Haunted Places in Wright County, Minnesota

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    Thayer's Bed and Breakfast

    Annandale, Minnesota

    This 1895 Old West Victorian hotel is a full house. It is the home of a ghostly little girl, a spirit bride, and two ghost cats. The owner's husband is also said to reside here in spirit, as well as the place's two original owners. Many other ghosts are said ...

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    Sturges Park

    Buffalo, Minnesota

    Local legends say the park's old bathroom is haunted. Witnesses have seen names written in blood on the mirror. Also reported on the premises have been floating orbs and the apparition of Old man Sturges, an 1880s businessman who lived next to the park.

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    Fountain Lake

    Delano, Minnesota

    At Fountain Lake, witnesses say, the ghost of a Native American woman who drowned here can be heard screaming late at night.