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My grandparents owned a white adobe home with a terrace at the front of the home with stairs that went down into the backyard. In the interior, there was a fake fireplace in the living room. The home had been for sale or rent when they moved to Deming but they passed on it after a showing however, after looking for a few more weeks for a residence without any luck, they asked if it were still available. They were advised it had been rented so they resumed their search. A couple of days later, the real estate company told them the single Mom and her kids had decided to go ahead and break their lease so the home was back on the market. That should have been the first warning.

After moving into the home, my grandfather decided to refinish the fake fireplace to something more realistic looking. In the tearing out of the old facade, he found a black and white photo of himself and my grandmother in front of the home probably taken in the ’50s based on the lack of color and their personal attire. Fine and dandy except they hadn’t seen the home prior to 1978. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any info on the back of the photo.

The home had one bathroom, two bedrooms and a large square shaped hallway connecting all three rooms. My grandmother put a cheap dinette chair in the smaller bedroom but would constantly find it placed in the square hallway. Downstairs, the screen door in the living room was always, always opening and closing, opening and closing. You had to latch it to keep it from happening.

When they announced that they were moving, the kitchen door slammed shut so hard, the glass broke. When the neighbors found out my grandparents had put the home on the market, they asked if it was because of the ghost? Oh yeah, it seemed the home couldn’t keep an owner or renter because everyone would move out because of the ghost according to the neighbors.

One afternoon, in preparation of the move, I was left alone to wash and box up the last of the dishes. As I was washing the dishes, I kept hearing footsteps and noises upstairs and thinking of the stairs off of the terrace, thought someone had come into the home. Despite numerous checks by myself, I didn’t find anyone but as soon as I’d get downstairs, the noises and knocking would resume. Very clearly, very distinctly, I knew that I was not alone. There was something else in the home with me. Quite a pronounced, creepy feeling.

This is all well and good and honestly, if i heard it from someone else, I’d think they were just letting things they couldn’t explain spook them. Who doesn’t have some sort of spooky story to tell, especially at Halloween time.

In fact, I think it’s Halloween storytelling that makes my story so different from others. About 8 yrs after my grandparents had sold the home and moved to another state, I was living in Tucson when my friends and I started telling ghost stories. I said I had a goodie so I wanted to go last and my friend Mike said he had a goodie, too so he wanted to go first. It seems his grandmother lived a street over from a haunted house in New Mexico. I jokingly asked if it was Deming and he turned white and said yes, how did I know? I’m sure I turned white and asked him if there was anything odd about home’s look, like a fountain in the front yard. He said no, no fountain but it did have a balcony with stairs that lead into the backyard and a fireplace…

So, a few more years pass and I’m now married, still living in another state and hundreds of miles away from Deming. I’d told my hubby my ghost story before – he humored me and said it was good but he didn’t believe it. But one night, again around Halloween, he comes home from work all out of sorts so I asked him what’s wrong and he said a few of my buddies at lunch were telling ghost stories when one guy said let me tell you about this haunted house I stayed at in New Mexico. I was in the shower when someone started banging on the bathroom door. I was all by myself n the house but then I remembered that it had a terrace with stairs that led down into the backyard…

(Submitted by Kathleen G.)

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312 S. Lead Street
Deming, NM
United States

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32.2651906, -107.76566739999998
Luna County, New Mexico
Nearest Towns:
Deming, NM (0.5 mi.)
Sunshine, NM (8.8 mi.)
Columbus, NM (31.1 mi.)
Hurley, NM (36.8 mi.)
North Hurley, NM (38.2 mi.)
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Cobre, NM (40.9 mi.)


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