have been to multiple dozens of abandoned asylums, and even more different types of places such as power plants and car factories, all because of this place. Back around 2002 or so when my first friends started getting their licenses, we started ghost hunting, and this was one of our first targets. I’ve been here probably over 50 times including 4 or 5 sleepovers over the course of about 5 years. Ghost hunting slowly gave way to just being called urban exploring as we never experienced anything in the first few dozen places we visited on a day trip or sleep over, so we became less interested in ghosts and more interested in history and architecture. With that said, my only “experience” there happened one snowy night…
    A group of 6 of us were sleeping over, watching movies and listening to music (there may have been some smoking going on). After getting everyone inside before the snow really got going (we got there just as it started as to not leave foot prints for long), we rigged the door shut tightly and went upstairs and set up camp. After a fun night, we went to bed. After waking, we realized that the door we secured shut was off the hinges and across the slim walkway and in the bushes. We secured it pretty well because cops regularly checked the building day and night. We never saw or heard anything that night. That remains the only unexplainable event in all of my years. Unfortunately it has burned down

  3. Timothy & Linda  |  

    I lived in the stone house up on the hill for a yr many yrs before the hotel fire. Rumor had it that this was a refugee for slaves back in the day.. we had seen lights on in the middle of the night at the hotel when it was abandoned. As for the stone house that we lived in that to I believe was haunted we witnessed radios turning on randomly heard noises that were not coming from my family. Attic was spacious yet creepy uneasy feeling , basement was the same. Beautiful home but erie , we ended up moving back to NYS

  4. I moved to Perry County when I was 12. I had a very large group of friends alit of our time was spent at the Old Amity Hall Hotel it was closed then but, we always played around. Yes I believe in spirits alot of us do after spending time there. After I married and had 3 children we rented a place up past the hotel after the fire and tear down down below the old stone house which they stated was the first originall motel back in late 1800 early 1900s anyway I love the paranormal but, this house I couldn’t nor would sleep alone. It was a ery heavy feeling especially in the coal rm in basement and the attic. So many nights I would see odd disturbing images things disappeared sounds the dog would continually grow at nothing. I would get so depressed out of nowhere then it just go away or I’d get very edgy and overwhelmed. At one point I am pretty sure I was pushed at the stone fireplace and the bottom of basement stairs. I don’t belive the spirits there are in one place I believe Amity Hall rd itself has a long history.

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