Haunted Places in Webster County, West Virginia

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    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Webster County, West Virginia.

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    Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park

    Webster County, West Virginia

    27.5 miles from Webster County, WV

    The Droop Mountain Battlefield was the site of an 1863 battle. Folks have reported soldiers' apparitions, some headless, in the fog that comes rolling over the mountain.

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    Hutton House Bed and Breakfast

    Huttonsville, West Virginia

    28.4 miles from Webster County, WV

    Built in 1898 by Eugene Elihu Hutton, the Queen Anne-style Victorian home is now an inn, and is believed to be haunted. Folks say that at 5 a.m. the unexplained smell of baking bread wafts through the inn, although the kitchen is closed and the ovens are cold.

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    Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

    Weston, West Virginia

    37.7 miles from Webster County, WV

    Once the Weston State Hospital, the asylum is said to be haunted by former patients who passed away there. The plentitude of paranormal phenomena heard, seen, and felt here has prompted its appearance on TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

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    Graceland Inn and Conference Center

    Elkins, West Virginia

    43.2 miles from Webster County, WV

    This inn, restaurant and conference center is said to be haunted by several entities: a ghost named Grace, senator Henry Davis, and a former servant named Katie.

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    Hawks Nest State Park

    Ansted, West Virginia

    45.7 miles from Webster County, WV

    The site of the famouse cliff Lovers' Leap, this park has a long history of being haunted. Its legend tells of 1800s lovers who leapt off the cliff. Some say the pair were Native Americans, others say they were pioneers. In some tales the girl became dizzy and fell, and ...

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    Historic General Lewis Inn

    Lewisburg, West Virginia

    48 miles from Webster County, WV

    The 1929 inn is said to be haunted by at least three ghosts. The most well known is a Lady in White who haunts Room 208. Her identity is unknown, a portrait of her hangs in the room. Also residing here is the ghost of a slave named Reuben, rumored ...

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    Glen Ferris Inn

    Glen Ferris, West Virginia

    49.1 miles from Webster County, WV

    The 1839 inn is thought to be haunted by a ghost of a Confederate soldier with a long beard, nicknamed The Colonel. He is a friendly and playful ghost, known to close doors behind people, make the birdbath water bubbly and frothy, and walk around with audible footsteps. His apparition ...

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    Soldiers Memorial Theatre

    Beckley, West Virginia

    64.7 miles from Webster County, WV

    Built 1931-32, the theater is believed to lie near a Civil War-era cemetery, although this fact doesn't seem to have to do with the hauntings here. Witnesses say they've seen an apparition of a man in his 60s wearing 1930s clothes. Also, ghosts and sounds of children playing have been ...

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    Virginia Military Institute

    Lexington, Virginia

    72.4 miles from Webster County, WV

    Virginia Military Institute, which originally opened in 1839 and has boasted famous professors of the likes of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, is said to be haunted by many ghosts, including an apparition of a hanged man. Jackson’s possessions and the skeleton of his horse are displayed in the chapel. Students have ...

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    The Natural Bridge Hotel

    Natural Bridge, Virginia

    76.5 miles from Webster County, WV

    Legend has it that a former owner went mad and killed his wife and children in the hotel. Some say the apparitions of various members of the family have been seen around the grounds in the night.

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    Kingwood Public Library

    Kingwood, West Virginia

    78.1 miles from Webster County, WV

    The circa-1966 library is said to be haunted. Witnesses report noises and footsteps, objects that move on their own, doors that open and close by themselves, and books that jump off the shelves. A jail that once stood on the site is believed by some to be the source of ...

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    Southern Virginia University

    Buena Vista, Virginia

    78.2 miles from Webster County, WV

    The former Southern Virginia College, now Southern Virginia University, is said to be haunted by a young boy who rides his bicycle up and down the hallway of the fourth floor od a woman's dormitory carrying a red balloon. Some also say his mother's ghost haunts the third floor, looking ...

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    Wells Inn

    Sistersville, West Virginia

    80 miles from Webster County, WV

    At this 1890s inn, both the guests and the staff have heard the sounds of writing and footsteps, witnessed doors that open or close by themselves, and felt a chilly presence.

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    Comfort Inn Marietta

    Marietta, Ohio

    82.9 miles from Webster County, WV

    Some surprising reports have come from people who have stayed at this Comfort Inn. Doors open when there is no one there, curtains are closed by unseen hands, and TVs turn on by themselves. Some even say they have felt the touch of an unseen presence on their shoulders.

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    Levee House Café

    Marietta, Ohio

    84 miles from Webster County, WV

    The Levee House, built around 1826 as a dry goods store for merchant Dudley Woodbridge, later became La Belle Hotel and was rumored to have been a brothel at some time in its history. Its legend says that a brothel employee and a man who was visiting her were both ...

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    Lafayette Hotel

    Marietta, Ohio

    84.1 miles from Webster County, WV

    Voices and footsteps have been heard in empty hallways and rooms, while appliances turn on and off by themselves, doors open and close on their own and furniture and luggage is moved around suites. Staff and guests have seen misty apparitions in the corridors, and a ghostly maid in a ...

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    Mid-Ohio Valley Players Theatre

    Marietta, Ohio

    84.4 miles from Webster County, WV

    The Mid-Ohio Valley Players Theatre is home to specters who move objects in the prop room, create icy breezes, and grab the living by the shoulder. Rumor has it that the ghost is a former theater owner.

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    Marietta College - Alpha Xi Delta

    Marietta, Ohio

    84.5 miles from Webster County, WV

    Marietta College's Alpha Xi Delta sorority house, built in 1855, is said to be haunted by a former Ohio governor. George White and his family lived there after the turn of the century, and he became governor in the 1930s. George's apparition has been seen by witnesses, wearing a gray ...

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    The Castle

    Marietta, Ohio

    84.7 miles from Webster County, WV

    The Castle was built in 1855 by attorney and abolitionist Melvin C. Clarke, who died in the Civil War battle Antietam. In 1889, the Castle was owned by newspaper publisher E.W. Nye's daughter Lucy Nye Davis. She and her husband Theodore Davis had two daughters named Jessie and Grace. Jessie ...