Haunted Places in Waukesha County, Wisconsin

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    Max Meier's Hartland Inn

    Hartland, Wisconsin

    Once a hotel and restaurant, the upstairs rooms are no longer in use. The restaurant is still open, however. At the early 1900s building, staff members have seen the apparition of a little girl in a Victorian sailor outfit in the basement and heard loud screams, which also came from ...

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    La Belle Cemetery

    Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

    Legend here surrounds a large statue of a young girl and a cross. It is said that her apparition appears from the statue and drowns itself in Lac La Belle, or that her statue's hands drip blood.

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    Sunset Playhouse

    Elm Grove, Wisconsin

    Sunset Playhouse is believed to be haunted by local actor Lester L. Schultz, nicknamed Pinky, who died of a heart attack as he left the stage in 1968. He was a former Marine who had been with the playhouse since 1960. His ghost continues to be accepted and active in ...

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    Heaven City Restaurant

    Mukwonago, Wisconsin

    Heaven City Restaurant's supernatural activity is attributed to the fact that it sits on an Native-American burial ground. Apparitions have been seen wandering through the eatery and glasses have fallen and broken after closing time.

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    Fork in the Road

    Mukwonago, Wisconsin

    Once called Inn the Olden Days, the Fork in the Road restaurant used to be a tavern in its early days. This may explain the ghostly footsteps and the sound of pool balls hitting each other and rolling across the floor. Vaporous clouds and voices also have been seen and ...

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    Dousman Stagecoach Inn Museum

    Brookfield, Wisconsin

    Dousman Stagecoach Inn Museum was an old stagecoach stop and, later, a farmhouse. The place was moved to its current museum location, and its spirits are said to have moved with it. Witnesses say doors slam on their own, and a dark figure can be seen pacing upstairs. The ghost ...

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    Nashotah House Theological Seminary

    Nashotah, Wisconsin

    The ghost at the Nashotah House Theological Seminary is said to have been here since the mid 1700s. So the story goes, the spirit belongs to an acolyte whose wife had an affair with the dean. In order to keep up the adulterous relationship, the woman hanged her husband, and ...

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    Tabernacle Cemetery

    Waukesha, Wisconsin

    The 1842 Tabernacle Cemetery is said to be haunted. The apparition of a man has been seen next to a tree right behind the cemetery sign, and flashes of unexplained light have been seen flashing or shining on visitors. Because of vandalism, the public is not allowed on the property and ...

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    Deacon West Octagon House

    Pewaukee, Wisconsin

    Some people believe that the builder of this manor killed his wife. Guests have reported voices and sometimes see apparitions. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)