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My family owns the restaurant. I have heard stories from others, but I am only documenting what I have experienced first hand. I’ve been in the kitchen and felt ice cold wind rush by, like a freezing cold arctic wind blowing by in a hot kitchen with no air conditioning vents near me. I have had my hair pulled in the entrance hallway, I was just walking to the kitchen as usual when something playfully tugged one of my curls. I was drinking a cappucinno once talking to my mom near the entrance (who was about 5 feet to left of me) when something blew my cappucinno foam into my face. When you looked at the foam you could see the indention that clearly looked like a person blew at an angle to splash me. In the same area I was taking a phone call when the light bulb on the lamp on the desk burst. We set up for a wedding (the brides father had just passed away…not sure if this was related) and during set up, one chair near where the ceremony would be held kept being pulled out as if someone was sitting there. This chair was replaced probably 5 times or more, and finally we gave up on putting it back. I’ve seen lights go on and off, hear odd noises, and thought I heard my name being called on many occasions. Customers will randomly ask me “Is the restaurant haunted?” without provocation. The restaurant was desinged by my father, who bought the property as an empty lot. I have asked many people and have been told it has always been an abandoned lot. A bank once bought the property, but never built anything and quickly sold it. The only story that has ever been told to me was by one of our oldest customers (90+ years old) that told me when he was a little boy it was the sight of a traveling carnival and they would chain a wild bear to the large oak tree in front of the building.

(Submitted by Nicolette S)

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Geographic Information

1702 Clearwater Largo Rd.
Clearwater, FL
United States

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27.9345278, -82.7960845
Pinellas County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Belleair, FL (0.6 mi.)
Belleair Bluffs, FL (1.6 mi.)
Largo, FL (1.8 mi.)
Clearwater, FL (2.2 mi.)
Harbor Bluffs, FL (2.6 mi.)
Ridgecrest, FL (2.6 mi.)
Belleair Beach, FL (3.0 mi.)
Belleair Shore, FL (3.3 mi.)
South Highpoint, FL (5.2 mi.)
Indian Rocks Beach, FL (5.3 mi.)


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  1. Victor Chewning  |  

    I’ve been out back in my car on the property using the SB7 spirit box, for those that don’t know it’s a modified radio that sweeps through am/ fm station’s creating white noise , you ask questions you want to get responses, didn’t expect what I caught there ,they are pretty nasty, not exactly friendly spirits ,I got lots of responses, I asked for a name I got back Behindja , asked where do you feel safe in alfanos, got back ,good luck, they totally drained my speaker and recorder batteries , it was a pretty crazy experience…

  2. I have never been to Alfano’s, however, I will leave this bit of information. There’s a house that is back behind that “Sea….” Something restaurant that used to be called Pasdinos(sp?) Anyways, that house used to be owned by my great grandmother, and there used to be a single wide next to it on the property, both of which had dark presences. My great grandmother would call “it” her friend. When she passed away whatever it was, moved to my cousin’s single wide next door. I was still young but I remember the eerie feeling from their homes.

  3. 6 of us had lunch there today, they sat us in a small room with 6 chairs. We started talking about the pictures on the walls & the mirror on the back wall, our conversations starting leaning towards this place being haunted. When we got ready to leave, we asked our server about it and his response was, you would be surprised at some of things that have happened in this place. A couple of us definitely could feel the spirits in the room, I thought it was a very cool experience!

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