Haunted Places in havre-aubert, Quebec

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    Scotch Fort Cemetery

    Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island

    79 miles from havre-aubert, QC

    Scotch Fort Cemetery is said to be haunted by a ball of fire. As legend has it, Peter MacIntyre, a Scottishman who came to the area in 1773, was at a bar when the men there were discussing the ghostly ball of fire. MacIntyre declared he didn't believe spirits could ...

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    King's Playhouse

    Georgetown, Prince Edward Island

    79.5 miles from havre-aubert, QC

    King's Playhouse is believed to be haunted by Major Temple William Faber McDonald, who died in 1918 and whose ghost has been seen onstage and backstage. He has a seat reserved for him for every show. The site has been featured on Creepy Canada.

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    Holland Cove

    Rocky Point, Prince Edward Island

    94.7 miles from havre-aubert, QC

    It was in 1764 that the first European settlers came to Holland Cove. Dutch surveyor Captain Samuel Holland brought his bride, Racine, a tall French beauty. When Captain Holland was away on a surveying trip, Racine fell through some thin ice and died. Her apparition has been seen wandering the ...

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