Haunted Places in Warren County, New Jersey

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    Shades Of Death Road

    Independence Township, New Jersey

    Shades Of Death Road, or just "Shades" to locals, is a 7-mile stretch that's the subject of myriad local legends. In fact, it's said that so many paranormal enthusiasts try to steal the street signs that residents have gone as far as to smear grease on the poles to try ...

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    Hunt Homestead

    Phillipsburg, New Jersey

    Hunt Homestead, circa 1758, is famous for being the wintering spot for 60 Revolutionary War cavalry horses. It's also rumored to be home to a ghost. The woman's apparition, wearing a dark hood, passes by the kitchen window toward the back door, then vanishes. The ghost has traveled this route ...

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    Jenny Jump State Forest

    Blairstown, New Jersey

    At Jenny Jump State Forest, some say the ghost of Jenny lurks. Legend has it that she was 9 years old when she was playing on the cliffs, and the sudden appearance of a Native American nearby startled her. She called out to her father, who cried out in alarm, ...

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    Centenary College

    Hackettstown, New Jersey

    Centenary College is said to be haunted by Tillie Smith, who has a tragic story. When she was 18, in 1886, she lived and worked at the college. Her body was found in a nearby field, raped and strangled. College maintenance man James Titus was accused of the murder, although ...

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    Shippen Manor

    Oxford Township, New Jersey

    Shippen Manor, a historic Georgian mansion built in the 1760s for Dr. William Shippen II and his brother Joseph Shippen II, is the site of some strange happenings. Witnesses report that items appear on shelves that weren't there before, doors open and close on their own, and ghosts have been ...