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The former nursing home known for a social security scandal involving staff hoarding corpses in the dark basement of the facility for illegal collection purposes. The business doors were shut and the building was condemned for many years until later reopened as a behavioral correction clinic. My previous stay there included three encounters with spirits. two were white orbs and one was a black manifestation in the shape of a slouching human figure, similar to that of an elderly person. the grounds is known by patients and staff for being extremely haunted to the point where staff refuses to go below the first level.

(Submitted by Louie Sabala)

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12715 Mission Ave
Spokane, WA
United States

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47.6722857, -117.23319900000001
Spokane County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Spokane Valley, WA (0.3 mi.)
Opportunity, WA (1.6 mi.)
Veradale, WA (2.0 mi.)
Trentwood, WA (2.0 mi.)
Dishman, WA (2.2 mi.)
Millwood, WA (2.4 mi.)
Liberty Lake, WA (5.4 mi.)
Otis Orchards-East Farms, WA (7.6 mi.)
Mead, WA (8.7 mi.)
Spokane, WA (9.2 mi.)


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  1. This is as accurate as it gets. I’ve been a patient at this A.B.H.S. facility and can assure you that I myself have had my run ins with spirits haunting the building as well as most of the other patients and staff I’d spoken to about the subject. I was showering one night just before lights out, cutting it close to curfew so I was the only person occupying the shower room nearest the main CareTeam Station. At first I had heard another shower stall door slam shut, I figured it was one of my buddies messing around with me trying to scare me or something along those lines. But as I thought about it the realization that I hadn’t heard the door to the shower room open up the whole time I’d been showering, this thought made me slightly uneasy as the hairs on my arms and neck began to stand as if being drawn by an electromagnetic pull, then I felt a very cold breeze blow threw my shower stall even tho my water was hot enough to make it almost too steamy to see much, as I felt the breeze someone, or something I should say hit my shower curtain making a loud pop like noise and the curtain flew in at me in the shape of a fist just about the middle of the curtain. I knew my shower stall door hadn’t opened up but the rational part of my brain told me to shut off the shower, open up my stall door, and check the shower stall hall for whoever pulled this prank on me even tho the better majority of my brain and instincts already knew the truth of the matter was that whoever hit my shower curtain wasn’t one of my buddies, or even a living patient here at ABHS anymore. So once I saw that the better part of my brain was correct and the showers were empty except for myself and this spiritual entity who seemed to want me out of the shower room, I went ahead and his wishes and bounced out the showers in only a towel and my shower shoes to get dressed back in my room away from old creeping peeping Casper, the unfriendly ghost.

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