Haunted Places in Union County, Pennsylvania

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Union County, Pennsylvania. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Pennsylvania.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Union County, Pennsylvania.

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    Riverside Cabaret

    Port Trevorton, Pennsylvania

    21.3 miles from Union County, PA

    Riverside Cabaret (previously called "Wild J's") has had several paranormal events that occur almost weekly. Orbs have been seen both live and recorded on CCTV. Several staff have reported an hearing a male voice talk to them, a woman's sobbing is constantly heard in the basement, and many ...

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    Beech Creek Furst Corner

    Beech Creek, Pennsylvania

    28.6 miles from Union County, PA

    It's not only your eyes and ears that may detect haunted happenings here, but your nose may get in on the action too. Folks say at this restaurant you can smell ghostly cigar smoke from its old days. So the story goes, former owner Mr. Furst died in a fire ...

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    Hotel Iola

    Millville, Pennsylvania

    30.1 miles from Union County, PA

    Although this 19th-century hotel building was a restaurant for a while during recent years, it is now reportly empty and up for sale. The place was said to be haunted, as evidenced by bar stools that rotated by themselves, shadowy forms appearing in long black dresses, and faces wearing Victorian-style ...

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    Irondale Inn

    Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

    31.4 miles from Union County, PA

    Three ghosts are said to reside at this inn set on the site of an old plantation, one of which is an elderly female who likes to close doors behind the guests. The inn's ghosts are said to come from a large heating vent located in the basement. The owners ...

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    Bloomsburg University

    Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

    32.1 miles from Union County, PA

    Bloomsburg University is believed to be haunted, at least in a few of its buildings. For example, the Harvey A. Andruss Library is reported to have a ghostly man who appears on the fourth floor, asking library visitors to change his diaper. And in the Haas Center, campus legend says ...

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    The Inn at Turkey Hill

    Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

    33.4 miles from Union County, PA

    Housed in an 1839 farmhouse, the inn is said to be haunted by an owner's mother, who died in the building. Her perfume has been detected, and she is said to walk the place at night. The rocking chair on the porch would move as well. Folks who rented the ...

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    Green Gables Hotel and Restaurant

    Lewistown, Pennsylvania

    36.8 miles from Union County, PA

    Ghosts here include a woman who haunts the kitchen (especially the walk-in cooler). She is said to whisper "Turn off the lights" and move objects in the kitchen. Often seen on the second floor is the ghost of an African-American man who wears 1800s clothing. He is usually near the ...

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    Amity Hall

    Duncannon, Pennsylvania

    37.1 miles from Union County, PA

    Although the Amity Hall burned to the ground in the late 2000s, it was alleged to be extremely active with the haunts. A man was said to have killed his wife by stabbing her on the porch sofa, then killed his children and himself upstairs. Apparitions, black figures and flashes ...

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    Academia Girl’s School

    Port Royal, Pennsylvania

    39.2 miles from Union County, PA

    Academia Girl’s School is the ruins of an 1800s building destroyed by fire. Many legends surround the place, including that a gardener set the fire to cover his tracks after raping and killing many students. Another says the girls at the school all died of a mysterious illness. The ghosts ...

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    Fishing Creek Lodge Bed and Breakfast

    Benton, Pennsylvania

    42.5 miles from Union County, PA

    Multiple appearances of ghost(s) in different rooms to different guests. Doors opened on their own, unexplained noises at night. (Submitted by Karen Parsons)

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    Penn State University

    State College, Pennsylvania

    43.2 miles from Union County, PA

    Several buildings at Penn State University are allegedly haunted, including Pattee Library, said to be visited by the spirit of Betsy Aardsma, stabbed to death in the stacks in 1969. Schwab Auditorium is haunted by a former university president (who, incidentally, also haunts the Botany department building) as well as ...

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    Holiday Inn Harrisburg/Hershey

    Grantville, Pennsylvania

    45.3 miles from Union County, PA

    According to reports, a haunting incident occurred in one of the rooms here at night. The apparition of a girl appeared walking around inside the room, until she walked through a wall and disappeared.

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    Harrisburg State Hospital

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    47.9 miles from Union County, PA

    The Harrisburg State Hospital was known as Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital from 1851 to 1937. It's rumored to be the site of some violent poltergeist activity. The hospital was closed in 2006 and the building currently is used for office space. The movie "Girl, Interrupted" starring Winona Ryder and Angelina ...

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    Buck Hotel and Tavern

    Jonestown, Pennsylvania

    48.7 miles from Union County, PA

    If you don't believe in ghosts, you will after a visit to this historic hotel. Built in 1804, there is much unknown about certain time periods in the hotel's history. Several of the predominant spirits haunting the place are a young girl often seen walking the halls, an old man ...

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    Bureau of State Library

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    49.2 miles from Union County, PA

    We have had several reports at the State Library of lights turning on and off after closing time, the lids to the copiers open and close with no one around, and there is a tale of people seeing "The White Woman" in the library. We have offered a "spooky ...

