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The 40 Club Restaurant has a lot of strange happenings going on in it after a man committed suicide in an upstairs apartment in 1999. The man was named Tom who also worked at the restaurant. He was known as a reliable employee and one day, Tom didn’t show up for work. When the owners checked on him, they were shocked to find the body of the young man with his dog curled up next to him. The apparent cause of death was choking due to a bag of drugs that Tom had tried to swallow.

Since Tom’s death, the staff started to experience weird events. These events usually happen after a large gathering or event at the Club. Staff have reported feeling cold spots throughout the restaurant much like a breeze of a person walking by them.

The staff are not the only ones experiencing these events. The owners have also reported that the bar lights will flicker as well as turn off and on for no apparent reason.

The jukebox is also a center of activity. The old jukebox has been known to turn on and start playing by itself. What really startled the employees was that the same Uncle Kracker song played at Tom’s funeral was the one that would most likely play. This song is not and never was available in that jukebox.

Other strange going ons include televisions turning on and off to a static screen when no one is around and a radio in an upstairs office turning on by itself.

Submitted by Sarah A.

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950 2nd St NW
Aitkin, MN 56431
United States

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46.5339274824783, -93.72611922030046
Aitkin County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
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  1. I stayed there around 12 years ago. Shortly after Tom’s death. I was in the first or second room to the left of the registration desk and I was watching television at night, the lights in the room were on. I saw a black smoky figure that stood at the end of the bed and moved up next to me on the side of the bed. It was whispering words I couldn’t understand. It stood there for what felt like several minutes. I pulled the covers over my head,put my hands over my ears, and shut my eyes, and eventually when I opened them again, it had gone. I left the hotel early in the morning and I will never go in there again.

  2. I used to work at the 40 club and taught swimming lessons in their pool. I grew up around the area, and the older I got the more I heard about the weird things going on in this place. My personal experience was not too traumatic. I felt sick a lot when I was there and I always felt like I was being watched, even before I heard all the stories. The bathroom lights in the pool room flicker constantly, they are florescent so I’ve known them to give people seizures. (but of course it is an old building and it could be an electrical problem) I’d be in the pool room by myself and see a dark figure out of the corner of my eye.
    One of my friends worked overnights at the hotel. He would constantly see people on the camera monitors walking into the building and then no one would appear. He also had an issue with one of the spirits trying to lure him into a room. He said he’d get a call from the room and answer it, hear nothing and realize no one was checked into that room.
    It is a small town and jobs are limited, so I had quite a few friends work there. One said she saw a Semi-truck parked outside in the back with a man walking around it late at night. She didn’t remember anyone with a semi check in so she went out back to investigate. When she walked out the door it was gone. She came back to the front desk and was shocked to see the semi still there and the man was walking towards the door. She never saw him walk in.

  3. This is Joe his biological nephew . First off he isnt a dark initity he is a sweet young soul. Second off he did not die in 1999 it was 2003. Please get facts straight before writing articles about my uncle who no one knew.THANKS!!!!!

    • When a sweet person dies, their spirit does keep the sweetness of the former self. But as the spirit stays here on our Earth-bound plane, The spirit becomes disoriented & mad, sometimes a sweet person’s spirit becomes mean & mad. They need to move on to where spirits go because even the most wholesome, sweet natural person’s spirit becomes evil. Believe me or not, but this happens. That is how haunting happen. I was born & raised in McGregor, I tried to help Tom move on, he is rather upset with someone in his family.

    • MinnesotaParanormal  |  

      That is a lie, we have investigated there. We had a detector, and a translation box. We asked when it happened, the ghost said 1999. No, he said he has some part of a good-self, and some part bad. You should get your facts straight.

      • right, because your contact with “the other side” somehow is more accurate than the account of an actual relative of the deceased person, lol, get a grip.

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