Haunted Places in Hedley, Victoria

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    Centre Road Milk Bar

    Vermont, Victoria

    89.1 miles from Hedley, AU-VIC

    The origin of the haunting in this old building is unknown, but late at night, the doors of the milk bar have been known to open and close of their own accord. Local residents report seeing a white figure floating around the store. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Black Rock House

    Black Rock, Victoria

    92.2 miles from Hedley, AU-VIC

    This historic holiday house was built in 1856, and is reportedly haunted by twelve spirits. Passing motorists have made many of the reported sightings associated with the building, including a spectral figure toppling from the roof to their death. Prior to the twentieth century, a viewing tower had been built ...

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    Bundoora Homestead and Art Museum

    Bundoora, Victoria

    101.6 miles from Hedley, AU-VIC

    This historic mansion was built at the turn of the twentieth century, and is brimming with beautiful art, a splendid history and some friendly ghosts. Staff working late hours often hear disembodied footsteps late at night and feel unseen figures brush past them in the hallways. The mansion is also ...

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