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    The Hotel Hershey

    Hershey, Pennsylvania

    50.5 miles from Union County, PA

    At this 1930s hotel, chocolate mogul Mr. Hershey himself is said to linger in spirit. His apparition has been seen, and doors open and close by themselves. Footsteps have been heard in the wine cellar, and there have been many other unexplained sounds throughout the building.

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    Union Canal House

    Hershey, Pennsylvania

    50.7 miles from Union County, PA

    This restaurant, which dates back to the 18th century, is said to be one of the oldest buildings in the town. At the bar, people have felt like they've been touched by an unseen hand, and objects have been reported to move on their own. Room 104 is said to ...

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    Lebanon Valley College

    Annville, Pennsylvania

    52.2 miles from Union County, PA

    At the Mary Capp Green residence hall, students are not the only ones in residence. A little ghost girl is rumored to be here, as evidenced by sounds of her giggling and ball-bouncing.

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    Carlisle Barracks

    Carlisle, Pennsylvania

    52.4 miles from Union County, PA

    Carlisle Barracks is a military school that was attended by the likes of John J. Pershing and Dwight D. Eisenhower. It was originally a military post that began in the 1700s. Ghostly band music is said to come from the bandstand, tunes from around the turn of the century. The ...

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    Inn 422

    Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    54.1 miles from Union County, PA

    This historic Victorian estate is said to be haunted by original builder Mr. Coleman's daughter, Anne. She committed suicide by laudanum poisoning in 1819, rather than go on without her love, whom her father refused to allow her to marry. Her apparition has been seen extinguishing candles, opening or closing ...

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    C. Stouch Tavern

    Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

    61.9 miles from Union County, PA

    This elegant tavern was originally built in the 1700s, and after suffering two fires has been completely restored. It is named after original owner Conrad Stouch. George Washington once spent the night here, as did other digitaries. Given its long history, it's not surprising that it sees so much paranormal ...

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    Haldeman Mansion

    Bainbridge, Pennsylvania

    64.6 miles from Union County, PA

    Haldeman Mansion was built in the 1740s, and was purchased and enlarged by John Haldeman in 1812. John's son, Samuel Steman Haldeman, was a renowned scientist honored by Charles Darwin for his contribution to the famous book "The Origin of the Species" and by Daniel Webster for his help on ...

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    Bube's Brewery

    Mt Joy, Pennsylvania

    65.7 miles from Union County, PA

    The restored 1800s building complex that houses restaurants and a microbrewery may also house some spirits other than the drinking ilk. The apparition of a young woman in a long gown wandering through an art gallery, and a male ghost may reside on the premises as well. Ghost tours are ...

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    The Railroad House Inn

    Marietta, Pennsylvania

    68.1 miles from Union County, PA

    This inn, originally from the 1820s, is said to be haunted by the men who worked nearby as well as many other spirits. The ghost of a young girl with blonde hair has been seen, dressed in Victorian clothing, and the staff says she likes to play games. Kitchen employees ...

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    The Accomac Inn

    York, Pennsylvania

    68.6 miles from Union County, PA

    At this restaurant, unexplained sights and sounds abound. It was the Colye family home in the 1800s, and according to legend, young Johnny Colye fell in love with his family's hired girl. When she didn't return the feelings, he killed her in the barn, and was eventually arrested and hanged ...

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    National Watch and Clock Museum

    Columbia, Pennsylvania

    70.4 miles from Union County, PA

    Security camera footage caught a dark anomoly wandering around. Could it be someone attached to the thousands of historical clocks and watches on display here? Submitted by Chris Berglund

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    Bechtel Mansion Inn

    East Berlin, Pennsylvania

    70.9 miles from Union County, PA

    This inn, housed in a 1897 building, has been visited by strange noises, residual smells, and a ghost named Flossie who is said to have died in the house in the 1920s. She has been seen on the turret's balcony. She also may be the one who makes objects mysteriously ...

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    Historic York Prison

    York, Pennsylvania

    71 miles from Union County, PA

    This historic prison is now abandoned, but was built in 1906 and decommissioned in 1979. Visitors have reported being followed around the building by the apparitions of criminals, and have seen and smelt someone lighting a cigarette when there is no one around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Penn Common

    York, Pennsylvania

    71.8 miles from Union County, PA

    Penn Common is said to be the favorite haunting spot of several long-deceased men, soldiers who were executed upon the orders of Anthony Wayne.

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    Cashtown Inn

    Orrtanna, Pennsylvania

    76.1 miles from Union County, PA

    This 1797 inn was named because the original innkeeper, Peter Marck, would only accept cash as payment. It has been seen on TV's Ghost Hunters, and as a setting in the movie Gettysburg. Actor Sam Elliott reportedly stayed here during its filming. The ghosts here, possibly lingering from the nearby ...