Haunted Places in Warren County, North Carolina

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Warren County, North Carolina. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of North Carolina.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Warren County, North Carolina.

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    Alston House - Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum

    Littleton, North Carolina

    11 miles from Warren County, NC

    The Alston House is home to many disembodied voices. Items in the house have moved, reappeared and disappeared again. Contractor had to stop working and leave the house because he felt there was a presence with him. (Submitted by Stephen Barcelo)

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    Louisburg College

    Louisburg, North Carolina

    22.8 miles from Warren County, NC

    Louisburg College, founded in 1787, is a private Methodist institution with many suspected ghosts. Its Main Building, used as a hospital during the Civil War, is haunted by a little boy with no face. Voices and sounds abound here, and other ghosts are suspected to call the building home. In ...

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    Patterson-Noble-Baker House

    Louisburg, North Carolina

    22.9 miles from Warren County, NC

    The circa-1820 Patterson-Noble-Baker House was a plantation home originally, but now serves as a private home. Reports say it is a hot spot for paranormal activity, and ghost hunters have recorded EVPs inside.

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    Tar River

    Tarboro, North Carolina

    47.4 miles from Warren County, NC

    In a Revolutionary War tale, a miller and patriot was drowned in the river by a group of British soldiers. Before he died, he threatened that if they killed him, they would be haunted by a banshee. According to the tale, the banshee appeared, killed the soldiers, and avenged the ...

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    Mordecai House

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    51 miles from Warren County, NC

    The oldest part of Mordecai House, part of a public park, dates to around 1785 and was constructed by Joel Lane for his son Henry. The name of the house changed when Moses Mordecai married Margaret Lane in 1817. It is said to be haunted by family member Mary Willis ...

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    North Carolina State University

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    53.1 miles from Warren County, NC

    The ghostly campus legends at North Carolina State University include a haunting by a student who threw herself off the roof of the D.H. Hill Library in the 1980s (her silhouette is occasionally spotted on the roof) and a construction worker who haunts the Bell Tower.

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    Tribble Farm

    Blackstone, Virginia

    56 miles from Warren County, NC

    This old farm house is currently the home of both female and male spirits including a child who likes to peek around corners at you. There have been photos of a lady dressed in turn of the century (1800's) clothing as well as a man dressed in military clothing. ...

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    Chowan University

    Murfreesboro, North Carolina

    56.1 miles from Warren County, NC

    Chowan University has a ghostly "Brown Lady" on the third floor of its Columns Building. Her footsteps have been heard, and security guards have chased her thinking she was a prankster. And at Belks Hall, the ghost of a little girl who fell down the stairs while riding a tricycle ...

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    Gimghoul Castle - Dromgoole's Castle

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    61.7 miles from Warren County, NC

    Ghimghoul Castle near the University of North Carolina campus is a ruin with many legends attached. One says that 18-year-old Peter Dromgoole was buried here in 1833 after he lost a duel for the hand of his beloved Miss Fanny. Another tale says that Fanny loved Peter and didn't know ...

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    Horace Williams House

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    61.9 miles from Warren County, NC

    The 1840s Horace Williams House was the home of University of North Carolina's Philosophy Department chairman and taught future renowned author Thomas Wolfe. Williams is said to haunt his former home, moving objects around, rocking a rocking chair and flushing toilets.

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    Carolina Inn

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    62.7 miles from Warren County, NC

    As many as 20 ghosts are said to haunt this 1924 hotel building. The most well-known is that of Dr. William Jacocks, a frequent guest who made the hotel his home after he retired -- and still resides here, folks say. He lived in Room 256, and he makes himself ...

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    Longwood University

    Farmville, Virginia

    64.4 miles from Warren County, NC

    A spooky story surrounds the statue of the Confederate Hero, dedicated Oct. 11, 1900, on High Street. Legend has it that when you can see the statue’s shadow on the wall of the camupus' East Ruffner Building, all is well. When you cannot, the soldier's ghost is out protecting the ...

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    Old Central State Hospital

    Petersburg, Virginia

    67.1 miles from Warren County, NC

    Central State Hospital, previously Central Lunatic Asylum, was the first institution in the country for African Americans of "unsound mind." In the 1840s, if slave owners could pay the fees they could have their slaves committed. Some of the old grounds still operates as a hospital; other buildings have been ...

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    Haw Branch Plantation

    Amelia Court House, Virginia

    70.2 miles from Warren County, NC

    The circa-1735 Haw Branch Plantation, first settled by Colonel Thomas Tabb and wife Rebecca Booker, is the site of many strange occurrences such as footsteps, nighttime sounds of heavy objects falling, and an unexplained rose perfume scent. A loud scream regularly comes from the attic, at about 6-month intervals, and ...

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    Amelia Wildlife Management Area

    Amelia Court House, Virginia

    74.8 miles from Warren County, NC

    A ghostly "charred lady" is said to roam the wildlife reserve, but she has company, as other apparitions have been seen here as well. The spot has been a dumping place for murder victims as well as a party spot for teens.

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    Bentonville Battlefield

    Four Oaks, North Carolina

    76.3 miles from Warren County, NC

    Phantom gunfire and shouts have been heard on the battlefield at night, and the ghost of a girl who died of tuberculosis is believed to haunt an upstairs room in the plantation house.

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    Parker's Battery

    Chester, Virginia

    76.7 miles from Warren County, NC

    Parkers Battery was part of the Confederate defenses known as the Howlett Line, and saw frequent battles. It was occupied by Confederate forces until the fall of Petersburg, and some may still remain today. Witnesses describe apparitions of soldiers in the bunkers, and the soldiers are said to look either ...

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    Appomattox Manor

    Hopewell, Virginia

    78.4 miles from Warren County, NC

    Appomattox Manor was the former plantation owned by Dr. Richard Eppes, which became Union headquarters during the Civil War. Now a restored museum, the manor is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Union soldier. So the story goes, a nurse had been hiding him in the basement ...

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    Shirley Plantation

    Charles City, Virginia

    80.3 miles from Warren County, NC

    The very first house on the plantation was built in 1613--reportedly the oldest house in the U.S. But it's the mid-18th-century house here, possibly owned by private residents, that has a ghost story involving a painting in a second-story bedroom. It's a portrait of Aunt Pratt, and its story began ...

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    Edgewood Plantation

    Charles City, Virginia

    82.2 miles from Warren County, NC

    At this 1849 plantation house, Lizzie Rowland is the ghost in residence. It is said that she is waiting for her beloved soldier to return from the Civil War. Her ghost is said to peek out from behind a curtain in an upstairs window, watching and waiting. Edgewood Plantation was ...

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    Randolph College

    Lynchburg, Virginia

    92.9 miles from Warren County, NC

    Randolph College, founded in 1891 as Randolph-Macon's Woman's College, is said to be haunted. One haunted spot is Mary's Garden, named after Mary Stokes. Student legend says if you stray from the path and cross the garden, you will never graduate or never marry. Another story tells of a student ...