Haunted Places in Woodson County, Kansas

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Woodson County, Kansas. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Kansas.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Woodson County, Kansas.

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    Lorenz Schlichter Memorial Cemetery - Child's Play Cemetery

    Le Roy, Kansas

    16.4 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Legend has it that if you drive your clean car to this cemetery and sit for about 5 minutes (during which you may hear a loud thud on the vehicle), and then drive away, you will find a large handprint on your back window and several child-size handprints all over ...

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    Rocky Ford Bridge - Bird Bridge

    Emporia, Kansas

    38.9 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Legend has it that a preacher and his mistress drugged his wife and killed her by pushing her car over the side of the bridge. Now, they say, her screams can be heard and her ghost walks to shore from the water. A film is reported to have been made ...

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    Beaumont Hotel

    Beaumont, Kansas

    46.1 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Allegedly haunted by a cowboy called Zeke who was shot and killed by the innkeeper in its stagecoach heyday. People claim to see the apparition of a cowboy, hear the jangle of spurs and also claim that objects move on their own.

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    Kansas Army Ammunition Plant

    Parsons, Kansas

    51.5 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Rumor has it that the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant is haunted by a victim of an explosion in the late 1980s. When the plant was reopened for the Persian Gulf War in the 1990s, workers suffered from nightmares and visions and heard the phantom sound of bicycle bells once used ...

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    Ottawa Municipal Auditorium

    Ottawa, Kansas

    56.4 miles from Woodson County, KS

    According to witnesses, disembodied voices chat, footsteps stroll across the stage, and chairs move from place to place -- all while the area is empty of people. Living ones, anyway.

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    Fort Scott

    Fort Scott, Kansas

    56.6 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Fort Scott, originally Camp Scott in honor of General Winfield Scott, was established in 1842. It is restored as a historic site, and is rumored to be haunted. Ghostly soldiers and officers are seen on the lawn, around the courtyard, in the cell blocks and in the stables. They have ...

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    Safari Mark's Bar and Bistro

    Sedan, Kansas

    57.9 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Dating back to 1904, the historic 'Bradford Hotel' is now a bar and bistro called 'Safari Mark's'. The place is said to be haunted by the ghost of Andrew Eaton (otherwise known as Indian Slim), a local character who had a reputation as a gambler and a champion horse ...

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    Dale Apartments

    Coffeyville, Kansas

    59.2 miles from Woodson County, KS

    People who live in this historic apartment complex have heard screams and moans when there is no one around, as well as seeing a shadowy apparition that slams doors. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Elmwood Cemetery

    Coffeyville, Kansas

    60 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Elmwood Cemetery contains the graves of the Dalton Gang bank robbers and the town's defenders from the gun battle of October 5, 1892. Witnesses describe odd noises, shadows that chase them, and uneasy feelings.

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    Belle Vista Cemetery

    El Dorado, Kansas

    60.2 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Ghost tourists who stop around the grave of Clara Wiley, a woman who was murdered in the 1900s, find that their cameras seem to malfunction. The cemetery also is said to be haunted by a ghost called Two Moons, whose bones were said to have been dug up during the ...

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    Brown Mansion

    Coffeyville, Kansas

    60.3 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Completed in 1904, the grand Brown Mansion is said to be haunted. Although the staff complain to have no evidence of the haunting, local tales tell that when the building spent several years vacant, with the power turned off, glowing green lights could be seen coming from the mansion grounds.

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    Elcado Cemetery

    Peru, Kansas

    63.5 miles from Woodson County, KS

    A reported misty white figure that flits through the trees as well as unexplained voices, laughter, and chain-rattling make this an eerie spot, and a hangout for town teens.

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    The Cottage House Bed and Breakfast

    Council Grove, Kansas

    67.3 miles from Woodson County, KS

    This historic hotel dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, and was formerly a boarding house and apartment block prior to its restoration and conversion to a bed and breakfast inn. Rumour has it that the building houses some ghostly tenants that never left, but reports are very generalised and ...

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    Labadie Mansion

    Copan, Oklahoma

    70 miles from Woodson County, KS

    The rumor mill tells of a man who murdered his wife here in 1935, which may be the spark for the odd happenings. Only a wall and the foundation still exist, as the once beautiful mansion has been ravaged by time and 2 fires. Some witnesses say their flashlights suddenly ...

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    Dewey Hotel Museum

    Dewey, Oklahoma

    75.9 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Visitors to this 1899 hotel-turned-museum have supposedly felt a male presence in an upstairs bedroom, possibly that of town founder Jacob Bartle's. Submitted by Callum Swift

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    Stull Cemetery

    Lecompton, Kansas

    76.5 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Rumored to be a gateway to hell, Stull Cemetery is said to be a very actively haunted place. Next to an abandoned church, the cemetery is the subject of many legends, some over 100 years old. Satan himself is rumored to hold court here twice a year. Devil worship and ...

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    Haskell Indian Nations University

    Lawrence, Kansas

    77.6 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Many locations at Haskell Indian Nations University, an 1800s institution built to help Native Americans assimilate with the mainstream population, are rumored to be haunted. At the Bell Tower, students report a mysterious sealed-off wall in the basement and a feeling of being watched from above as they pass by. ...

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    Lawrence Community Theatre Building

    Lawrence, Kansas

    78.8 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Once a church, the former Lawrence Community Theatre building is believed to be haunted by an unknown spirit. Witnesses say the lights don't work properly and props move about by themselves. Many describe an uneasy feeling of being watched when inside the building. home to a mysterious presence. Lights ...

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    University of Kansas - Sigma Nu Fraternity

    Lawrence, Kansas

    79 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Some say former governor Ed Warren and his mistress Lorraine still reside at their old home, now the University of Kansas Sigma Nu fraternity house, although both are long deceased. Stories tell us that Lorraine hanged herself in the building, and her apparition has been seen by witnesses. The story ...

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    Merchant's Pub and Plate

    Lawrence, Kansas

    79.6 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Located in a former bank building, this upmarket gastropub and restaurant is rumoured to feature a haunted staircase. Staff and diners have reported seeing a vanishing apparition ascending the steps, while others have felt an eerie presence whilst descending them. Submitted by Callum Swift

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    The Eldridge Hotel

    Lawrence, Kansas

    79.7 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Room 506 is reportedly extremely haunted. Stories vary as to the precise nature of the haunting, some claiming that the original cornerstone from the building that burned down that is located in room 506 creates as "spirit portal", an access point for spirits wishing to cross over into our ...

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    New Century Air Center

    Woodson County, Kansas

    79.9 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Once the Olathe Naval Air Station, a combat pilot training center from WWII to the Vietnam War era, the New Century Air Center is now a commercial airport, industrial complex and business center. An airplane crash that cost a pilot his life around 1960 is believed to be the source ...

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    Oak Hill Cemetery - Witch's Grave

    Galena, Kansas

    81.1 miles from Woodson County, KS

    Legend has it that there is a grave of a witch toward the back of this cemetery, and some claim that apparitions, voices, and strange sounds will come from the area, especially around the hour of 3:33 a.m.

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    Stonewall Inn

    Lenexa, Kansas

    90.8 miles from Woodson County, KS

    At the pizza parlor, reports say that unseen hands set the chairs and tables back up after they are stacked at the end of the day.