Haunted Places in Warren County, New York

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    Sagamore Resort

    Bolton, New York

    This restored 1883 resort is believed to have been haunted at least since the 1950s. One of the spirits was a little boy who used to sell found golf balls to the pro shop for extra cash. He was killed after being hit by a car, and his spirit is ...

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    Fort William Henry Museum

    Lake George, New York

    Fort William Henry Museum is rumored to be haunted by victims of the massacre of 1757. Reports say anywhere from 200 to 1500 people were killed. One ghost, with uneven footsteps, is nicknamed the Limper. His amputated skeleton was unearthed by archeologists in the 1950s. Another ghost, the Slammer, likes ...

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    Long Island Campground

    Queensbury, New York

    Legend at Long Island Campground tells of a 1960s honeymooning bride and groom who were murdered while they slept. Witnesses claim to have seen a ghostly bride wandering through the campsites.