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Host to a long history, this inn is rumored to be situated near the site of a mine shaft that claimed the lives of several miners back in the gold rush days. The inn itself however is believed to be haunted by the ghost of another miner, one who was shot dead on the steps of the inn. The staff and guests refer to him as Oscar. Room 5 is reported to be the site of the majority of the activity.

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6600 Orleans St
Georgetown, CA 95634
United States

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38.9070037, -120.83821710000001
El Dorado County, California
Nearest Towns:
Georgetown, CA (0.0 mi.)
Auburn Lake Trails, CA (6.2 mi.)
Foresthill, CA (7.9 mi.)
Coloma, CA (7.9 mi.)
Cold Springs, CA (11.5 mi.)
Meadow Vista, CA (11.8 mi.)
Placerville, CA (12.4 mi.)
Auburn, CA (12.9 mi.)
North Auburn, CA (13.2 mi.)
Camino, CA (14.6 mi.)

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  1. My daughter and I stayed at the American River Inn in Georgetown, CA back in the mid 1990’s while on a Highway 49 travel excursion staying overnight at old B&B homes and hotels. We were given suite #5 at the top of the stairs at the Inn which had a connected bathroom. While in the room in the early evening, we heard very hard and distinctive footsteps walking outside our door. So loud, that we opened the door to see who it was….. but there was no one anywhere on the landing. Then, soon after I attempted to turn on the bathroom light at the wall switch several times but the light would not go on. My daughter then tried once and, lo and behold, the light came on. It began to feel like maybe a ghost was doing this and we laughed about it. It wasn’t until years later that I found out that room #5 may be haunted according to some sites on the internet. Wow….really? Kind of spooky when you think about it.

  2. After talking to my daughter yesterday, we also remember that the chandelier in room 5, at one point, began to sway back and forth. I also remember that I heard my first name spoken while we were enjoying the wine and cheese hour just outside our room. No one I knew was out on the veranda. I feel pretty sure we had experienced an honest ghostly presence during our stay at the inn.

  3. David just goes around calling people out. But I painted the inn a few years ago and stayed there for 3 months. There a lot of nights we heard something weird. A lot of footsteps. But mostly the apparition an employee and I saw outside of room at the end of the hall next to the stairs. We knew we the only guests and Betty the manager was already asleep. We use to have to walk downstairs to call our wives from the lobby phone to say goodnight. And one of the nights we saw it. Freaky. There are tunnels in the basement that connect to all the buildings. That was very cool.

    • That’s fine if you want to be a skeptic, David – but don’t be a jerk. You’re obviously on this site because you have some interest in the paranormal. Don’t cry foul if you don’t believe someone, just ask them questions to verify. Good day.

    • David Muscavage I personally don’t drink or do drugs and have experienced a door in the back of the house outside just open by itself. I had a friend and her Husband spend the night there and they heard footsteps outside there door and someone trying to get it there door from the door that leads to the outside. Neither one was drinking or on any drugs. They both experienced it.

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