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Two ghosts are rumored to appear walking along this road. One is a Confederate soldier’s apparition. The other, which is said to show up on Valentine’s Day, is the ghost of a weeping bride.

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Geographic Information

Airport Road
Seaford, DE
United States

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38.62485187439258, -75.5705473422131
Sussex County, Delaware
Nearest Towns:
Blades, DE (2.3 mi.)
Seaford, DE (2.5 mi.)
Bethel, DE (4.6 mi.)
Laurel, DE (4.7 mi.)
Bridgeville, DE (8.3 mi.)
Galestown, MD (8.8 mi.)
Sharptown, MD (9.8 mi.)
Georgetown, DE (11.0 mi.)
Delmar, DE (11.6 mi.)
Delmar, MD (11.7 mi.)


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Comments (11)

  1. i know for a fact that this place is haunted. but not with the ghosts mentioned above. i lived on this road pretty much my entire life. but for a real scare, Paul Lane off of Airport road is the place to be. thats where i lived and i had ghostly experiences my entire life, tho most is my family that has passed away. for more information please contact me at

    • I have only lived here for about ten years and I have expieriences almost daily. Especially in my home none have been physical fortunately but you can definitely feel a presence. Thats about it though

      • And Ft Delaware is upstate, near (roughly) Wilmington & New Castle, in Delaware City. Plus its accessible from NJ by a ferry run from there also, not sure if its run by DE or NJ though, or in conjuction by both.

        I’ve done investigations up there also, Ft DE has a vibe that I cant quite explain. But its not near Seaford, just clearing up any misconceptions by those not that familar with the state of DE.

    • While there may not have been any known civil war battles fought in DE let alone in Sussex County there were many supporters of both sides in the state. DE never took really either side, it remained pretty neutral, so folks from both sides resided in the state.

      So to see a confederate soldier would not be unusual, Georgetown (not that far from Seaford) actually has a confederate soldier memorial on the grounds of the Marvel Museum, near the DMV. I’ve been there, pretty neat even if idiots like defacing the monument, or PC folks want it removed.
      I enjoy spending time on the grounds when its quiet, or visiting the buildings with history.

  2. sarah elizabeth campbell  |  

    this might be all late and stuff but i actually live near this road and i have seriously seen the soldier he has a very pale but mean look about him. no joke.

  3. My husband and I were on a drive one night without the kid a couple years ago, that’s what we like to do is find new routes and new roads. We came down this road and saw a woman in a white dress go across the road right in front of us. I thought I was seeing things at first until my husband and I both looked right at each other for what would be absolutely no reason. I asked him “What’s wrong”? He says “Did you see that”?? I thought he was messing with me because he could tell it creeped me out but when I responded with “What did you see”? He said “The woman in the white dress”! The hairs stood up on my arms and my eyes teared up as I told him to get us out of there. I don’t recall it being valentine’s day but it could have been. We have talked about it here and there since and it still creeps us out. We definitely saw her!!! She IS there!!

    • omg!! i actually live on this road with my family and my dad saw a lady with a white dress walk pass him and he isn’t much of a believer in paranormal but when i tell you it scared him, oh boy it did. he had told my older brother the next day to stay with with and record to see if they captured something but the next morning all the footage got deleted, i myself have seen people walk outside my house, and i’ve heard a man voice mumble something outside my window but i’m not quite sure what that was.

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