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AMC Puente Hills 20 movie theater is rumored to be haunted, and apparitions of children have been seen running around the theater. The cinema is on the site of the former Broadway Department Store, which also was said to be haunted, as witnesses reported music coming from locked storerooms, clothes that swung on racks, unseen entities that would call employees’ names, and sometimes apparitions as well.

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Geographic Information

1560 S Azusa Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748
United States

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33.99480876081662, -117.92636775935534
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
South San Jose Hills, CA (1.8 mi.)
Rowland Heights, CA (1.8 mi.)
La Puente, CA (2.2 mi.)
Hacienda Heights, CA (2.4 mi.)
Industry, CA (2.5 mi.)
La Habra Heights, CA (2.7 mi.)
Valinda, CA (3.6 mi.)
Walnut, CA (3.9 mi.)
La Habra, CA (4.5 mi.)
West Puente Valley, CA (4.6 mi.)


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  1. about five years ago I was watching a movie with my family at this amc. We were in the middle of the movie when my mother turned to me and said she wanted to leave and that she was scared.. I told her not to be silly that the movie was not even scary. after the movie she told me that she felt an eerie presence sit next to her during the movie.

  2. I took my niece and nephew to go watch Rio 2. we went to theatre screen 18 sat in the middle of the top row. Since we were the only ones there I went down to take a picture of the kids in their seats. Minutes later a male viewer walked in and took his seat. In the middle of the movie I notice two children seated next to the isle two rows down from us. Didn’t think much of it. Once the movie was done I took the kids to go eat and we decided to look at the pictures that I took of them. To our surprise we notice a figure of a small child in from of my niece and nephew seated two rows down from them. Later I realized that I didn’t see the two children ever leave the theatre once the movie was over.

  3. I used to work at that Broadway. We constantly heard our names called, I once saw two legs wearing black pants straightening a tall rack of pajamas (mistook the legs for a short those of a short co-worker), shadows walking past office doors in the back area where customers weren’t allowed, and so on. The third floor freight elevator and adjoining stockroom were so bad I refuse to enter them after that first time. I’ve never been to the AMC, but I can vouch for the Broadway.

      • Valerie Stickles  |  

        I worked there too (86-95). Never heard anything, but one of my friends did ( she worked in Children’s Dept at the time, heard the hangers, saw shadows. I worked 3rd floor in Domestics & China).

  4. The Puente Hills Mall was built on the site of an old indian burial ground. Bones were discovered during the initial construction and had to be put on hold until the validity of the bone could be authenticated. Construction was delayed 6-8 months until they decided to move the bone to another location.

    • That explains why the mall is losing business. The spirits don’t want it there. They need to knock it down and build a museum dedicated to the Indians. We should knows this areas history. Its very important. Its sacred ground

  5. My boyfriend and i went to see annabelle and in the middle of the movie we clearly saw a girl run across the screen and it disapeared we both didnt realize what we had seen until we brought it up to eachother and we know for a fact it wasnt a person or part of the movie, were still creeped out till this day.

  6. I remember seeing plastic chairs flip over in the early 90’s (Broadway mall entrance) and people went running! They have different chairs there now. I used to talk to my family members about it for years until I goggled this place was haunted and now know why I saw that.

    Well, I went back to the Puente Hills Mall, this time to go see a the Last Jedi in 3d on 12-28-17 at the AMC 20 in theater 6, and while standing in the refreshments line up front, to my right an employee was using the vacuum and then suddenly vacuum turned off ( I heard a noise where his vacuum was plugged at) and I looked as fast as I could and saw nobody standing there at all. Nobody there to trip on it. I saw his cord pulled out of the wall laying on the floor. I smiled and said there is that ghost. I looked so fast that I would have seen someone trip over the cord.. There was nobody.

    The employee then went over to the cord and examined it for someone tripping over it- he checked out the ends very carefully. He had a blank stare on his face- and looked around. I was starring at him the entire time. I know the employee didn’t pull the plug with his vacuuming because I saw many feet of cord on the ground wrapped up in a circle… (that ruled him out being the one to pull the cord) He then went to his manager and said something.. I ‘m guessing to say “it” pulled the vacuum cord out of the wall! Because I saw his managers face jaw drop.

  7. Used to work at The Broadway back in the 80s. 80-84. I was up on the 3rd floor in a closed down gift wrap counter behind the TV department. It was being used for storage. While in there, I heard talking and movement. When I checked, I saw nothing. When I left, i asked the salesperson if he had been in there because of what I observed. He said no, but it was not surprising because the store was haunted and people have heard and seen all kinds of things.

  8. I used to work in the hot topic store back in 2003-2004 and we had an overnight store reset and just after 3 an those of us there heard kids laughing and sounded like doors slamming. Almost like they were playing and chasing eachother. We also heard the doorbell to the back door of the store ring. This was a door for deliveries that goes along practically the whole mall. And it’s long, I was working in the back damaging stuff out when i heard it ring. When I opened to door literally like 5 seconds later no one was there and no one down the halls. . There was no one in the mall except us 4 in the store and 3 or 4 security guards. Now that doorbell could have been a security guard fucking with us but he would have had to be flash Gordon to disappear down that long ass hall before I opened the door. The next morning I came in atat about noon and my lead told me that when she opened the stool at 9 am there were a bunch of baloons, from the jewlery place in the mall, tied together floating in the middle of where the registers were and all the bins of band and novelty pins were nocked off their holders and all over the floor. These bins were like octagonal plastic fishbowl with flat sides and were held in a wire cradle on the outside of the registers. They wouldnt be able to fall on their own unless maybe we had a major earthquake. When we had left that morning at 4 am the store was perfect. I told her what we heard that morning and we were both speechless. A few months later around christmas time, I came to work early to open and there was caution tape and a bunch of security around this one bathroom area on the lower level of the mall under where Pac Sun was. I found out that someone from the beauty school that was in the mall, shot themselves in the girls bathroom the night before. And the bullet went through the ceiling into the pac sun stock room. Over the years since I come to find out quite a lot of bad stuff happened at and around this mall.

  9. I used to work at the H&M from 2016-2018. The store is located on the upper level just next to the AMC and the food court. One night while working a closing shift, my team and I were doing the closing duties. Like every retail job, we carried around walkie talkies for communication. While our closing manager that night was in the office finishing her work for the night we all were cleaning our assigned departments. As I was walking along the back of the store (Ladies divided and maternity), I suddenly heard a child giggle on the walkie talkie. Truat me when I say tgis most certainly didn’t sound like an adult trying to mimic a child’s laughter. I was a fricken kid laughing! But I didn’t think much of it and assumed it was my coworkers messing around as they always did. It wasn’t until my manager walked into my department and casually said “that’s weird, alright guys let’s get out of here as quickly as possible…” that I knew she heard it too. When I asked her if she heard the giggling her face turn stone cold and we were all immediately freaked out. The strange thing is the channels we communicated through are only used by us. I also want to note that all of my other coworkers either weren’t carrying a walkie that night or they had them turned off by then. Looking back, I’ll never forget the uneasiness I’d feel walking through the empty store during closing shifts. I always felt like I was being watched and the silence was so deafening.

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